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It had been three weeks since Booth and Brennan had allowed themselves to enter into a relationship, only two since they returned to Washington. She had finally been able to convince Angela that she was fine when she was able to outlast Angela during a girls' day out (at least Brennan thought that was what they were called). Brennan and Angela both promised to go visit Dani at least once per year, as long as she came to visit them just as often. Brennan had offered to do something to thank Dani for allowing everyone to stay at her small home, but the woman wouldn't hear of it. "You helped save my life; this is me repaying you," Dani had told her with a smile.

Once they returned to their home, the anthropologist had spent each day of the first week with those who her absence had stressed, such as her father and brother, Cam, Sweets, Angela, and Hodgins, even Parker and Hank. She didn't know how she was ever going to make it up to them for scaring them all as much as she did, but she thought spending time with each was a step in the correct direction. And when she wasn't trying to be social, she would attempt to work on identifying the skeletons in bone storage (though usually someone shooed her away within a couple hours of her arriving at the lab).

The second week, she had to go be examined by Sweets to see how she was handling herself emotionally. She would have preferred to skip the whole ordeal, but it was required so she could do field work again. Sweets had initially tried to treat as someone who had very little of his or her memories, which annoyed Brennan. She was able to stop him from treating her as such by reminding him of several key memories, such as his decision to keep Booth's state of life from her despite the agent's wishes and the time Booth and she accompanied Sweets on one of his dates. Those two memories alone had kept him quiet for at least ten minutes. Actually, most of the time was Sweets talking and Brennan offering as little information as she could possibly get away with. She actually surprised herself how well she managed to stay off the topic of Booth. After four days of sessions, he requested one final meeting with her and Booth before he would declare her fit for field work. Wanting to get to the lab before Booth came to pick her, she agreed in haste.

In spite of whatever her day time activities were, she returned to an apartment every night, though it varied between hers and Booth's. Though they were very eager to start their relationship (they had consummated their relationship their first night back in Washington), they also thought they needed to define their relationship without the opinions of pregnant, excited artist or nosey, twelve year old psychologist. One their way back to Dani's house on that day three weeks ago, they had decided to keep quiet about their relationship at first, and had not found the right time to tell everyone that they were a couple yet. And the fact that Brennan had determined by Sweets questioning that he was still oblivious to the fact that Booth and Hannah had broken up had complicated telling him during her forced sessions with him.

It was now the Thursday night before her final meeting with Sweets and she and Booth were eating take out from Wong Fu's.

"So, why do I have to go see Sweets tomorrow," Booth asked. "I thought I was done with being his patient."

"I don't know. He probably wants to see how we react around each other. It's probably another experiment of his."

"Yeah, we'll I still can't believe he experimented on us the first time. And no one bothered to tell me."

"Calm down, Booth. That was over three years ago."

"Yeah, but I only found out about it three weeks ago. How long did it take you to forgive him?"

"I don't remember a date."

"Exactly," he said as if his point was made.

"That makes no sense."

"Had you forgiven him by the time we went to England?"

"What? I don't remember. Besides, there is nothing that we could do about it now. Time only moves in one direction."

Brennan watched as a small smirk appeared on her lover's face. "Maybe. But we could get revenge." His smirk became a smile as they formulated a plan.

Booth and Brennan were sitting on Sweets' couch much as they had done for those two years with Sweets watching them like prey. But instead of the average space they put between them, they were about twice the distance they had been. They were separated by a good foot or two between them, though neither verbally acknowledged it.

"So, you're probably wondering why I asked you here, Agent Booth," Sweets started.

"Thought crossed my mind," Booth answered sarcastically.

Sweets sighed, but ignore the statement otherwise. "After talking to Dr. Brennan this past week, I thought it would be beneficial to talk to both of you at the same time."

"Why?" Brennan questioned.

"Because you seemed to avoid Booth as a topic this past week. Now, I thought that we should discuss how your relationship has changed since Dr. Brennan went missing."

Booth looked at his partner and shrugged. "Nothing's changed, Sweets. Bones has like 99% of her memory back, so nothing's had to change."

Brennan bit her lip and looked away, making sure Sweets saw. "Dr. Brennan, do you have something you would like to add?"

Booth looked to her confused, though he knew exactly what she was going to say. "No. Booth is right; I have come to remember most of my experiences."

"But something is still bothering you," Sweets told her. Booth looked to her for an answer.

"It's nothing. Only some odd things that I can't place in my life."

To say, Sweets looked shock would be an understatement. One, Brennan was admitting a problem that she and Booth had no discussed before entering. Two, she hadn't mentioned anything like this earlier in the week.

"What was that?"

Brennan had to withhold a smile. This had been her part of the plan; the part Booth was going to get somewhat red during. "I had several sexual memories that still am not positive when they occurred."

Sweets jaw dropped, and Booth just tried not to make eye contact. He poured himself a glass of water while the awkwardness set in. Brennan had to admit, he actually looked worried. "Well, maybe if you can remember who your partner for these, uh, memories are, then someone will know when you dated them."

"Or try and get Angela to draw them," Booth chimed in.

"That won't be necessary, Booth." Brennan waited until he took a sip of the water to say, "Actually, you could give me the dates."

The small amount of water Booth had just taken in sprayed all over Sweets. "Wait, what?"

"You're the sexual partner that I have memories of."

Sweets stopped and stared at her for a second. "Dr. Brennan, you and Agent Booth have never been involved romantical-"

Booth cut him off there. "You didn't ask me about this before we had another session with Sweets?"

"I didn't think it would be brought up," she answered as if it were nothing.

"You brought it up, Bones!"

"No, Sweets asked me what was bothering me. And I answered."

"We should not have this conversation in front of Sweets!"

"Wait, are you saying that you two have had sex?" Sweets asked in disbelief. Booth rubbed his face to hide the smile. Brennan somehow managed to keep a straight face.

"Sweets, it's complicated," Booth grumbled.

"Clearly," Sweets agreed. "How many times?"

"I dunno. How many times have you and Daisy done it. Actually, don't answer that. I don't really want to know."

"How often have we had sex?" Brennan asked directly.

"Uh, off and on since the Vegas case."

"When was the last time?" Brennan asked as though she were asking a purely scientific question.

"The night before I went to the army base."

Sweets looked like he was going to have a heart attack. He quickly poured himself a glass of water and chugged it. Brennan on the other hand, pretended not to notice the psychologist's reaction. Instead she simply answered, "That explains several things. Thank you."

"Yeah, no problem," Booth answered with sarcasm.

"Wait, you seriously had a sexual relationship for years and never mentioned it?" Sweets asked as soon as he processed what was being said.

"There was never a need to," he shrugged.

"But you told me that she turned you down for a relationship after you told me about your first case."

"I did," Brennan cut in. "I didn't want to get married."

Sweets eyes bugged out of his head at that point, and he appeared to go into a catatonic state.

After a minute of Sweets' stunned silence Booth spoke up. "Hey, Bones, I think we broke him."

"He's still completely intact though."

"I don't mean it literally. Just that he's not acting very Sweets like." Booth began to snap his fingers in front of Sweets' face. Apparently, that brought him back.

"Holy shit." It was the first time either the agent or anthropologist heard him cuss.

"Sweets, you okay?"

"No! You two have been seeing each other and never told me! Do you realize how many hours I spent trying to figure out what went wrong that night outside? I thought I pushed you two too much! And it was over marriage? You could have mentioned that! And you both went off to opposite sides of the world after having sex one last time, and you," he indicated towards Booth, "still brought Hannah back? Why? Does Hannah know about your past? I mean the real one! Not the half one you've been telling everyone for years?"

At this point, Booth couldn't help but smile. Brennan saw him smile and knew the charade was done. She began to grin too.

"What?" Sweets snapped.

"This is why you don't change the information given to you," Brennan informed him. Sweets brow furrowed.

"What?" he repeated more distressed.

"You changed the number of names on my list, we changed the information."

"Excuse me?"

"Booth is referring to when you did not tell me he was alive."

Sweets' jaw fell open. "So, you two never had sex?"

"I didn't say that, did I, Bones?"

"No. And I don't believe I did either."

"You definitely didn't."

"Come on, guys," Sweets complained. "This isn't funny, any more. And you put me through that because of something stupid i did over three years ago? That's totally uncool."

Booth looked down at his watch. "I'd normally disagree with you, Sweets; it is pretty funny. But our time is up and I've got a date with my girlfriend. So will you sign Bones' papers so we can get out of here?"

Sweets pulled out the forms, but stopped before signing them. "So, besides this practical joke on me, is there any problems I should know about?"

"Not from me."

"Nor me."

Sweets scribbled his signature. Booth smiled as Sweets finished.

"Great. Ready for our date?" he asked his partner.


"That's what we decided last night," Booth reminded her as they stood up. He held her coat as she put it on.

"Was that before or after we made love?"

Sweets' head snapped up, again. "Seriously, that stopped being funny."

"I wasn't trying to be humorous," Brennan informed him.

"It was after, Bones," he told her as they walked out the door. Before he shut it on the once again confused psychologist, he stuck his head back into the room. "We'd appreciated it if you didn't mention that last part in any reports. See you Monday, Sweets."

Sweets just sat there for a moment in complete and utter shock as the two partner began to walk towards the diner. They had been gone about two minutes when he realized that they weren't joking anymore. He picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"Hey, Angela, did something happen in New Mexico I should know about?"