Okay, I have a feeling my life will just get a tiny bit less boring, considering my insane mother WANTS ME TO TAKE OVER MY DAD'S RANCH!

I mean what the hell? Yes – I've always looked up to my father about his work, having thoughts that farming slightly intrigues me, but it just sounds like too much work! I'm a hasty person at times, so I would despise waiting for my crops to grow, and plus, I HATE VEGETABLES! Well, not all vegetables, but you know what I mean! I'm more of a fruit person anyways…

Anyways, back to what I was saying! I'm only a twenty one year old young woman and my mother expects me to run a ranch? Uh, I don't think so… Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt, considering I have no job interests in like ANYTHING what so ever, so I guess I'll give it a try… Oh, screw it! I'll probably give up in the first week! Truth is, I act independent, but I'm a very dependant person, and I hate doing anything without anyone helping me, because I start to feel extremely nervous. Although, most of the time I like being alone and most people annoy me. Yep, it's true, some people are idiots, and that's simple logic.

Okay, I'm going to stop rambling now. Usually I'm a very laid-back person and don't really care what people say or think. Surprisingly though, today is DIFFERENT!

Right now I was in my dark, depressing, and pathetic apartment. Yeah, I lived in the city and I HATE it. Oh gosh, I can't walk the streets without getting that feeling that someone was watching me. Now that I think about it, living on a farm would be better than living here.

Yeah, I just got off the phone with my mom and she gave me a huge lecture about countless of unimportant things, oh and that I should take over the farm since my dad passed away last year. How could I possibly forget to mention that part…Yeah, that was sarcasm right there if you didn't know.

I might as well go work on the farm. Well, I certainly don't want to work at Starbucks forever. Yeah, I worked there and I hate coffee too!

Wow, I'm being such a hater this morning, probably because my mom angered me, but I didn't show my anger towards her. I would never yell at my mom or disrespect her in anyway.

Oh well, I'll get over it.

Okay, I'm going to go and work on this freaking farm if it's the last thing I do!

*.*The Next Day*.*

Oh my gosh, I'm so nervous. I just arrived in this place called Forget-Me-Not Valley. I know it's a weird name, but I kind of like it, it's unique.

My dad's old friend named Takakura was showing me around the farm and he explained to me that he would help me. I hope he dose assist me, although his bushy eyebrows kind of were creeping me out, but then again I like his calm attitude.

"And this is your house…" he muttered in his musky voice and I turned to see a tiny log cabin in front of me.

Well, it's certainly bigger than my apartment. Eh, I can manage.

Takakura turned to me and said, "Well, I guess you should go make some friends, want me to introduce you to everybody?"

"Eh, sure…" I replied nonchalantly and shrugged.

We made our way towards our first destination which was the Inn and on our way there, I was memorized by all the captivating scenery that was around us. This valley was just absolutely breath-taking and I have a feeling this place will make me more of an outside person.

Three people were standing outside this building. I'm guessing that's the Inn and I'm also assuming that Takakura told everybody about my arrival.

We walked up to the people and stood in front of them.

"Hello, my name is Ruby, and this is my husband Tim and that's my son named-"

"The Rock!"

I twitched as I looked over towards a blonde haired dude that had interrupted the lady talking. He gave me a thumbs-up, winked, and smiled while showing his teeth. I could have sworn his teeth were sparkling or something!

"Uh, hi…" I mumbled awkwardly and gave the three a tiny wave.

I saw Ruby shoot him a glare and 'The Rock' only ignored her glare as he flipped his hair.

This dude abruptly walked towards me, getting a little too close for comfort, and said, "Babe, why don't you ditch these losers and stick with me? I'll introduce you to everyone!"

Did he just call me babe? Oh god, this guy is a moron. I'm even trying to contain my laughter from within because his stupidity humors me.

"Rock, you don't even know her name!" Ruby yelled at her son in annoyance.

"What's your name babe or can I just call you babe? Or how about 'The Babe' or-"

"I'm Pony." Curse my mother for naming me that!

The three of them looked at me in absolute shock; their mouths were like in a shape of an o, and I noticed they tried to conceal their laughter from within.

I rolled my amethyst eyes and a tiny sigh escaped from my lips.

"Are you serious?" Ruby questioned, trying to keep her voice innocent but trying not to sound rude.

I nodded slowly and blushed slightly of embarrassment.

"That's a…cool name…" Tim mumbled awkwardly. Wow, he talks!

"Yeah, thanks…" I muttered under my breath, knowing he didn't really mean that, and he was just trying to be nice.

"Yeah, I'm just going to call you babe!" Rock exclaimed and winked at me once again.

Okay, now Rock is annoying me.

Takakura turned towards me. "Well, I guess I'll introduce to the rest of the villagers and-"

"NO! 'The Rock' shall introduce her to everybody!" Rock had unexpectedly shouted, interrupting Takakura, and he grabbed my hand while guiding me towards this other small building.

I heard footsteps from behind and I think Takakura went back to the farm while Rock's parents went back into the Inn.

"Babe, your reputation will go up quickly if you're seen with me!" Rock told me cheerfully, holding my hand tightly, and an annoyed expression showed on my face.

"More like my reputation will go down…" I muttered annoyed and sighed.

Luckily, Rock didn't hear me, and he asked obliviously, "What did you say babe?"

"Nothing… Rock, can you please let go of my hand already?" I asked him, getting more annoyed by the minute.

Rock only chuckled. "Why would any girl want to let go of 'The Rock's' hand? Do you know how lucky you are?"

Wow, he sure is full of himself.

"More like unlucky!" I retorted rudely and snapped my hand away from his.

He only chuckled once more and said in a cocky tone, "Playing hard to get, I see? I like that!"

I slapped my hand to my face and sighed in annoyance.

"Well, let me introduce you to everyone, babe!"

Oh gosh, I should just ditch this moron, but he will probably just follow me.

Maybe this won't be so bad…

*.*Thirty Minutes Later*.*


I've never met someone so annoying, so oblivious, so cocky, so conceded, and so IRRITATING in all of my life!

The rest of the tour was HORRIBLE! Rock kept telling everyone I was his new girlfriend, or he would say I'm his new babe, and I had to deny the fact so many times. Sigh, I really need to ditch this moron!

We were just leaving Lumina's mansion when I suddenly heard music. It seemed like someone was playing the guitar and looked to see someone sitting down against a tree while holding an orange guitar in their grasp.

When I got closer, I analyzed this person closely, and a shriek of terror had escaped my mouth. T-This guy had this freaking huge nose that was super long and just, EW! He wore these purple shades, hiding his eyes, and his ears looked like elf ears or something! I mean, I bet he's super nice, but I've NEVER seen a nose that long before, that's not normal! CAN THIS DAY GET ANY WEIRDER?

Rock seemed to notice my tiny shriek and he looked at the man with the guitar. "Oh, that's Gustafa, and he's a hippie around here. Don't worry babe, I'll protect you from him!"

"Uh, I don't need your protection…" I muttered annoyed, thinking he wouldn't hear me, but he did. Crap.

"Oh yes you do, babe! I even brought protection with me!" Rock stated with a smirk, pulling something out of his pocket, and I was now in a pond of confusion.

My violet eyes had widened immensely when I saw what he pulled out.


Just before I was about to punch this moron, the hippie had walked up to us, putting a white flower in my chocolate colored hair, and walked away.

Okay, again, WHAT THE FUCK! This valley is filled with super weird people and so many random things are happening! However, I kind of like it… Wait, WHAT I'M I SAYING?

Rock adjusted his 'item' back into his pocket and smirked. "Come on, babe. We still have one more place to go: Elvis's place."

I raised an eyebrow in confusion. What the heck is he talking about?

As I followed Rock over this bridge, I remained silent, and I saw these two huge fields filled up with all of these crops. I'm assuming these guys are ranchers too and I gulped. I hope I don't have to grow that many crops; I would totally die of exhaustion. There were these two log cabins behind the fields and I suddenly saw a man looking about my age staring down at the crops.

He had raven hair and it was somewhat curly. It also seemed he was somewhat muscular and I couldn't help but feel myself smile.

When we approached him, the mysterious man turned around, and his face seemed annoyed at seeing Rock.

"What do you want?" the young man questioned Rock annoyed but his voice was so quiet and he sighed.

Finally, someone else who thinks Rock is annoying!

Rock scowled right back at him. "I didn't come here to see your ugly face, but I came here to show you my new babe!"

"I am not!" I retorted angrily and clenched my fists.

The raven haired man looked at me with no emotion on his face.

"Then who are you?" he asked rudely and I scowled.

"I'm Pony, the new rancher…" I stated quietly, trying to keep calm.

"Okay… Well, if you need any help, I guess I can help you… Or Vesta or Celia could, I guess…" he told me awkwardly, adjusting his hands into his pockets, and he seemed annoyed by me too.

Wow, this guy seems like a total jerk!

"Okay. What's your name?" I asked hastily.

Truthfully, I just wanted to get this introduction OVER with!


Marlin is his name? But why did Rock say Elvis, oh maybe it's because he looks like Elvis, and since Rock isn't so bright he must think that- Hey, wait, where is that moron anyway?

I looked around and I spotted Rock standing in front of the fields and I saw some liquid being squirted onto the crops. Is Rock watering the crops-WAIT! EW! HE'S TOTALLY PISSING ON THEM! EW! What is wrong with this guy?

A surge of anger had then consumed Marlin and he yelled at 'The Rock' infuriated, "What the hell? Stop that you idiot!"

Rock only snickered, zipping up his pants, and smirked. "That's what you get!"

He immediately fled the area and my sweat dropped. What a dumbass…

Marlin then looked at me and I stared back awkwardly.

I started to laugh nervously. "W-Well, guess I'll be going now…"

With immense speed, I sprinted away from Marlin, and back to my ranch.

I was now panting of exhaustion and went into my house. Since I was about to collapse of tiredness, I laid down back onto my new bed, and stared up at the ceiling.

This day has just been crazy. If today was this bad, I can't image what the other days will be like.

My ears started to tense up at hearing some footsteps from outside my door.

Oh great, what could it be now?

Sighing, I walked up towards my door, opening it, and Takakura was at my door.

"You find everything okay?" he asked.

I nodded. Yeah, just dandy… Ugh…

"Well, I'm going to order you a cow tomorrow, and I suggest you should find a husband soon. The three bachelors around here are, Marlin, Rock,and Gustafa."

I twitched immensely. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

So, he's telling me I have to choose between Mr. Emo, Mr. Ego, or Mr…er…I don't know how to describe Gustafa…

Before I could even reply, Takakura said, "Well, I got to go now. Later."

He then left the farm and I sighed.

"Hey, Pony!"

Huh? What was that? Now I'm hearing unfamiliar voices?

I looked around to see no one there, but the voice sounded so close, and I looked down towards the ground.

My eyes widened in fear as I saw these three tiny looking little elf looking creatures, and I screamed in fear.

Okay, I think I've officially gone crazy!

Everything then had unexpectedly turned black for me.

*.*A Few Hours Later*.*

My eyes fluttered opened and I groaned as I lied on the ground.

Where am I?

My amethyst eyes scanned the area and it seemed I was in a forest of some sort. I then noticed that there was a spring in front of me and I stood up, staring down at my reflection. As I stared more deeply into my reflection, it seemed a lady with green hair was forming in my reflection, and I winced while looking away from my reflection.

I then noticed it was rather dark out and I gulped. A burst of nervousness and fear had consumed me, considering I had no idea where I was and the fact that it was dark out.

Footsteps were suddenly heard from behind me and I turned around cautiously.

Everything seemed as if it was in slow motion.

It seemed like a young man (I think) was walking towards me. His hair was slightly long, the color of a ghostly white, almost silver. He walked smoothly towards me. One hand was in his pocket, and a smirk showed on his face. His eyes remained closed and he now stood in front of me. Oh gosh, he seemed…kind of attractive…well, a little bit.

Is…Is this a dream?

I didn't seem to notice that my mouth was open the entire time, shaped like an o, and then I gulped. For some reason, I had a really bad feeling about this; however, I felt so calm at the same time.

"You're a new face, although a lady shouldn't be roaming around at night," his smooth voice entered my ears and made my entire body shiver.

Who is this guy?

"Uh, yeah… So um, where am I?" I asked him awkwardly, trying to sound casual.

"This is the Harvest Goddess spring. Now, may I please know your name, beautiful maiden?" he asked, opening his eyes, which were the color of emeralds.

Maiden? Did I hear him correctly? Did he really just call me a beautiful maiden? Uh, what the hell! No one talks like that anymore! Who does this guy think he is? He's probably sweet talking me! Okay, now I'm mad!

A look of disgust and suspicion showed on my face.

"Look pretty boy, I don't know who you think you are, and I don't know what you want but-"

His index finger suddenly pressed onto my lips, shutting me up, and I blinked innocently. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and felt my right eye twitch in anger.

"I asked you a simple question and that's merely what I want at the moment. Again, may I please have your name, beautiful?" he questioned me, his voice so soft and gentle, but that smirk remained on his face.

I slapped his finger away from my lips and a 'humph' escaped from my mouth.

"My name is nothing special…" I muttered nonchalantly and I crossed my arms.

"That can't be true. Such a beautiful maiden is bound to have a beautiful name-"

"Will you cut that maiden crap out already? It sounds fake and rehearsed! Well, if you really must know, my stupid name is Pony! I'm the new rancher around here! There! Happy? Now who are you?"

I was now boiling of anger and I clenched my fists. I was glaring at this mysterious dude and my amethyst eyes were fierce.

He chuckled, closing his eyes again, and the smirk remained on his face. "You're pretty cute when you're angry, you know that?"

I felt myself slightly blushing and I growled.

"Shut up! Quit stalling! Who are you?" I demanded furiously and clenched my fists tightly.

He chuckled once more and flipped his hair. "I'm not surprised that you want to know my identity considering it seems that you're intrigued by me. Well, you can call me Phantom Skye. Hehe."

"What the hell? Intrigued by you? HA! YOU WISH! And Phantom Skye? What, are you famous or something?"

Oh gosh, this guy was pissing me off!

"It depends what you mean by famous…" he muttered smoothly under his breath as his smirk grew even bigger.

Okay, now I was confused.

Before I could reply, he said, "Well, Pony, I must jet. We'll meet again, it's in the stars."

Wow, this guy must have read like a thousand poetry books or something. Either that or he's living in a fantasy land.

Skye quickly exited the Harvest Goddess spring.

Oh shit! I don't know where I am and I don't know how to get back to the ranch from here!

"Wait!" I called out to him, but no response.

Sigh, and now I'm alone.

Suddenly, I heard a scream from the distance and the scream seemed feminine.

With great speed, I rushed over towards where I heard the scream, and I paused at seeing the rich girl I had met today, I think her name was Lumina or something.

Skye was standing a few feet away from her, smirking, and it seemed he was holding something in his grasp.

Lumina was just standing there.

"Someone help! There's a thief!" she cried and my eyes widened.

Could….Could Skye be a thief? Is that what he meant by him saying it depends what you mean by famous?

I instantly ran in front of Lumina protectively and pointed a finger at him.

"What do you think you're doing?" I questioned him fiercely.

"Ah, I told you we would meet again," Skye told me chuckling, totally changing the subject, and I growled.

"Shut up! You didn't tell me you were a thief!" I hollered angrily.

"Pony, he's got my necklace! It's really expensive and it was my birthday present last year!" Lumina exclaimed, sounding as if she was about to sob.

"Huh? Well, don't just stand there, go get it!" I told her fiercely.

She frowned. "I-I can't."


Why couldn't she go take it from that bastard and why is she just standing there?

"Well ladies, if you don't mind, I'll be taking my leave now…" Skye muttered, walking away, and I growled.

"Oh no you don't!" I yelled while sprinting towards him.

Like the idiot I am, I tripped, and was now pinning Skye to the ground.

"If you wanted a kiss so bad, you should have just asked, beautiful," Skye teased while chuckling and his signature smirk formed on his face.

I felt my cheeks turning pink as I yelled, "YOU WISH!"

Again, like the idiot I am, I got off of him, releasing him, and he smoothly made his getaway.

I slapped my hand to my face in frustration. "Damn it!"

Sighing, I turned around towards Lumina's direction, to only see that she's not there.

Huh? Where the heck did she go?


Great, now I have to deal with Mr. Pretty Boy too…

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