Ok so this story starts off in transformers one. I'm going to try to stick to the story line from the movie but a few changes. In this story Sam is a girl. Long curly hair and same green eyes. She will be Five three and curvy.

This is how she fall in love with Optimus. Mikaela Banes is now a dude. His name will be Michael. He's the hottest boy in school. Trent is a girl. The biggest bitch of the school. Who constantly picks on Sam. His female name is tiffany.

This is my first story so reviews and suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

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"Ok Ms. Witwicky your up."

So I guess its my turn I thought to myself. As I started walking up to the front Tiffani tripped me and I almost dropped my bag.

"Sorry I have a lot of stuff." I told the class as they giggled at me.

"For my family tree report..um ok so for my family tree report I did it on my great, great grandfather. He was a captin."

as I told them the story about the glasses and the map. Tiffani kept on being all over Michael. She was trying to make me jealous. That whore. Then the teacher brought me out of my thoughts.

"Are you going to try to sell me his liver next ms. Witwicky?"

"What no sorry its just that this is all going to my car fund. You can get this stuff on ebay. You or your parents can pay. I accept cash ."

Everyone laughed and then the bell rang.

So I had to talk to my teacher about my grade. He didn't want to give me an A in the class but after I convinced him he gave me an A- so I ran out side to where my dad was waiting for me and showed him my grades.

" So Sam? All eyes huh , ok then Sam lets go get your car."

So we left the school me and dad were talking about school and what happened. I left out the part about trying to sell our families history. didn't want to give him a heart attack and all.

"So Sam I got a little surprise for you."

" What kind of surprise? Oh no , no , no no!"

I couldn't help but scream as we drove by the porch dealership.

"You gotta be kidding dad!"

" Yea I am I'm not getting you a porch for your first car." As he laughed.

"God dad that wasn't funny! You think that's funny."

" It was funny Sam."

Then we drove into a used car dealership.

"What are we doing here dad? You said you would help me buy half a car. Not half a piece of crap."

" When I was your age I was happy just to have a car."

Bobby came out from inside the dealership and told us he's bobby and this is his car shop. We walked a little around the cars as he kept taking. A LOT. Then he showed me his mom. Who straight up dissed him. I couldn't help but laugh.

I walked over to a yellow Camero. I couldn't help but feel drawn to it. I told my dad

"this one ain't bad. Its got racing stripes. Its so cute!"

I looked and got inside. Yea this is nice. This feels good. When I rubbed the insignia on the steering wheel I could help but feel something.

How much my dad asked?

"Well considering the racing stripes and the custom paint."

" But the paints faded." I said.

But bobby said its custom.

"Custom faded? "

"Well its your first car and you wouldn't understand especially since you're a girl."

I growled a little in annoyance. And I felt another feeling from the car but I ignored it. Bobby then told us 5,000. No I'm not paying a penny over 4000 my dad said. I felt my heart sink.

"So much for keeping your baby girl happy dad."

" Shut it Sam."

"Kid come on out the car."

" Wait you said the car picks the driver?"

" Yea well some times the car picks the driver with a cheap ass father. Now come on get out the car."

He walked over to another car and tried to sell us that one. Then we heard a weird sound and ducked. Next thing we knew all the car windows where shattered. Bobby looked around with a horrific look on his face. The told us four thousand!

Yay I got my car! Dad let me drive it home. But I asked to take it around town a little. He said sure but be home by eight. So I got into the car and started driving around. I turned the radio on. And as silly as it sounds I started talking to my car. I told my car he was a boy. And what should I call him?

He was yellow with racing stripes. He kind of reminded me of a bumblebee. Yea he did. So that's your name bumblebee. Then the radio switched stations to some man talking and he said your right my name is that. I couldn't help but laugh a little. Then I just started talking about Michael. And tiffany and everything about them and what happened in school. I started talking about how I love the stars which led to me talking about the type of guys I like. And then I told him I would love to be with an older guy who was taller than me and could protect me at any cost and would love me with all my heart. I swear the radio kept switching stations on me sometimes and it even felt like the car was talking to me. Ok so my radios bad. At least I have a car now. I drove round town a little so I decided to head on home.

So so theres the first chapter. Tell me what you guys think. So please read and review.