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Elita Prove

I cannot believe that Optimus made me stay behind! I know it was all that little fleshing idea too. "Elita you need to be repaired and also learn about human history" he says. Please that was just an excuse. What is there to know? They are an uneducated, primitive, violent race, luckily they cannot travel far and spread their disease elsewhere in the galaxy.

Our planet is gone and now we are on this "earth". This planet has the resources we need to rebuild Cyber Tron but Optimus won't let us. He's grown attached to these humans. We could the humans as slaves and help build our empire again. Optimus leading us and me at his side. As for his little Sam. I should just kill her and be done with it. But oh no that would be much too fast. I would make her suffer for the rest of her days for even MY Optimus.

I have voiced my concerns to ratchet but he's grown blind just like Optimus. Megatron was always the stronger of the two..If only that reached human hadn't destroyed him. Ratchet tells me that I should be grateful to the humans since they have let us stay on their planet. Grateful?! We could just annihilate them and be done with it. I know I cannot be the only one who feels this way. For now, since I do need repairs all play along but I must seek out the others…

BEE Vegas part 1

After the restaurant we split up. Sam came with me and we continued on our way. Sam has become like the sister I never had. As the youngest of the Autobots it was lonely. Yes, I was never truly alone. The Autobots have always been my family but now with Sam I can experience the wonderful joy of what my "childhood" could have possibly been. Since we are so close in age we can act goofy with each other and I don't have to keep acting strong and well just like the others. I'm free to be a "kid".

I have been researching lots of human activities. They have such a wonderful culture. So many different cultures and things to do and they have so many countries! I cannot wait to go and explore them all, hopefully Sam will be able to come with us.

We have been driving all around town. The goal given to me by Optimus was just for Sam to have a good time. Sam is so young and has been through so much these last few weeks. These poor humans don't even know what's out there. After meeting Sam and so many of the others I feel the need to protect my new family. Sam thinks she is here to "help" look for Sideswipe but she is so much smarter than that. She knows it was really just because we didn't want her alone at the base with Elita.

I have been keeping an eye out for Sideswipe but I haven't picked anything up. In all honestly I have been really just enjoying spending time with Sam and getting to see what Vegas is all about. Because of Sam's age we cannot do a lot of things but I am enjoying what we can do. We got here in the afternoon and have been walking around the stip. One of our first stops was Circus Circus. As we walked around we discovered they have an Adventuredome

(here is a link and you can see for yourselves watch?v=K28SCY-QV1Y or

watch?v=E8n81cOFq-w )

"Hey bee have you ever been on a ride?" asked Sam

"No. What is a ride?" I asked. I quickly researched the answer but decided to stay quite because Sam's eyes just light up with excitement.

"Omg bee! Bee beee! A ride is a fantastic adventure with speed!" said Sam

"I have money lets go buy some tickets for all the rides here and get you to experience some of earth's best forms of Entertainment!" said Sam

"Sam I can't help but feel a certain type of way. I cannot explain this". I told Sam as we got closer to getting on our first ride.

"Oh bee don't worry; you just have butterflies in your tummy" said Sam as she rube my stomach.

"Sam I have not eaten any butterflies"

"hahahah no you silly bot!" Sam said playfully as she gently smacked my arm

"It was just expressions" Sam said

I quickly researched what she said and found myself to feel a little foolish but Sam quickly told me

"Don't worry about it bee, you will get used to the lingo soon enough" She said with a huge sincere smile.

As we walked around and waiting in the lines I really got to know Sam so much better. When we did get on the rides I couldn't help but find myself with enjoyment. I have battled and traveled across the universes but a simple "ride" still found a way to excite me in a way unknown to me before.

Sam went to play some of the games they have here. She had the choice of winning a toy truck or a teddy bear. She asked for the toy truck but the man who was in charge of that game told her

"I'm sorry miss I had a toy truck but I must have misplaced it"

"It's alright, I'll just take the teddy bear. Thank you" said Sam

"Sam I thought you wanted the toy truck?" I asked

"I did but I don't know what happened. One minute the truck was there and the next it was not. It must have accidently rolled into the back" she told me

I had gotten beep alerting me that sideswipe was nearby but as soon as it came it was gone.. I wonder? Noo can't be.

Five minutes later

"Hey bee what's wrong?" asked Sam

"Oh nothing Sam"

"Really because you just suddenly went to silence?"

"I was thought in thought Sam."

"Anything you want to talk about?"

"It's nothing important Sam. Where would you like to go next?"

"A lot of the other hotels have rides also let's go do those next"

"Sure Sam"

We had walked around and finished all the rides we could. Including the big apple at New York New York to the voodoo zip line. I was quite surprised at how much of an adventurous girl Sam was. Although I only see Sam as the sister I never had, I see why Optimus chose her as his spark mate.

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