Why can't I speak? Why won't I speak?

I try but my throat hurts and I figure, what's the point? If I speak who's going to listen. Who's going to care?

Not my mother. Probably not even my father. And certainly not anyone at school. I'm just known as the girl who squealed. 'The squealer.'

At school we're taught that communication is important because to get through life successfully you need to be able to express yourself. Well I can tell you that that's absolute crap. They'll pretend to listen but of course they don't really care. Why would they care about someone so insignificant? Why would they care about someone so weird? They don't. That's the simple answer. If you can understand that then you're set up for life.

So instead you should follow my example and keep quiet. Don't tell anyone anything about yourself. Not even your parents.

Just don't speak.

A/N: Just something short I wrote a while back.