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Chapter 1:

"Is it really true? Aslan himself married Queen Lucy the Valiant to a poor commoner?" I heard Lady Lugene, brother of Naylandi, Susan's husband from Calomar whisper to a Duchess.

I stiffened slightly where I stood pressed against a column waiting for Lucy to come back from the refreshment table across the ballroom.

"Yes! And here this one. The commoner happened to be a faun whom Aslan turned human," the Duchess said it with a distasteful tone.

Lady Lugene gasped, "No," and tssked her tongue.

I furrowed my eyebrows. Gossip was spreading a lot over the neighboring countries bordering Narnia of Lucy's and my wedding. Especially of whom I was.

Lucy wasn't letting any gossip and rumors bother her; but I for one felt like I was being punched in the stomach. Every time someone made disapproval remark or sound about us I wanted to go hide somewhere. My characteristics from when I was a faun seeming to kick in as I was always very sensitive when it came to bad remarks.

I clasped my hands together behind my back and tried to drown the women's voices out. I closed my eyes and tried to think of other things other than rumors and gossip.

Tonight was Lucy and I's first wedding anniversary. King Peter decided to throw a ball for the special occasion. He had invited the Calormen's for Naylandi's sake. I was trying to look like I was enjoying myself for Lucy. I knew she was enjoying the ball even if I kept stepping on her toes during the dances. I still was trying to get used to my new legs and still hadn't accomplished dancing flawlessly. It was seemingly an insult to my fellow fauns to be so clumsy especially during dances but I didn't care that I had lost my gracefulness. I had Lucy now and nothing else mattered. Someday I would be graceful again and dance easily.

"Tumnus?" I heard my beautiful wife calling, snapping me from my trance.

Lucy held two crystal wine glasses in her hands and was looking a little worried. "Are you alright? You look dreadful, love." She handed me one of the glasses.

"Yes I'm fine. I just overheard a conversation I must not have needed to hear," I said with a weak smile. I looked down at the glass and traced the pattern with an idle finger.

Lucy looked over at the two women and fixed them with a glare that could have turned anything to ice as she too heard what they were talking about. "They're just two idle brained chatterboxes. Those women will talk about anything, Tumnus. Ignore them. Don't let them ruin your night." She planted a kiss on my cheek.

I looked up at her and smiled, "Alright." And we clicked our glasses together.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the special dance of Mr. and Mrs. Tumnus." The booming voice of a minotaur whose name was Laurent. The musicians resumed their positions quickly.

A small groan passed my lips and Lucy patted my arm.

"You're not all that bad," she fought a giggle, "Soon you'll be dancing like you were when you were a faun."

"I'm sorry I'm being such a killjoy," I sighed in defeat and held my arm out for her to take.

"After those women blabbered about us you have the right to be," Lucy took my arm and pressed tightly against my side as we walked out into the middle of the room.

Lucy curtsied and I gave a wobbly bow as we turned in front of each other in the traditional Narnian ballroom way before starting a special dance.

I then extended my hand to which she took and began dancing at first extremely fast and then gradually slower in pace with the music. I nearly tripped on my own feet twice but Lucy sneakily steadied me.

Lucy smiled as I tipped her in my arms in a fancy fashion all the while maintaining my balance. I smiled back down at her as the dance ended. I had to admit the dance was fun and I only tripped twice which was an improvement.

Everyone cheered well almost everyone did as we walked back to our former spot. The Calormens looked at us in distaste excluding Naylandi who had exceedingly warmed up to me as of late.

"Lucy!" Queen Susan called, walking up to us. She was holding a small bundle in her arms which was the newest edition to the Royal family named Nathan. Naylandi was walking behind Susan staring down at his son with loving eyes. Susan's and Naylandi's other child Helen was waddling beside them her hand in her father's.

Lucy turned her head toward Susan's voice as did I. Lucy frowned slightly but I could see she was trying to cover it up.

It was starting to seem as if Lucy and I weren't going to have any children and I knew she was jealous about Susan having two babies and not having even one herself. I too wanted a son or daughter but we had been only married for a year so there was still a chance we would have a baby some day.

I was starting to think all the trauma Zadis caused at the Ice Castle with beating Lucy into talking had damaged Lucy a little worse than we thought. Maybe something the cordial wasn't able to cure.

The arm I had placed around Lucy tightened to try to comfort her a little.

Monarchs of Narnia always had children before their second year of marriage. It had been like that ever since Narnia was created. By the second year you either had a newborn or were pregnant. If you didn't have a child born or on the way by the beginning of the second year of marriage you were sorely looked down upon. We were neither and it upset Lucy horribly.

The aristocrats would have more to talk about soon.

"Oh Lucy, you and Tumnus were absolutely wonderful!" Susan smiled at us.

Lucy's nose twitched slightly and I could tell she was trying to hold back her emotions. She cracked a smile, "I thought Tumnus was quite good considering how he's been doing." She laughed softly and her arm slipped through mine.

I chuckled as did the others at her words.

Nathan started crying at that moment and Susan sighed.

"Someone's ready for bed already," Naylandi smiled as he fondled his son's black hair.

Helen began pulling at Naylandi's pants leg. "Daddy?" she was persistent to get his attention.

"Yes, angel?" Naylandi looked down at his daughter.

"No bed," the one year old pouted.

"Helen, it's past your bedtime," Naylandi picked her up and swung the infant in the air.

Helen began to giggle like crazy.

"Well goodnight you two," Susan rocked Nathan as he continued to cry.

"Goodnight," Lucy and I said in unison as the new family walked off.

Lucy sighed when they were out of earshot. She subconsciously touched her flat stomach with a mournful expression as she looked after them.

'Oh Lucy," I let out my own sigh as I looked down at her.

"Why-," she whispered ever so quietly and if it hadn't been for my sharp hearing I wouldn't have heard her.

"Don't beat yourself up, Luce. We still have yet to have children. We've only been married a year," I placed a kiss on her forehead.

"But that's just it, Tumnus. If I don't produce an heir before too long everyone is going to talk about me. They'll—they'll know I am barren," Lucy covered her face with hands at her last words. "I'll be worthless to-."

I pressed a finger to her lips to shush her negative words. "You don't know that you are barren and you shouldn't say such things about yourself. You make it sound as if you are nothing but a mere horse," I scolded her gently in a low voice so no one could eavesdrop.

Lucy exhaled as she stared up me with eyes nearly brimming with tears.

"Your majesty!" came the voice of Lady Lugene.

Lucy stood up straighter as the woman walked toward us.

"You look divine tonight, child," Lady Lugene regarded Lucy. She purposely ignored me and kept her attention on Lucy.

"Thank you, as do you," Lucy curtsied, keeping her back straight still.

"I must say you two danced wonderfully," Lady Lugene then glanced over at me with slight disapproval in her eyes that only I noticed.

Lucy smiled sweetly.

"I'm assumingly you have a child on the way," the woman gave her a questioning look.

Lucy's face turned deathly white and I sucked in a breath.

"Y—yes of course we do," Lucy's voice cracked.

"Wonderful," Lady Lugene clasped her hands together. "Well I must be going now."

Lucy looked to the ground at her feet before raising her head to look back at the Lady.

"Your majesty…Tumnus," she nodded curtly at me and then flounced off.

I felt myself go red.

Lucy wrung her hands in a nervous way for a few minutes then suddenly stood taller and looked up at me. "She is still not going to ruin our anniversary!"

And that's why she's called Valiant.

I smiled, "Good girl." I stooped down to kiss her on the lips.

"I love you, Tumnus," Lucy said with a real beaming smile. I was glad I could make her cheer up even more.

"I love you too," I replied as I pressed my forehead against hers.

"Now!" Lucy chirped, taking my hands in hers, "Let's practice those dancing skills of yours."

I found myself being pulled back into the dancing by a very insistent wife.

We had probably danced for three hours by the time the ball was over and everyone started on their way home. It was midnight by this time.

Peter and Edmund were sleepily slumping in their throne chairs as they waited for everyone to leave. Susan and Naylandi had long since gone to bed right after they put the children down.

Lucy was quite tired herself though she was trying not to show it.

We were on the balcony, our favorite spot to be and were watching the moon and stars. We were both standing though Lucy seemed to be more leaning against me then holding her own weight.

"That was wonderful. You are getting better at dancing now," Lucy fought back a yawn and pressed her face into my shoulder.

"Indeed," I said in her hair as I wrapped my arms around her.

Lucy's eyelashes were beginning to flutter shut as I suddenly remembered Lucy's anniversary present.

"Lucy, I forgot to give you your anniversary present." I poked her side.

Lucy jumped slightly from being so sleepy. "Y—you got me a present?" she sounded slightly surprised.

"Of course," I chuckled and detached her grip on me.

She leaned against the wall in question.

"Last year we were married but-," I lowered myself to one knee and extracted a small wooden box. I opened it and held it up.

Lucy gasped and her hands came up to cover her mouth in delighted shock. "Oh Tumnus!"

Two gold wedding bands shimmered in the moonlight. One smaller one and one larger one.

The smile on Lucy's face was huge.

I took the smaller one from the box and looked up into Lucy's eyes. "May I?"

Lucy nodded vigorously and held out her hand.

I slipped the ring on her finger which fit perfectly.

Lucy did the same to me.

"Now we truly are married," Lucy sighed and threw her arms around my neck.

"I would hope so," I teased and fought back my own yawn.

"Everyone is finally gone," a familiar and sleepy voice announced behind us.

We both jumped slightly and turned quickly to see Edmund smiling at us.

"How long were you there?" Lucy scolded her brother. She put her hands on her hips and stared at him.

"Long enough," with these words Edmund made a face.

"We were just about to go up to bed," I said to him trying not to laugh at Lucy's exasperated look toward Edmund.

"Very well, I think I shall too. Peter decided to leave me with the last bit of guests. He said he was getting too old to be staying up until midnight." Edmund shook his head. "He's not even thirty yet and talking such."

Lucy's exasperated expression dissolved and she gave a small snicker.

I looked toward Lucy and back to Edmund.

"Well goodnight," Edmund nodded and walked off sluggishly.

Lucy yawned and leaned against me.

"Best we get to bed too." I herded her away from the balcony.

"I want to sleep until the afternoon," Lucy yawned yet again, stumbling slightly from sleepiness.

"I'm sure all of us will," I said as we walked up the winding staircase.

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