I really enjoyed Across the Universe and of course Max Carrigan. So I created this cute little story in my mind and decided to share it with you guys. :) Reviews are always welcome and voting on my poll on my profile is much appreciated. It starts out around the time that Lucy comes to New York for the summer, the story will go through the majority of the movie and after the movie. I try to stick to the timeline, story, and reality as much as possible. So Enjoy.

I walked into Cafe Huh?for the last time. I took a seat at the bar and ordered a rum and coke. I watched my ex landlord, Sadie, sing her lungs out like she did, so very often in this little place. She was singing one of the songs I had helped her write, 'Why Don't We Do It In The Road.' She was my first and one of my only friends here in New York. I finished my drink as Sadie finished her song. Everyone whooped, hollered, and cheered for her, especially the full table to my left. One of the men at the table had noticed me. He had blondish hair and even from afar his blue eyes where breathtaking. He was giving me the 'bar look.' I gave him a sly look back before I was interrupted by Sadie.

"Lily Ann, I thought you left tonight!" she said with her booming voice and embraced me into a hug.

"I actually leave tomorrow morning. I had to see you sing at least one more time!" I said. She laughed and ordered drinks for her and I. We picked them up and she walked over to the full table as two of the people got up to leave.

"Hey guys this is my old tenant, Lily Ann, Lily this is everyone." She said as she introduced me to the people in front of me. I waved and smiled.

"Hey guys." I said. They all said 'hey' back in their own ways. I looked up at the guy who was giving me the 'bar look' earlier. He smiled at me making me smirk back.

"Hey Sadie we need you!" someone called for her. She looked at me and I nodded and she was off.

"So, how do you know Sadie?" an Asian girl asked, who was closest to my right. I looked at her.

"I met her when I first came to New York. She gave me a place to live and pointed in the direction that I should go. That's the laymen story." I said.

"Why don't you live with her anymore?" another girl asked me, who was sitting by the blonde guy.

"I did up until a couple of weeks ago. I finished school and I am now going to be a nurse for fallen soldiers." I said, with a smile and took a drink of the drink Sadie had bought me. It was Whiskey, Jack Daniels if I tasted right.

"Ah, so its your last night with us civilians?" The blonde guy asked me.

"Yes, yes it is." I said taking another sip, memories coming back of drinking with Sadie into the wee hours of the morning, singing, dancing and waiting for time to fly by.

"Well in that case I feel obligated to buy you a drink. Ladies if you would excuse me for a moment I have to see what Ms. Lily wants to drink." He said as he fought his way to me through the women that surrounded him.

"Well, Mr.-" I began and waited for him to fill in the blank.

"Carrigan, Max Carrigan." he responded as he came face to face with me. He was a little taller than I was.

"Well, Mr. Carrigan as you can see I already have a drink." I said. He looked down at my hand.

"Then perhaps a smoke outside, on me." he said holding out a pack of cigarettes. I nodded and followed him out of Cafe Huh?. We stood out front and lit up.

"So you leave tomorrow?" he asked me. I nodded with the cigarette hanging out of my mouth. I took it out and blew the smoke into the air.

"Yeah, I trained for a couple of months. I guess they need a lot of nurses, so I'm going early." I said and took a sip of my drink that I still had.

"Well, I'm pretty sure we're having a party tomorrow night, if your flight gets delayed or something." he said. I nodded with a slight smirk.

"Yeah, I highly doubt I will actually be leaving when they said I will. It's just across town, I can be there in 15 minutes from where I'm standing right now, if I have a good cab driver." I said letting the smoke out between my lips. I looked over at Max and realized I never answered his question "Oh yeah. Uh- sure, why not? I should be entitled to have some fun before I head out." I said as I dropped the cigarette and stepped on it to extinguish it. I was about to head back in when Max grabbed my hand. I turned around as he pulled me closer to him. He pressed his lips against mine.

Just do it Lily, you'll never see him after tomorrow night. You deserve to enjoy the last days here with a nice looking guy. My thoughts clouded my mind. He deepened the kiss by placing his hand on the back of my head. I gave in and kissed back with as much passion as I could muster. We stood there for a good ten minutes making out only to be interrupted.

"Maxwell Carrigan, what would your mother say?" a feminine voice said. He moved away from me but still had his arm around my shoulders. We looked around to where the voice was coming from. A blonde girl stood there with a guy. I had noticed them leave Cafe Huh? earlier.

"Hello, Lucy. Jude. This is my new friend Lily. Lily this is my sister Lucy and my friend Jude." Max said, smoothly. I laughed at how smooth he was trying to play it. I waved at the two who were still standing there.

"Hello." I said.

"Are you coming to the party tomorrow?" Jude asked, in his accent.

"Yes, I believe I am." I said looking up at Max. He smiled back at me. I shook my head in disbelief that I was actually being this way. This was the most reckless I've been since I had moved out of the apartment weeks if not months ago.

"Well I think we are about to go and get something to eat. If you guys want to join us." Lucy said. "Plus, Max, I have something to give you that came in the mail before I left." She added.

As if on cue everyone that was sitting at the table came out of the club, along with Sadie.

"Yeah, sure." Max said as he took my hand and we followed the others to the diner down the street.