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5 Years Later...

Malfoy Manor had never looked quite this resplendent.

Even though this was the third wedding in six months that the house had seen, Narcissa had spectacularly outdone herself. After Lucius had been given a life sentence along with the rest of the remaining Death Eaters when Voldemort fell, Narcissa was able to obtain the rights to all wealth, properties and titles associated with the Malfoy name. As much as the manor had been a place of fear and despair, it was now doubly so a place of warmth and welcome where friends and family had taken to gathering over the years. Which is why it had been such a popular wedding venue as of late.

The three events would have all taken place that summer, but the current bride had her heart set on a Christmas Eve wedding; and so it was that Malfoy Manor had been turned into a breathtaking winter wonderland, the traditional white wedding decorations interspersed with Yule festiveness.

The old headmaster took his seat in the front row of the assembly next to a few of his old students and waited for the bride to appear. He caught Draco's eye who was standing next to the minister, also eagerly awaiting his bride, and winked. The blond man smiled and nodded in greeting.

A hush fell over the crowd as the doors to the ballroom opened and Hermione stepped onto the staircase. She was beaming and as Dumbledore looked between her and Draco, their eyes locked on each other as if no one else were in the room, he felt a surge of pride.

"I'm surprised she's even standing up at this point," Ginny Potter whispered from his left, "she didn't sleep at all last night."

"Jitters?" Dumbledore inquired softly.

"Nope," Luna Weasley replied from his other side, "She snuck out of her room to see Draco. We stayed with her last night and the flibbergems in the garden woke me up at around four o'clock. That's their preferred feeding time you know. Anyway, I went to check on her and found her bed empty."

"Then we went to wake up the boys to help us find her and Harry and Ron found that Draco was missing as well." Ginny added.

"Yah," Ron cut in with a smile, "and when we found them it really cemented the fact that he's perfect for her. With any other couple you would assume they were... you know... but we found those two in the library of all places, having a debate about some muggle book they'd read." He shook his head in amusement.

Dumbledore smiled knowingly, "Yes, I had anticipated that his literary knowledge would be helpful in wooing Miss Granger. That's why I left alone the memories of the books he'd read when I obliviated him."

His four former students stared at him with wide eyes.

"You mean you set them up on purpose?" Harry choked, "I thought you obliviated him to see which side he was on."

"Oh, getting the rest of you the proof of his loyalties was a major benefit, to be sure," the old headmaster replied, "but I admit it was not my main goal. I already knew which side Mr. Malfoy was on. This evening's event is what I was aiming for."

The boy who lived eyed him speculatively. "Sir, are you sure you weren't a Slytherin?"

Dumbledore chuckled. "Honestly Harry, I really don't know."

"How on earth do you not know which house you were in?"

"Well you see, I didn't exactly give the hat a chance to sort me. I informed it of where I was going to be placed and I'm afraid I issued a few threats to insure my wishes were followed. I was a bit rash in my youth you know." His smile was not repentant.

"But why?"

The headmaster's eyes twinkled merrily, "Oh, I believe a girl had something to do with it." The four friends followed his gaze across the isle to where Professor McGonagall sat, and the disapproving stare she sent his way didn't quite hide the smile that betrayed her amusement.

Their thoughts were interrupted as Hermione drew closer to the front of the room. She took her place by Draco's side and as the happy couple said their vows, Dumbledore waited in anticipation.

Almost complete, he thought happily and was the only one in the room not surprised when a cloud of glittering red fog began winding it's way around the newlyweds as they shared their first kiss.

The crowd gasped, most of them never having witnessed such a momentous event, but all of them knowing what it was. A soul bond.

When a witch and wizard are destined to be together, their souls merge, sharing their magic and tying them to each other for life. It is a very rare and powerful magic, the stuff of fairy tales to young witches and wizards the world over.

The guests were frozen in wonderment for a moment before a great cheer rang out through the ballroom. With the loud revelry, only Harry heard Dumbledore's soft sigh of satisfaction.

"Sir," he said, "why do I get the feeling you aren't surprised?"

The old headmaster smiled brilliantly. "You caught me there, Harry. I have been waiting for that for a very long time."

"But how could you have possibly known that was going to happen?"

"I have my sources," he replied serenely, "I have my sources.


And somewhere, deep within the Ministry of Magic, a prophecy ball gleamed brightly for a moment before levitating to the section marked "Fulfilled".


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