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Chloe looked up from the monitors as Oliver, Zatanna, J'onn J'onzz, and Bruce walked in. She stood up and put her hands on her hips, "J'onn did you get the information from Lex's hard drive?" she asked.

The entire group shot each other nervous looks, Alfred who was watching the entire exchange had to duck his head to keep his chuckles from escaping. After facing some of the most hardened criminals, the rest of the JLA and Bruce were intimidated by a short blonde woman with an attitude.

"What I did find was encrypted, but I downloaded the information and uploaded the virus you gave me." J'onn handed Chloe a thumb drive, she shot him a small smile that instantly caused J'onn to relax. "Zatanna, did you find any magical traces surrounding the area?" Chloe asked, the reason they had brought Zatanna in had just been as a precaution in case someone magical was working alongside Lex.

"No magical traces, however I did find this." Zatanna withdrew a bag that she promptly opened, she reached inside and withdrew an aged book. Chloe tensed as a feeling of utter cold swept through the room, judging by everyone's faces they also felt it. Zatanna grimaced in distaste as she held it between her fingers, "From what I was able to discern, this book is demonic. As for why Lex had something like this in his possession I have no idea."

Chloe tapped her chin as she studied this new revelation, "So, somehow Lex comes into the possession of a demonic book, becomes allies with the Joker and manages to kidnap half of the JLA. The question is why? And how did he get this?" She asked out loud.

Chloe sighed and sank back into her chair, hating the possibilities that popped into her head. "Something feel's off about this." She murmured. Her eyes widened as a terrifying possibility hit her, "Zatanna, is it possible to summon demons into our world?" she asked. Zatanna looked unnerved by the question but answered, "It's possible, but from what I've read there is a heavy price in return."

Chloe sagged in her chair, "How about a trade between souls?" she asked, understanding dawned on the rest of the JLA. "From my understanding, that would be one of the prices." Zatanna muttered.

"Wait a minute are you saying Lex traded his soul for a demon's?" demanded Oliver, disbelief radiated from his tone. "I know it sounds crazy, but look at the facts somehow Lex figured out our identities and managed to find our weaknesses. He sent Tess out to get the information from Watchtower, after discovering where it was, then he becomes allies with the Joker. Now the Joker isn't known for siding with anyone for an extended period of time, and I bet you that Lex must have done something to prove that he has power. My guess is that Lex offered him a deal to become just as powerful as he is, maybe even more so." Her words were met in silence, and Chloe couldn't blame them it was a lot to take in.

"But, this is all based on conjecture for all we know Lex could have been spying on us for months. He most likely discovered where Watchtower is based on spy reports, as for our weaknesses he could have kept tabs on that too." Oliver argued.

"Look Olli, I know it's a lot to take in but how do you explain the demonic book?" she demanded. Oliver glared and was about to respond when Bruce spoke up, "The Joker has been looking for a way to get even more powerful."

At his words, the rest of the JLA exchanged dark looks "So that's it then, we have to find a way to eradicate the demon from Lex, and somehow find a way to rescue the others." Chloe said. She leaned back in the chair with her fingers crossed, she studied the thumb drive that she had put on the desk.

"First things first, however I'm going to have to crack these files so we can find out where the rest of the JLA is being held. Until then, Zatanna I need you to see if there are any reversal enchantments in that book if so we can use them on Lex. As for the rest of you, we need to keep an eye on Lex and his activities. Bruce, Oliver I need to speak with you both alone." She added as Zatanna and J'onn shot apologetic looks at them before leaving.

Alfred got up and left, winking at Chloe as he did so as soon as the lift rattled up out of sight Chloe turned to Bruce. She raised her eyebrow, "Why did you attack Harley?" she asked, Oliver rubbed the back of his neck as he watched Bruce's reaction. "We needed to know more about what the Joker was planning." Bruce growled, his voice darkening to the Batman's.

Chloe nodded, though she still looked angry "Oliver, I need you to keep tabs on Lois make sure she doesn't catch on to the fact that you're keeping an eye on her. If anything gets out of hand or if Lois is onto the fact that we're watching her, take her to the Isis Foundation. There should be enough stuff there to keep her occupied." Oliver nodded before turning and leaving, Chloe sighed and looked over at Bruce. "I agree that we need to know more about the Joker, but we're on a team now and if you act out on a mission that could cost us everything." She whispered.

Bruce nodded, "I am sorry for not listening to your warning." He said in a deep voice, Chloe relaxed and stood up truthfully she knew it must have taken a lot of effort to say those words and mean them. "I'm sorry too, I know you don't normally work as a team player so it looks like we're both at fault." She muttered.

Bruce nodded before peeling his cowl off his face, letting his dark hair spring free, Chloe had barely remembered that he and the rest of the team had been in full gear when they had talked. She smiled at the rather youthful image that Bruce portrayed with his hair tousled.

"Why are you smiling?" Bruce asked, interrupting her train of thought. Chloe blinked in surprise at his question, "Well, it's just that you look more..carefree with your hair like that." She whispered. Bruce raised an eyebrow, 'More carefree huh?" he asked with a hint of smirk on his face. Chloe rolled her eyes, before making shooing motions at him, Bruce let out a small chuckle at her reaction before heading for the lift.

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