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"Momma," Hodel asked, "What are we having for dinner tonight?"

"Pasta," Golde told her daughter with a smile.

"Thank you momma," Hodel said

Golde went out to finish some things while telling her girls dinner would be in 10 minutes. Hodel was hungry and she took an ice cream for a snack.

Golde noticed that she didn't have all the pasta she needed so she decided to make hamburgers instead. She noticed Hodel wasn't eating. Tevye noticed it too.

"Child what's wrong," Golde asked, "You haven't touched your dinner"

"Momma I can't eat it," Hodel said, "I had ice cream for a snack not 15 minutes ago"

Golde grinned.

"Girls," Tevye said, "Take a look at your sister here. She had a chance to decide not to tell about her earlier snack and eat dinner with the rest of us but she decided to be honest and let us know there was a problem. That is the mark of character. We'll put dinner off 20 minutes and then we will eat together as a family"

From henceforth Hodel was known as THE HONEST DAUGHTER and she lived up to her name.