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Previously In Ice Princess

Kagome looked at Inuyasha. She could tell he was pissed at something. He showed her the messages from her ex.

"Oh it is so on. Better bring you're a-game Kouga Ookami. You're gunna eat our ice." Kagome texted Kaede to meet them at the rink in twenty minutes. "Come on let's go."

Chapter 4 Go Figure

"You sure you're gunna be alright in just a brace," Inuyasha asked. He knew the answer by the look on her face, "Just tell me if you need to take a break alright."

They had already gone back to Kagome's house for her to change and to get her skates. As she laced them up for the first time since the accident, Kagome felt the weight of her world crash down on her shoulders.

"What if I fall again?" She asked. Her face read fear for the first time since her and Inuyasha had teamed up.

"You'll get up, dust yourself off, and keep going," Inuyasha said helping her to her feet. When her face still looked doubtful he added," Unless you want to give up now."

"No way. I can do it." Kagome said as she glided her way to the side of the rink with new determination. 'This is the moment of truth. I either do this now or turn and run.'Kagome was seriously considering the latter when the image of her father popped into her head. 'Don't give up Kagome'he seemed to say and with that she stepped onto the ice.

Inuyasha moved to her side as she pushed off with her left leg, leaving her weight on her right leg. She wobbled for a second then looked up at him, shaking her head.

"No let me do this on my own," She continued towards the center of the rink. Kagome reached the center and placed the headphones buds in her ears. Inuyasha stood on the side of the rink and waited.

Kagome began scrolling through her music selections. She stopped when she found her target.

Whoa, whoa

Kagome's head snapped up as the music flowed through her. She turned towards Inuyasha and began her old routine.

Just when you learned the game of life
All the rules change overnight
Whoa, whoa go figure

She took off instantly into a double axel. She landed in perfect attitude, a smile on her face. She kept going.

It seems so wrong to even try
But taking a chance never felt so right
Whoa, whoa go figure

A Beilman spin followed beautifully executed. Kagome beamed with excitement. Inuyasha stood in awe.

You have a dream
You wanna be
The center of the story
Just when you think it's gone
You find a way to keep it going on

Kagome seemed at ease in her routine, as if being back on the ice had made her herself again. It was as if her soul was at peace.

Sometimes you fall before you fly
Sometimes you laugh when you should cry
Go figure

Kagome took off into a butterfly jump and before she knew what had happened she was lying on her back. Gasping for breath she pushed herself up.

When things got messed up
You wanted to give up

"You alright," Inuyasha shouted. She nodded and got back up. Inuyasha hesitated before skating towards her.

"I'm fine. Now stay there," she said easing back into a spread eagle. She took a breath as she attempted the butterfly jump again.

Nothing seemed right but turned out fine
Go figure, go figure
Whoa, whoa

She came down gracefully and pulled her body into a bracket turn.

It's so dangerous to play it safe
You get what you want by giving it away
Whoa, whoa go figure
Go figure

Kagome leaped into a triple lutz. She came down and landed perfectly. Before she could transition into her next move, Inuyasha stepped into her line of vision.

"So you can skate Higurashi, now let's see how you do with a partner," he said as she gasped for breath.

"Yes Kagome let's get back to work," Kaede said as she entered the arena.


"UGH! I have never been so exhausted in my life!" Kagome collapsed into the passenger seat of Inuyasha's car. He chuckled.

"You know it'll get worse before it gets better right?" Inuyasha said. He fastened his seatbelt.

"Yes I'm aware of that Takahashi. That doesn't make it hurt any less." Kagome said rolling her eyes. The day at the rink had been hard on her body, but she had missed this pain. It reminded her that she was taking the road less traveled as her father would have said.

Just then her phone chose to go off.

"Seriously Kagome? We R Who We R?" He asked without looking at her.

"Don't act surprised, for God's sake your ringtone is We the Kings," she said reading the text. Then she dialed.

With his demonic hearing Inuyasha knew it only took half a ring for the person on the other end to pick up.

"What is going on down there Sango?" Kagome asked exhaustion leaking into her voice. She paused as Sango Whispered into her phone. 'Must still be at work' Inuyasha thought.

"He said what?" Kagome practically yelled through the phone.

Inuyasha heard Sango's response this time, "he called you a backstabbing slut and said he's gunna beat your ass into the ice at qualifiers"

"And is he still there," Nothing came through the line, "Sango is Kouga still there?"

"Yes…" Sango quietly admitted.

Kagome slammed her phone shut. "Inuyasha take me to the mall. NOW,"

In all the years Inuyasha had been watching Kagome from the Kiss and Cry, he had never seen her this mad. Mad didn't even seem to cover it. Enraged seemed to be a better fit. All this time he'd thought of her as this sweet, innocent, little skater. A girl who had always relied on her friends to help her through things.

This was not the Kagome he'd been rivals with for years in the rink. And right now, he was glad he wasn't rivals with this version of her, though he wasn't sure she knew that.

"Kagome breathe, breathing is good remember?" Inuyasha tried to calm her down. When all he got back was a glare, he reached over and grabbed her shaking hand. She looked over at him and gave a weak smile.

"Inuyasha," she cooed sweetley, "Drive. NOW!" Kagome barked as she gripped his hand as hard as she could, which surpiringly hard considering she was a human.

They reached the mall and Kagome didn't even give Inuyasha the chance to ask where Kouga was. She stormed off into the food court right over to Subway. When none of his posse realized that the subject of their insults and rants was standing behind them she made herself known.

"KOUGA OOKAMI! YOU ARE IN SO MUCH FREAKING SHIT!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. The entire crowd froze, including Sango who was trying to close up at work.

"Oh look, it's the slut herself." Kouga said grinning ear to ear.

"So I'm the slut when you're the one with a call girl waiting for you at all hours of the night," Kagome glanced slightly to the left, "Oh wait she's right beside you isn't she. She's even dressed like a hooker," Kagome said in a cocky tone that impressed Inuyasha. He'd spent a lot of time with Kagome over the last few weeks and this was so out of character.

"How about if you have something to say, say it to my face bitch," Kikyou said gliding over to Kagome.

"How about the next time you try and steal someone's man, how about you ask. Because trust me you could have had him. Between you and me he's not worth even your time," the smug grin never left Kagome's face as she moved to make her exit.

But as she did, Kikyou grabbed her hair and yanked her back.

"What are you trying to say skank," she said, venom seeping through her teeth.

"That even you're time is worth more than that sleazy asshole," Kagome said straight faced and calm.

Kikyou snapped. She threw a punch at Kagome's face.