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The desire to be popular and to be the one at the top of the social food chain never interested Mashiro Rima. And she wasn't, thank goodness.

Rima sighed to herself: Amu was late. Again. This was the third time this week her easily flustered best friend was late to school. Didn't she know that the teacher would throw another fit? Rima didn't really want to hear the teacher's whiny voice complaining on an on about how she should make sure she gets to school on time.

Just before Rima was about to drop the thought from her head, her pink-haired friend rushed through the door and into her seat. The teacher, as expected, told Amu to be to school on time and to stop being late. Amu nodded her head and leaned back in her seat.

Sorry, Amu mouthed to Rima. Rima gave a smile and turned her attention back to the teacher. _

"Why were you late Amu?" Rima asked after class. Amu looked down at her petite friend – she hadn't grown much since elementary – and gave an embarrassed smile.

"I overslept."

"You know, hanging out with them doesn't mean you have to stay out to late hours of the night," Rima reprimanded. Amu nodded and hugged her friend.

"I know, I know! They're just so cool! Rima, you should hang out with us."

"I'll pass on that one. Thanks anyways." The two girls walked into the cafeteria and headed to their usual table. Amu wore her classic 'Cool N'Spicy' façade, Rima wearing her expression of boredom. Her blonde wavy locks moved gracefully as she sat down and sighed once more. The cafeteria was buzzing with laughter and talking. Amu was scanning the place to look for them.

Rima still didn't understand why Amu wanted to be popular. Wouldn't she rather enjoy just being herself, or was that boring? Rima felt that she couldn't understand her anymore; that made her sad. The social food chain was a real bitch if you thought about it. Rima has been doing plenty of thinking about it. In fact, in her journal was an entry dedicated to the reconstruction of the social food chain, in Rima's order. Her social food chain was a gigantic circle with all of the 'species' of students written in it with no particular order. This way, everyone can just be themselves without having to go to the extremes to fit into their 'class'.

However, that just wasn't going to happen. Not with the popular students running the school with their jewel-encrusted fists. It sickened Rima to think that Amu wanted and had become apart of those fakers. It upset her to know that her friend changed to become someone she's not. And Amu was always the one stressing that Rima should just be herself in elementary and middle school. What happened to her in high school?

"Rima!" Amu shouted. Rima blinked and stared at her pink-haired friend.

"Why are you yelling?"

"Come on," Amu said and grabbed Rima's wrist. Amu dragged her over to a table in the center of the cafeteria, where the popular students sat everyday. Rima would rather pull her hair out of her head and set her scalp on fire than sit with those posers. She pulled against Amu, earning a concerned look from her.

"I'll sit by myself today. I'm not sitting with them."

"Please, Rima? I want you there," Amu whined. Rima rolled her eyes and glared at her.

"Only for today."

"Thank you!" Amu and Rima continued to the table. Once there, the two sat in two empty spaces on the benches. Amu casually started talking to them and Rima stared at them.

Souma Kukai, leader of the soccer team, and a desired boy amongst the desperate girls in the school. He was dating Tsukiyomi Utau, the school's most talented singer, and a desired girl amongst the boys. She even had a recording contract thanks to her gifted voice.

There was Tsukiyomi Ikuto, Utau's older brother, the school's orchestra leader, and Amu's crush. He played the violin beautifully, but Rima didn't fawn and faint over it like the other girls. He was 'going steady' with Yamabuuki Saaya, cheerleader captain, and a real pain in Rima's ass. She didn't see why he would even go steady with a girl like Saaya: she was pretty desperate, if you know what she's talking about.

Hotori Tadase was the student council president and every girl's dream guy. Sweet, handsome, and a real gentleman, every girl should want him, right? Wrong. Rima found him to be just too perfect. She was sure he was flawed somewhere. He liked Amu, but Amu had turned him down on a count that she liked someone else.

Sanjou Kairi, vice president of the student council, was dating Yuuki Yaya, the Prima of the ballet dancers. It was odd, considering he was a bit more mature than her and she was still immature for her age. However, they've been dating since ninth grade, so it didn't really matter to Rima.

And then there was Fujisaki Nagihiko.

Rima sat directly across from him. He was casually talking with the others and joking around. He was another one the girls in the school lusted after. She didn't see why though. He looked way too perfect to be trusted. All of them did, including Amu. With long purple locks and shimmering orange eyes, he was the peak of perfection in the eyes of those desperate girls. He was the captain of the basketball club and had led the team in three tournament wins. He was like the school's big brother: helpful, but firm when it was needed.

She couldn't see why anyone would look up to these people. They weren't gods. They were human, vulnerable, and oh so flawed. They just hid it behind money, looks, and a personality so bright, no one could resist their charm. Rima figured they wanted to change themselves so no one would see their true personalities: nasty, bitter, and jealous, as all normal teenagers truly are.

Amu tapped Rima's shoulder. Rima looked at her friend with an expression that showed Amu that Rima really didn't want to be there. Amu smiled at her and went back to talking.

"This is my best friend, Mashiro Rima," Amu introduced. Rima could've killed Amu for giving them her name, but she ignored that thought and gave them a small wave.

"Hi," Rima said, utterly bored to death.

"Mashiro…Rima. Where have I heard that name before?" Nagihiko asked aloud. Rima rolled her eyes.

"We have art class together."

"Ah, right. You're so quiet though, I sometimes forget we even have that class together," Nagihiko admitted. He rubbed the back of his head and gave a nervous laugh. Everyone else chuckled at his reaction, except Rima.

"I don't see what's funny about that," she said to herself.

"So, Rima-tan, you're Amu-chi's friend? That's cool! Amu-chi is so cool!" Yaya squealed. Did she just call me Rima-tan?

"Umm…yeah, I guess." Rima didn't really know what to say to these people. She didn't really want to be here or talk to them. She'd rather be sitting at her usual table with Amu.

"Hey Rima, we're going to the mall afterschool today," Amu started, "and I wanted to know if you'd come with us."

"I don't think I will. I've got things to do afterschool." That was a lie. Rima would get all of her homework done on her way home and would probably just chill at home. It was much better than hanging with them. Amu frowned.

"Oh. Maybe some other time then."

"Maybe…" Rima stood from the table and grabbed her bag. Amu looked at her with her wide golden eyes.

"W-Where are you going?" Amu shouted.

"The bell's about to ring." The loud humming noise known as the bell echoed through the cafeteria. Rima smiled – saved by the bell – and waved goodbyes to Amu. Before her friend could reply, Rima was already heading to the exit to the cafeteria.

School had ended on a pretty good note. Rima had aced her pop quiz in chemistry, she had gotten an A on her art project, and she had a substitute for her last period English class. A smile graced her pink lips.

Rima walked out of the school and through the school's parking lot. The parking lot was filled with motorcycles, bikes, and luxury cars. The students were pretty rich, including Rima, but she never flaunted her money in front of others. That would just be pretty vain of her, and Rima wasn't vain.

"Rima!" It was Amu. Wasn't she going shopping with her new friends? Rima turned around to see her running towards her. Amu stopped to catch her breath. "I told them I would catch up to you."

"I guess you were right, Amu-chan," Nagihiko started, "you did catch up to her."

"What is it?" Rima asked Amu. She was pretty annoyed now. Her perfect afterschool mood was slowly crumbling at the time that was being wasted.

"Are you sure you cant change your mind? I really want you to come."

"I'm sorry, but I can't."

"Can't you reschedule whatever you're doing? Please Rima? I really want you hang out with me."

"Another time, Amu, I promise," Rima said. She tried to swallow the annoyance and the smart remarks that desperately wanted to escape her lips.

"Okay, fine. Another time then," Amu said, a little annoyed. Rima sighed to herself and put her hand on her friend's shoulder. Amu looked at her.

"Another time, I promise. We'll do anything you want." Amu smiled, hugged her friend, and went off with all of them.

"That was a nice thing you did Mashiro-san," Nagihiko said from behind Rima. Rima rolled her eyes and started walking.

"Don't tell me what I already know."

"You seem upset. Are you okay?"

"I was, until she dragged me to sit with you posers," Rima blurted out. And for the most part, she didn't really care. All she wanted to do was go home and have a peaceful afternoon. Her mood was trashed now, thanks to them.

"Posers? You think we're posers?" Nagihiko asked, a little offended by her words. Rima nodded and exited the parking lot. She headed to her left up a hill so she could go to the train station. Nagihiko watched her petite figure walk away until he couldn't see her anymore. Rude echoed throughout his head.

"Nagi? Are you okay?" asked a concerned Yaya. Nagihiko smiled at her and nodded.

"I'm okay. I'm just thinking is all."

"Okay! Well, let's get going to the mall! The sales end today and Yaya is pumped!"

Rima chuckled to herself. Her new gag manga had finally arrived and was absolutely funny. Rima was wearing a simply at home outfit: an old white t-shirt and maroon sweatpants. Her hair was up in a high ponytail and tied with a black ribbon. A bowl of popcorn sat next to her chest as she laughed and giggled at the jokes in her book.

Just as Rima was about to reach for another handful of popcorn, her cell phone buzzed: a new text. She groaned and reached for that instead. Rima sat up as she opened the next text. It was from Amu.

I wish you were here.

Rima smiled and wrote back a simple apology. She shut her phone and went back to reading. Her phone buzzed again. Rima opened it.

Amu-chan really misses you. Btw, this is Fujisaki. Rima groaned even louder.

Get off Amu's phone and stop texting me. I'm busy right now. Rima put her phone back down. Before she could even reach for her manga, her phone buzzed again. She picked it up and glared daggers at the screen.

Say please. Rima shut her phone without replying and went back to reading. She ignored the buzzing of her phone and managed to have a decent afternoon, despite the fact that the purple-headed boy and Amu were texting her repeatedly. She just wanted to enjoy her afternoon.

Rima sighed and closed her finished gag manga. What an odd ending, she thought. Rima then reached for her journal and her favorite pen decorated in clown hats. She opened her journal to a clean sheet and began to write.

October 21st


My Room


Everyone is just trying to annoy me. I hate it. First, Amu drags me over to their table and all they do is talk about their money and this stupid costume party their planning on throwing. Secondly, that Fujisaki guy starts talking to me like I know him or something. That really pissed me off because even though we have the same art class, we're in the second month of school, and we're in our junior year, he's just learning my name and is just starting to talk to me. Is he really that stupid?

Lastly, what got me really irritated is that he used Amu's phone to tell me that she misses me and stuff like that. I know she misses me, but she's their friend. He has no right to tell me to say please or anything. I don't even know him.

Sigh~ Amu means well. She's a good friend. But lately, she's been changing into those posers. And when I called him a poser, he got so offended. I don't understand why though. He is; the evidence is there. He's perfect. And nothing on this planet, ESPECIALLY HUMANS, is perfect.

I'm going to take a long bubble bath. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Good night.

Love, Rima

Rima closed her journal and stood. She grabbed a towel, her hair wrap, clean underwear, and her pajamas. She headed to her bathroom – a large cream colored room with a gigantic tub in the center – and stripped. She turned on the hot water and added her sweet cream scented bubble bath. The water stopped running. She stepped in slowly and sat in slowly to allow the heat of the water to consume her. It was wonderful.

Even if her entire day totally sucked, this was the best part of it yet.

The next day arrived too quickly. Rima dressed in the usual uniform – a white shirt, black tie, white and black skirt, and black knee high socks – and put a baby blue bow in her hair. She smiled at herself, grabbed her cell phone, and ran out of her house before her argumentative parents woke up. Today, she had her personal driver take her to school. While on the way to school, Rima ate two pieces of toast.

"We're here, Mashiro-sama," her driver said in his monotonous tone. Rima smiled.

"You can call me Rima-chan or Rima if you want. We've known each other since sixth grade."

"Alright…Rima-chan," the driver replied. Rima opened the door and stepped out. She closed the door and walked onto the school grounds.

"Rima!" Rima turned around and smiled brightly when she saw Amu running up to her by herself. Her bubblegum hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, held with a black X clip. Her uniform was modified a little too: the tie had a red X sewn into it, she had a red armband sewn onto the left arm of her shirt, and two chains were wrapped around her skirt. She wore black and white plaid legwarmers and black heels.

Still the same Amu, thought Rima. Amu hugged her friend and smiled at her. Rima smiled back.

"Good morning Rima," Amu replied happily.

"Good morning. Why are you so happy?" Rima asked as they entered the building. Amu gave a shy smile before reaching into her schoolbag and pulling out a little gift bag. She handed it to Rima. Rima took it and opened it.

"It's an apology gift. I didn't mean to annoy you like that last night."

"It's okay…" Rima opened the gift bag and smiled. It was a new pair of earrings Rima was dying for. They were small crystals. Rima smiled at Amu and hugged her again. "They're really pretty. Thank you."

"Hey, can we hang out afterschool today?" Rima frowned.

"Are they coming?"

"No. It's just us." She smiled again.

"Okay, sure."

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