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Chapter 1

*BAM* The silver hair male watched as the door to his office was slamed shut. He then turned his attention to only other person left in the room, his son's manager and one of my oldest friends.

" Mister InuTaisho...Sir don't you think you are going a little over board with this? I mean he is Japan's highest grossing actor not to mention your son," stated the short old man sitting across from him.

"Myouga, I may be getting older but I know who my son is... And so what if he is the highest grossing actor. He works for my company only. So, all the more reason for him to do this." I stated. 'I know very well who my son is... and I know he needs this.' I thought.

" But sir... did you really need to ban him from making any movies until this one is finished... I mean sir, really? Why must he know the meaning of love? I don't see the point. He can play love well enough, so why doe..." Myouga said nervously.

"ENOUGH! What I said is final... The boy must find the meaning of love. Myouga it is like you said. He can play the romance parts well enough to get by but he of all people should excel in this department. He can not do this if he does not know love... I must be honest my old friend. That is just part of the reason," I said as I ran my hand down my face. " The boy is twenty-five years old and he has never been in a actual relationship much less love... I would like to have grandkids sometime soon and at the rate he and his brother are going I will never see them." I told Myouga.

" I understand but his personality is not the most charming... I mean sure he can be when need be but he is cold as ice to anyone when it doesn't involve work. He doesn't trust people enough to let them in past the ice that covers his heart... No offence, Taisho." he tried to expalin to me.

" I know very well how my son is but this will be good for him and the movie if he can let someone into his heart to show him how to feel... Now you are dismissed so you can go do damage control with Sesshomaru." I told him.

He got up and shook my hand before heading out of my office. I chuckled to myself as I thouhght, ' I don't think I have ever seen Myouga walk so slow...Although I would be to if I had to go face the wrath of my son. The next coule of months should be quite interesting.'

Okay I know it is not much but I thought this would be a good place to leave off. Sesshomaru will be in the next chapter. So drop me a line and tell me what you think. I will try to up date soon and thanks for reading ^_^