The Search

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Chapter 1

16 year old Dani exited the Casper High School building along with thousands of other teens. Dani had let her black hair grow to the middle of her back and held her bangs back with a black headband. Dani wore a black T-shirt with long light blue sleeves under it with blue jeans and black and blue tennis shoes. Her eyes would switch from blue to violet depending on what she was wearing, today her eyes were violet, "Dani!" two voices called.

Dani turned and saw her two best friends Tina and Andrew, Andy for short. Dani smiled, "Hey guys," Dani said.

Tina had blonde hair that was tied into a ponytail and held with a green hair bow. She had brown eyes and wore a light green T-shirt with blue jeans and her green and yellow tennis shoes. Andrew had brown hair and dark green eyes. He wore a red T-shirt with blue jeans and red and white tennis shoes like her dad. The three friends started walking down the sidewalk towards their houses, "So Dani how's your family?" Tina asked.

"Fine," Dani said, "Why?"

"Just trying to make conversation," Tina said.

Dani smiled, "Then why don't go make out with Andrew?" Dani said.

"Dani!" Tina and Andrew said in unison causing them to blush.

"Seriously guys," Dani said, "You're just like my parents two years ago."

"Don't make me start calling you Danielle the clone again," Tina said.

Dani glared at her, "Call me Danielle again and I'll overshadow you," Dani said.

Danny and Sam have allowed Tina and Andrew to know their secrets because they didn't want Dani to get into too much trouble in school when a ghost attacked near the school, and so she wouldn't go crazy, "Okay, okay, sorry," Tina said.

Dani smiled in victory, "That goes double for you too lover boy," Dani said.

"Would you stop it!" Tina and Andrew said in unison making them blush again.

"As soon as you to get together," Dani said.

"That's it!" Tina said stopping making Dani and Andrew stop too, "You think that me and Andrew like each other right?"

"No," Dani said, "I think you guys love each other, big difference."

"Well we don't," Tina said, "And I can prove it."

"Tina what are you-mm" Andrew was cut off when Tina pulled him down so that his lips met hers.

Andrew's eyes were wide and Tina had a serious face on, '3, 2, 1,' Dani counted in her head.

Suddenly both Andrew and Tina relaxed into each other. Andrew wrapped his hands around her and Tina wrapped her arms around his neck, "Yeah, nothing's going on between you two at all," Dani said, but they ignored her, "See you later," Dani said knowing very well they didn't hear her.

"Now if only finding this Prince Clockwork keeps talking about were that easy," Dani said to herself as she entered Fenton Works, "Mom, Dad, I'm home!" Dani yelled dropping her book bag on the floor.

"Mom?" Dani said looking in the lab, "Dad!" Dani checked the kitchen.

Dani passed a picture of her parents and her Aunt Jazz, and Uncle Tucker's double wedding and smiled, but then went upstairs, "Aunt Jazz?" Dani called, "Uncle Tucker!" Dani checked their room.

Dani went into her parents' room and found it empty, "Grandma!" Dani called going into her grandparents' room, "Grandpa!" Dani found nobody.

"Maybe they're with Clockwork," Dani said.

Dani went down to the lab and transformed into her ghost form. Her hair was now white and her eyes were now an emerald green. She wore a black short sleeve shirt with white long sleeves underneath and black and white pants with white shoes. Dani entered the Ghost Zone and made a bee line for Clockworks.

Dani arrived at Clockwork's Tower and found it in ruins, "Oh no," Dani whispered, "Clockwork!" Dani yelled.

Dani looked all over for Clockwork and couldn't find him, "Where could have happ-ow!" Dani said when she ran into a bookcase.

A beaten up Fenton Thermos fell to the ground with the top not far behind, "Oh, my, word," Dani said picking up the opened thermos, "Dan, but how'd he…" Dani trailed off when Clockwork's Time Screen started to play.

Dani went up to it and started to watch. Vlad burst into Clockwork's Tower sending Clockwork flying backwards, "What do you want Vlad?" Clockwork asks.

The smoke clears more and you see, "Pariah!" Clockwork said in shock.

"Yes, it's me," Pariah said.

Pariah pulled something into view and saw a glowing bubble holding Danny, Sam, Jazz, Tucker, Maddie, and Jack inside, "No!" Dani yells.

Clockwork is surprised by this, but doesn't last long because Pariah soon grabs him and throws him inside the bubble as well, "So where's this third teammate you told me about," Pariah asks.

Vlad laughs and goes up to a bookcase and grabs a beaten up Fenton Thermos, "No!" everyone in the bubble yells.

Vlad removes the top releasing Dan. Dan laughs a looks at Vlad, "What do you want?" Dan asks.

"I have a deal for you Dan," Vlad says.

Dan looks at Pariah then the captives in the bubble and smiles, "I'm listening," Dan said.

"Come with me to my mansion and will talk," Vlad said and they all fly away.

"No, this can't be happening," Dani said as tears fall down her cheek, "But I'm not going to sit here and do nothing."

Dani flies out of Clockwork's Tower and heads back home at top speed, 'I have to save them and I will if it's the last thing I do,' Dani thought as she flew towards the Fenton Portal.

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