Chapter 8

Dani slowly opened her and looked around. Dani saw that she was just outside Clockwork's Tower, 'Great,' Dani thought as she sat up, 'Guess David left me.'

Suddenly, Dani spotted something in the corner of her eye. She turned and saw David sitting on a rock looking out into the Ghost Zone. Dani gulps and slowly walks up to him. David turns when he heard something and smiled when he saw Dani, "You okay?" David asked.

Dani nodded, "Yeah I'm fine," Dani said, "Are you mad?"

David had confusion on his face, but then turned into realization, "Oh!" David said and shook his head, "I can understand why you didn't tell me and besides it was your secret not mine."

Dani smiled and hugged him. David was caught off guard and almost fell over, but hugged her back, "Come on," David said when they broke apart, "Lead the way to Vlad's place."

Dani nodded and transformed and flew off with David. They arrived at Vlad's portal which was 'hidden', "Really?" David asked.

"Okay," Dani said, "Even I didn't know about this."

Dani and David removed the football and entered the portal. The minute they enter the lab they hear clapping. They turn and see Vlad in ghost form clapping and smiling, "Very good Danielle," Vlad said, "You're just like your father-in more ways than one."

Dani growled, "Where's my family fruitloop," Dani said angrily.

Vlad laughed and clapped his hands three times causing the lights to come on in two places showing Danny, Clockwork, Sam in ghost proof chains and Maddie, Jack, Jazz, and Tucker in a cage. Dani growled and David put a calming hand on her shoulder. Vlad smiled, "How about we make a deal Danielle," Vlad said, "I'll let your little friend help you seeing how you seem to be weak."

Dani looked at Vlad suspiciously, "Why?" Dani asked, "What do you get out of it?"

Vlad chuckled, "I get a challenge of course," Vlad said.

Dani looked at David who nodded, "Fine," Dani said, but once you're defeated I get to free my family."

Vlad nodded, "Of course."

David held on to Dani's book bag and flew up with her and Vlad. Vlad charged up his pink ecto blasts and Dani and David charged up their ice powers. Vlad was the first to fire and Dani and David dodged, but barely. Dani fired her ecto blasts and David his fire ones. Vlad dodges them easily and laughs. Dani looks at David and they agree on the same thing. They both charge up their ice blast and fire at Vlad freezing him for the time being. Dani looks at David again, "David look in my bag and grab the belt thing," Dani said.

"Uh," David said and looks in the bag and found the belt and grabbed it, "Ow!" David yelled, but managed to give the belt to Dani.

"Sorry," Dani said, "Forgot that it shocked other ghosts."

"It's okay," David said.

Suddenly, Vlad broke free of his ice prison and Dani and David had to shield their faces. Dani flies up to Vlad, but Vlad is angry and knocks Dani into a wall, "Dani!" David yells.

David charges up a mix of his fire and ice blasts and knocks Vlad into his computer causing a Maddie hologram to appear and asks him what he wants. This causes Danny, Sam, Jazz, Tucker, and Clockwork to gag, and Maddie to literally throw up. David flies over to Dani, "Are you okay?" David asks.

"Yeah," Dani said getting up, "I need you to distract him."

David nodded and looked at Vlad, who was still a little dazed. David fires his fire blasts at Vlad causing him to chase after the boy. While David had Vlad chasing him Dani carried the Specter Deflector and snuck up behind him. Dani finally gets close enough that she puts the Deflector on him causing him to scream in pain and turn human. Dani and David then freeze him so he wouldn't cause trouble for a while. Dani then went over to her parents and Clockwork and freed them while David freed Jack, Maddie, Jazz, and Tucker. Danny and Sam grabbed Dani and held her close.

Danny, Sam, and Dani went up to David smiling, "Thank you for helping Dani," Sam said.

"No problem," David said, "I couldn't just leave her, she had trouble with Skulker."

"I did not!" Dani said, "He just surprised me is all."

"Right…" David said, "Well better get going," David said and started heading for the portal with Clockwork.

"Wait," Dani said causing both David and Clockwork to turn, "You can come through the Fenton Portal anytime to visit."

David smile, "Sure," David said and entered the portal with Clockwork.

"Nice boy," Tucker said.

"Yeah," Jazz said and snuggled into her husband.

"I have to agree with you on that one," Danny said.

Dani smiled, "Can we go home now?" Dani asked.

"Yeah," Danny said, "Who knows how many ghosts got loose."

"Don't worry I left Tina and Andrew to take care of them," Dani said.

"Say What!" everyone said in unison.

"Relax," Dani said, "I'm not stupid I sent them to Valerie for help and to make sure she didn't kill any of them."

Everyone sighed in relief. Danny and Sam transformed and Danny carried Jack, Sam carried Tucker and Jazz, and Dani carried Maddie and they flew home.

With David and Clockwork…

David and Clockwork entered the Ghost Zone and David noticed Clockwork smiling at him, "What?" David asked confused.

Clockwork just smiled, "Make sure you visit Dani as many times as you can," Clockwork said, "And follow your heart," and with that said Clockwork disappeared.

David smiled, "You're the time master," David said even though he knew he wasn't there, "You should know that those are the same thing."

A/N So that's the end of this story, but there will be a sequel to this sequel this time with David and Danny. So now we know that David likes Dani what'll happen in the third story? If you want to do this story from David's point of view have at it, but let me know and make sure you remember that I own this plot and David, but not Danny Phantom or its characters.