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Chapter One

"Wow! Look at all the snow!" Mana jumped out of the crowded car, immediately leaping into a snow pile. "Snow snow snow!"

The other people from the car came out, smiling, or what passed what for smiles, at the girl. Atemu watched her every move while Seto helped Kisara out of the car. Duke got out of the driver's seat as Joey, Tristan, and Mai sat down on the trunk.

"Aren't you cold?" Atemu asked the girl as she jumped around repeatedly, falling into the snow.

"Nope! Kisara, come on!" Mana grabbed her best friend and started to spin in circles. "It's snow! So much fun!"

Kisara laughed as another car came up. "Looks like more people are coming."

Mana squealed loudly as the others got out of their car. "Yugi! Tea! Leon! Rebecca! Miho! You're here!"

"Hello Mana," Leon said as Rebecca hugged Yugi, much to Tea's dislike. Miho hopped over to the other excitable girl and laughed.

"Miho's excited! Miho's never been around snow!" Miho started to pat the snow together.

"Snow's cold!" Mana giggled, completely contradicting the fact that she'd already said she wasn't cold. "But so much fun!"

Kisara smiled at her friends and then turned to Seto. "Do you like snow Seto?"

"Prefer the sun." Kisara's face fell as Seto glowered at the loud girls.

"Seto, stop being so grouchy!" Mana pouted playfully.

"Yeah!" Rebecca glared at Seto. "Hey, look, the others!" She went from angry to being overly happy. "Hi!"

"Why the hell did they need to get into another car anyways?" Joey asked, grouchy for some reason. "There was plenty of room in the other car."

"Because Marik had the idea that he was going to be alone with Amane," Bakura replied, hearing the question. "Idiot."

"I can be trusted with your beloved little sister," Marik protested, ignoring Bakura's glare.

"No. You. Can't." Bakura looked about ready to murder Marik as Amane went to Miho shyly.

"Hello everyone. Was the ride okay?" Ryou asked the rest of the group.

"Yep!" Everyone smiled at the quiet, more calm of the Bakura brothers. Leon's smile faded a bit when he saw how Rebecca looked at Ryou.

"Amane! Spin with us!" Mana had grabbed Kisara and Miho's hands, and they were waiting for Amane to join in.

"I wanna join!" Rebecca cried out, running over, dragging Leon with her. "Leon too!"

"Huh?" Leon asked, looking at the girl he called his best friend.

"You want to spin, don't you?" Rebecca looked in the boy's eyes, almost with a puppy-dog gaze, and Leon gave in and joined the circle.

"Mai, you too! Tea, don't hide with Yugi! Join us!" Mana yelled.

"Miho wants to spin!" Miho giggled and spun under Amane's arm.

"I'll stay here," Mai replied, sitting against Joey.

"I'm getting the door unlocked," Tea smiled, holding the key. "Maybe later."

"Okay! Let's spin then!" Miho completed the circle by taking Rebecca's hand, and the group began to sing Christmas songs and spin repeatedly.

After a few minutes, they let go, feeling completely dizzy. "Whoa!" Mana stumbled, and nearly fell laughing hysterically.

"Miho dizzy!" Miho tripped over herself, and fell right into Ryou, who held the girl up gently. "Thank you!"

Ryou was bright red, and looking anywhere but at the girl. "No problem…" Bakura snickered behind his back, just as Mana fell into him.

"Why, hello Mana," Bakura said, overly cordial. "Did you want to hold me that badly?"

Atemu grabbed the girl from him before she could reply, glaring at the boy. Bakura smirked back at him.

Kisara was stumbling alone, and then fell into the snow in front of Seto, giggling a little. She looked up from the ground to see Seto looking at her. "Hello. You're really tall, you know that?" She was feeling silly from the spinning, part of Mana's influence.

Seto didn't reply, only reached a hand down to help the girl up. Kisara gratefully accepted the help, and smiled gently at the boy once she was standing. Still dizzy though, she wobbled a little bit.

"Are you alright?" Seto held the girl's arm, gently closing his hand over it.

"I'm okay!" Kisara was blushing a little, and smiled at Seto. "Really! I'm more worried about the others. They spun more than I did."

Rebecca waved from her spot on the ground, lying in the snow, dizzy beyond belief. Leon was next to her, still holding her hand, too dizzy to be embarrassed by the fact she didn't let him go.

Amane was trying to stay up valiantly, when Marik came up behind her and held her waist to stand her up.

"You can hold onto me," Marik offered, smirking at the obviously nervous girl.

"Um… well… I…" Bakura's 'Marik-bothering-Amane' radar kicked in and he appeared behind them. Grabbing Marik off the girl, he stepped between them and helped his dizzy sister to get to the front door.

"Amane, I don't want you to be alone with Marik, do you understand?" Bakura told his sister sternly. "He's nothing but trouble."


"Hey, I'm not that bad!" Marik protested.

Bakura sent Marik a glare that obviously meant Bakura thought he was that bad.

"Door's unlocked everyone!" Tea called, waving from a window. "Come on!"

"Coming!" Mana's dizziness immediately disappeared, and she dashed away from Atemu, running towards the ski lodge.

"Wait for Miho!" Miho ran after her, leaving a disappointed Ryou behind.

They all clambered inside and by the time everyone was inside, Mana had already disappeared with Miho. They could hear the pair running around upstairs, exploring all the rooms they could find.

"Mana, Miho, wait for us before you find rooms!" Tea called up the stairs.

"I like this one! Kisara, come on, we're sharing this one!" Mana shouted eagerly.

"Guess she's already found one," Yugi said quietly.

"Hey mutt, go get the bags," Seto ordered as Kisara climbed the stairs to find her friend.

"What? Don't order me around you rich pansy, or I'll…"

"Joey, go get the bags," Mai ordered. "I want my things unpacked."

"Yes ma'am!" Joey ran back into the snow and ran to get the bags from all the cars. Duke and Tristan snickered behind his back as he came back carrying at least six different bags.

The ski lodge was empty except for them, thanks to Grandpa, Mr. Hawkins, and Siegfried. They'd looked around for a good vacationing area, but no one had agreed on anything. The three of the adults wanted to go to a hot sunny beach, while the kids wanted to go skiing and go somewhere cold.

So Siegfried decided they were all splitting up and they'd leave their crazy, card-game playing hormonal teenagers, or pre-teen teenagers, alone in a ski lodge with no adult supervision except for Mai, who was involved with one of the hormonal teenage boys. Real smart.

But, no one really cared that much. No adults, holiday season, snow, and a ski lodge all to themselves… why ruin it with common sense was the thought running through all their heads.

Of course, Seto had left his kid brother at home, absolutely refusing to let the open-mouthed little boy come after he had nearly told Kisara something Seto did not want her hearing. She had been confused, but they had all stopped trying to explain when Seto sent them all death glares.

Once Joey delivered the bags inside, the rooming was announced. Mana had already gotten Kisara, and Miho grabbed Amane and dragged her off. Mai and Tea tentatively agreed to share together. Serenity and Rebecca got the last room chosen for them. Bakura and Marik were together, probably because Bakura did not want Marik sneaking out to Amane's room at night. The two brothers, Atemu and Yugi, volunteered to share. Duke and Tristan took the next room, and Ryou offered to share with Leon, the youngest boy. That left Seto and Joey, who looked about ready to kill themselves, or each other, at the thought.

Thankfully, the girls were very good at stopping these things before they started.

"I found a game room! Leon, let's go!" Rebecca dragged the boy to the game room eagerly, chattering about the many games she'd already found.

"There's the spa downstairs. Joey, get my things," Mai commanded, walking towards the spa as Joey followed her orders.

"Wait, I'll go too!" Tea called. "Yugi, you don't mind if we hang out later, do you?"

"Not at all…" Yugi looked a little crest-fallen, but didn't say anything else.

"Miho, Amane, Kisara, Serenity, let's go sledding!" Mana had her snow gear on already, and was holding a sled.

"Miho's ready!" Miho was pulling on a pair of boots eagerly, hopping on one foot.

"Um… I was going to…" Kisara started, looking at Seto, hoping for a way out.

"I'll be upstairs in my room," Seto dashed her hopes as he climbed back up the stairs.

"Well… I guess I'll go…" Kisara got her snow gear on as Amane got permission from Bakura.

"Atemu, what are you going to do?" Mana asked.

"Unpack…" Atemu replied.

"Okay! See you later!" Mana skipped out, followed by the rest of the girls.

"Ryou, unpack my stuff, will you?" Bakura asked, grabbing a jacket.

"Where are you going?" Ryou asked in return quietly, already resigned to the idea of unpacking for him.

"I'm going sledding," Bakura called, slipping out the front door.

"Yugi, you're sticking around too, right?" Atemu asked suddenly.

"Yeah… I'll unpack for you…"

"Thanks." Atemu dashed out after Bakura, pulling on his jacket as he went.

Yugi looked at Ryou. "Why do you think they always ask us to do their stuff for them?"

"Because you always say yes," Marik smirked at the two as he went up the stairs. "Think you could see the sledding area from the bedrooms?"

"Yes… You can see from Miho and Amane's room…" Ryou, the ever helpful one, said. "Why?"

"No reason." Marik had a devilish grin on his face. "See ya later."

Duke and Tristan had long disappeared. The two boys could see them fighting to stand next to Serenity as the large group walked. They were lucky Joey wasn't around, or they'd all be in trouble.

"Lets… just go unpack…" Yugi suggested as Ryou nodded.

() () () () () () ()

"That was fun!" Mana giggled as the large group barged back into the ski lodge. The snow outside was beginning to get heavier and painful, so they decided to call it a day.

"Miho enjoyed it!" Miho laughed, holding onto Tristan as she nearly fell. "Whoops!"

"I wish the others had come though," Kisara said quietly.

"We'll all go skiing tomorrow!" Mana promised. "We'll even drag Mr. Grouchy McGrouchy Pants outside with us!"

"Mr. Grouchy McGrouchy Pants?" Atemu repeated.

"Yeah!" Mana giggled. "Wait! I smell food!" She ran away towards the kitchen, calling for food.

"Did she mean Seto?" Tristan asked.

"I think so…"

"Brr…" Amane shivered, covered with snow, having fallen off the sled a few times.

"Cold?" Bakura immediately shrugged out of his jacket and put it on his sister.

"Well Bakura, you know the best way to warm someone up is bare skin to bare skin," Marik appeared on the stairs. "And Amane, I'm perfectly willing to warm you up…"

"I'm going to kill you!" Bakura charged up the stairs as Amane ran towards the kitchen, bright red.

"Oh, you're all back!" Ryou smiled, putting something into a pot. "I hope you don't mind soup for dinner."

"When you cook, it doesn't matter what we're eating!" Mana giggled. "It's all so yummy!"

"Really?" Ryou smiled. He liked to cook, and did it on a daily basis for Amane and Bakura, but compliments were always nice, even if when Mana gave them, it was accompanied by a glare from Atemu.

"Miho really likes it too! Miho was asked whose cooking she liked most, and Miho said either Ryou's or Mommy's!" Miho laughed as Ryou turned red and looked at the ground shyly.

"Soup? Smells good!" Tea complimented, coming out of the common room where Joey and Mai watched the two younger children play Mario Kart.

"There's some rolls in the oven too," Ryou said. "Yugi made them."

"Tell me they were prepackaged," Atemu said. "Don't say you gave him dough and told him to make them."

"They were store-bought, I just had to heat them," Yugi said quietly, entering the room. "I got the decks Tea."

"Yay! I'm sure the rolls will be great by the way," Tea replied, with an expectant glare at Atemu.

"Sure they'll be fine Yugi," Atemu muttered, looking down as Mana laughed happily.

"Hey Ryou… need a taste tester or two? Miho and I are willing!" Mana offered jokingly.

"Spoons are in the drawer over there."

"Really? Sweet!" Mana dove for the spoons with Miho. "Yummy!"

"Miho likes it!" Miho took another spoonful. "Hot!"

The group laughed at the girl's antics and Mana took another spoonful. "Hey Atemu, taste it!"

"I'm okay."

"Come on, taste!" Mana pleaded. "It's really good!" She pulled the puppy-dog eyes out, and Atemu couldn't resist. He reached for the spoon, but Mana had other plans. As he opened his mouth to speak, she placed the spoon in his mouth and giggled.

"See? Isn't it yummy?"

"It's… really good. Good job Ryou…" Atemu finished his spoonful and sat down at the table.

"Thank you… Dinner everyone!" Dinner was a loud mass of voices and shouts. You could understand a few things, like Joey yelling at Seto about being called a mutt, and Bakura threatening to castrate Marik if he ever thought about getting close to Amane. Or the occasional laugh from the girls when someone did something funny.

"That was delicious!" Kisara said, smiling at Ryou gently. "I really enjoyed it."

Seto glowered at Ryou, and Ryou thought twice about basking in glory.

"Um… be right back!" Ryou escaped the room, back into the kitchen. He returned holding a lemon meringue pie. "Dessert!"

"Miho's favorite!" Miho cheered, and Bakura sent Ryou a knowing glance. Ryou blushed and cut the pie and handed out pieces, eating his in silence.

"Thank you for the meal!" They all chorused, handing the plates to Yugi to wash. Tea kindly offered to help, which made for a very happy Yugi.

"Miho thinks the snow's getting faster!" Miho pointed to the window.

"Ryou, you have the smartest girlfriend ever," Bakura said sarcastically. Ryou blushed as Miho continued to giggle, not even noticing what was going on.

"Um… I, it's not… uh…" Mana saved Ryou from even more embarrassment as she stretched out on the couch comfortably.

"Mmm! So comfortable!" Mana buried her face in a pillow, giggling softly.

Atemu took the seat nearest her before Bakura could get there, and the group just sat down and talked about random things until they heard a soft snore coming from the couch. The majority of the group smiled indulgently at Mana and shook their heads.

Kisara yawned, seeing her best friend fast asleep on the couch. "I'm kind of sleepy too…"

"Me too!" Rebecca yawned widely, rubbing her eyes right as Leon did. "I wanna go to sleep!"

"That's probably a good idea," Tea said gently, smiling at the rest of the group. "We have a few more days here; I'm sure we'll have time to do a group activity together sometime."

"Yeah… Night…" Amane hugged her brothers and waved as she left the room, followed by Leon and Rebecca.

"Miho's going to bed!" Miho cheered, hopping out, not looking the least bit tired at all. Ryou yawned and followed her out of the room, led by Seto and Marik, who was watching Amane closely. Joey was following Mai sleepily, waiting for any last minute demands while Duke and Tristan snickered at him, stopping when Serenity gave Joey a hug goodnight and walked up the stairs slowly, making sure not to trip.

Tea waited a moment and then she and Yugi walked out together, talking about plans for the next day. Kisara got a blanket for Mana, and then went to the bedroom the two shared to fall asleep. Soon, it was only Atemu, Bakura and Mana in the room.

"I'll take her upstairs," Atemu said, as Bakura got up to pick Mana up.

"I can do it," Bakura sent back, glaring at the other boy.

"No, I will."

"Back off. I said I can do it."

"I don't care; I said I'd take her upstairs."

"Mmm…" Mana stirred at their arguing and then sat up. "Did I fall asleep?"

"Yes…" The boys chorused together, and then glared at each other.

"Oh… well, night then!" Mana grinned at the two boys and hopped out of the room, and they could hear the girl jumping up the stairs, going two at a time.

Bakura sent Atemu one last glare and then the two began to race to get to the stairs first, pushing each other dangerously along the way.

Once everyone was tucked under their covers, they all collapsed into peaceful sleep.

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