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" Ichigo,"yelled Isshin
"Ichigo were home!"

Ichigo's Pov
"Mhm,"groaned Ichigo
"What...," he said.
He listened to someone scream his name. It took him a while to notice that it was his dad yelling his gasped he looked at his clock to see what time it was and i was almost midnight.
Ichigo jumped out of bed to go find his got up from the sudden movement Ichigo made.
"Hey what's going on Ichigo,"yawned Renji.
"My family is home Renji that's what,"whispered Ichigo.
"And what's the problem."
"Umm... what happens if my family comes in here and sees me naked with another man."
"Are you serious Renji my dad will kill you if he sees us and i mean it KILL YOU beacause he is very protective of me and my sisters."
Renji was shocked by the word kill cause one thing he didn't feel like Dying in such a wierd way.
"Well what are we gonna do,"
Ichigo started to think of a plan.
"Got it I just act like im asleep and u go hide in my closet until my dad leaves to go to sleep."
"That seems ok."he said in a wierd tone
"It's either that or it throw you out the window butt naked."Ichigo said in a serious tone.
"Fine ill do it."he sounded annoied
The doorknob started to turn ichigo pushed Renji into the closet then he ran to his bed as fast as he could and pretened to be walks in seeing that his son is walks in with a smile and heads over to his sons bed petted his Ichigo's head.
"Oh how you remind me of your mother."
He kissed Ichigo on the head then headed out the quietly opened the closet door to see Ichigo with a sad face sitting on his slowly walked over to him and asked him what was wrong.
"Nothing just forget it ok.'
"Come on tell me."
"Tell me!"Renji said in a really angry voice.
"Why do you want to know."
"Well I want what's going on because I Love You Ichigo."
Ichigo started to blush a bright red which Renji leaned in and gave Ichigo a passionte kiss on the lips.
"Ok i'll tell you."he said in a calm voice.
"Thank you."
Ichigo sat there and started to tell everything that happened. He told him how his mom died and he thought it was his fault and that he blamed himself so much for it. While he was telling Renji the story Ichigo started to Renji say that Ichigo was crying he held Ichigo in his arms trying to comfort him.
"Ichigo it's ok you don't have to tell me anymore."
He kissed ichigo on the head as they sat there in each others arms for a bit broke the little silnce that was there.
"Ichigo i have to go ok."Renji said in a soothing voice.
Ichigo nodded his head got up and got dressed and before he jumped out of the window he turned to Ichigo and gave him another kiss on the lips top comfort him a bit.
"You be safe ok ichigoi'll see you tomorrow at school."
" Umm... do you think we could keep this a secret for a while till later please."
"Ok" Renji nodded his head and jumped throught the window.