Fifty years after the events of Blood Omen Two.

You there, human. I haven't seen you in this cell before. Oh. You just arrived. Well, here, take my blanket. Don't be afraid. I'm not going to drain your blood.

Oh? Is that what you were sent here for? How thoughtful. You don't suppose Kain will punish you for my refusal to drink, will he?

I'm not sure, either.

Here, take my blanket. I insist. It's cold here. I'm not going to need it soon. Why? I'm due for a tribunal before Kain and his sons in a few hours. I don't expect to survive. I can't imagine Kain even giving me conditions which would allow me the possibility of survival.

What do you mean, what did I do? Surely you've noticed that I'm not quite the same as the other vampires? Or maybe you can't tell the difference. You look quite young.

I am, as far as I know, the last member of Vorador's Cabal. It's possible that there are others, but...well, if there are others, they're hiding themselves well. May they never be found.

Yes, Kain would have me killed just for being a member of the Cabal. He's killed people for less. Of course, I did sabotage a lot of his operations. No, no, I never attacked any of his sons and their foul children. I just...stirred up rebellion in the human population. Although perhaps I should have attacked Kain's brood...

I just wonder how it is that things went so terribly wrong. This is not the life I planned for myself when I was a little girl.

When I was a little girl.

Ha. I'm over two hundred years old and I still can remember what I dreamed about as a child. Vorador would call me weak. Maybe I am weak.

Oh? I forgot you were here. Roll your sleeve back up, I'm not going to drink from you. I will not take nourishment from anything that belongs to Kain. The guards aren't even in the hall. They probably expect me to drain you dry so that Kain has another reason to have me killed. I won't give him that.

They won't let you leave until I drink? What they? Did I not just say that there aren't any guards in the hall? Oh, you mean when they come to check. Well, I'm sorry to be an inconvenience then. Since we're going to be here for a while, would you mind keeping me company? I could do with some company.

Don't roll your eyes at me, mortal. Just because I'm not Clan-born doesn't mean I deserve less respect.

You could learn a lot from me. Why, I probably knew your great-great grandmother. And have you heard of the Sisterhood? They used to act as the Sarafan's healers when I was still mortal. In fact, I was on track to join them...

Got your attention, do I?

I'll tell you everything I've seen in my life. We have plenty of time.

What's that? You want to know my name? I suppose it couldn't do any harm.

My name is Seema.