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He was not in love with her. Remy Lebeau didn't fall in love with girls. They fell in love with him. That is how the world worked, the proper order of things.

Oh, and to be sure, he is most definitely not in love with Rogue. He's not. Really. He should fall in love with a femme because she has pretty eyes or a soft twang to her voice? His brother has not had to repeat his name several times then smack him upside the head because he daydreams about her. She is not the reason he doesn't go to the clubs with his cousins anymore; he just doesn't feel like going.

He doesn't miss her. He doesn't dream about her. He doesn't wish she'd stayed with him, or that he'd gone with her. He doesn't imagine holding her, being with her. He doesn't go over every moment with her in his head. He doesn't analyze the memory of every word, every glance, every look.

So he's back in Bayville. It's not like it's because she's here. And yeah, he's kind of…following her right now. Not like it's the first time he's indulged in the activity. The girl was just a trouble magnet, and he was just making sure she was safe. Looking out for her. One would think that the girl would be safe in her room, but one never knew. These were dangerous times, and there were some crazy people running around.

He most certainly would not be content to lounge in a tree and watch her dance around her room to a tune he could just barely hear. He would smile at it though.

His heart did not skip a beat when she pulled a card, his card, out of her jewelry box. When she caressed it, he did not grin like a fool.

He's had a revelation. He's turning a over a new leaf. Playing with a different deck. Because he wants a change. Not because of her.

He was not in love with Rogue. He does not want to be with her. Really.

Remy Lebeau hops down from his perch in a tree at the back of the Xavier Institue. He takes a moment to brush of his coat and straighten it before heading to the back door of the mansion. He casually strolls through the halls at perfect ease. He smiles at a group of girls that stare at him.

"Bonjour, petites."

Continues down this hall, that one there on the left, and this door. Knocks.

"Come in."

He walks in with a confident stride and is not surprised that the telepath behind the desk looks like he's been expecting him.

"Hello, Gambit."

"Remy, please," he requests, hands together in a pleading manner.

"Of course. Will you have a seat?"


Sprawled comfortably, Remy takes a moment to look around the office. Hm. That was a Rembrandt painting on the wall.

"Is there something I can do for you, Remy?"

His tone is knowing, his face is kind, his eyes are amused.

He turns his attention back to the professor with a smirk.

"I wanna be an X Man."

"May I ask why?"

He shrugs.

"Call it…a change of heart."

But he was not in love with Rogue. Not yet…completely anyway.

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