Lumione Drabbles

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Harry Potter or his universe.

A/N: A series of drabbles set in my In Disguise/Open verse, because I just can't stop writing it. Appropriate warnings given with each chapter.

In case you hadn't noticed, I am totally in love with the friendship between Harry & Hermione. Expect mushiness. Also, I'm not sure how long I can magically work my way around writing a scene with Ron in it, but so far so good. It's not that I don't love Ron, I just don't love writing him. Or something.

Line in the Sand

Hermione walked the familiar path from the Weasley kitchen, through the back garden to the orchard, not pausing until the leaves from overhanging apple trees had blotted out the night sky. Pressing her back to a narrow trunk, she slid to the ground, burying her face in her arms and letting go of all the tears she'd had to hold at bay moments prior.

She didn't look up at the sound of soft footsteps through the grass, but soon found herself wrapped in a gentle embrace, Harry's familiar scent calming her senses.

"It's just shock, they'll come around."

Hermione shook her head against his chest, but said nothing.

"And you're moving in with him? When?"

"As soon as I want. I thought I might want to spend a few days here, but that doesn't seem like such a good idea, now."

Harry nodded. "There's always Grimmauld Place. I don't want you to ever think you've nowhere else to go, especially with your parents deciding to stay in Melbourne."

"Harry…" She looked up at him, at his sad green eyes and small, sympathetic smile. "How are you being so supportive of this? Everyone else—"

"Hermione, do you remember during fourth year when practically no one was speaking to me, even Ron?" She nodded, a bit puzzled. "I had one friend, just one, who cared enough to come see me before the first task, while I was scared out of my wits. Remember who that was?"

She smiled a bit at the memory, wiping away the last of her tears with her sleeve.

"We've been through a lot together, and you've always stood by me. Even when you didn't agree with me—even when you were right and I was wrong, even when it almost got you killed, you stood by me. I might not have appreciated that when I was 14, but I know better now, don't I? You're my friend, and if you need me, I'm going to try and be there. Even if it means putting up with Lucius sodding Malfoy."

"Thank you, Harry." She whispered, leaning into his embrace.

"Just promise me that if things get bad, if you're ever scared or unhappy, you'll come to me. I'll always have room for you."

"I promise."