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Warning: Sex. Kinda kinky sex, too. Nothing too detailed, though.


Hermione paused in her sorting through of her old school trunk, eyes thoughtful as she lifted a pleated uniform skirt from the jumbled mess within.


"Yes?" He drawled from his position behind his great mahogany desk. They'd taken to spending their afternoons in his office, Hermione reading or writing letters or what-have-you while Lucius looked over paperwork for the latest business proposal from the executives heading Malfoy Enterprises.

Pulling a scarlet and gold tie out of the trunk and winding it about her hand, she addressed him in a deceptively casual tone. "Do you have any sexual fantasies?"

Grey eyes snapped up, closely studying her averted eyes. "You mean beside the one where I steal the innocence of the most virtuous Hermione Granger atop a kitchen table in the middle of Order Headquarters?"

She bit her lip down on a smile, but was unable to stop the light blush from coloring her cheeks. Still, she responded in that same light, airy tone as she toyed with her school tie. "Yes, apart from that one."

"Oh one or two, I suppose. Why do you ask?"

She did look at him then, wearing that playfully devious smile she always adopted when asking him for some little indulgence or another. Lucius carefully put his papers away, and steepled his hands over his desk, waiting patiently for her request and suddenly quite glad he'd cleared his afternoon appointments.

Two hours later…

Lucius's fist tightened around the bunched material of Hermione's school skirt, gathered into a wad at the small of her back, his other hand straining not to grip too tightly her rounded hip as he drove into her again and again. She lay sprawled across his desk gripping the edge tightly with white-knuckled hands. A particularly rough thrust had her crying out as a leaf of parchment drifted to the floor, the words "I am a naughty girl" written dozens of times in Hermione's hand, first neatly and then increasingly messy and shaken as it reached the bottom of the paper, evidence of his increased attention paid to her still red and stinging arse cheeks.

Lucius leaned in low over her back, dragging his movements out into a slow, agonizing pace while he spoke hoarsely into her ear. "And what lesson have we learned today, Miss Granger?"

Hermione gasped as the shift in angle hit something deep inside her, sending white-hot electric shocks through her body. "Th-that I'm a naughty g-girl…" she responded in a breathless voice.

"Mmm," he hummed in approval, quickening his pace just so, but holding that same angle. "And what happens to naughty girls in my class, Miss Granger?"

She let out a low moan, but a sharp snap of his hips had her stuttering her answer. "Th-they get pun-ished, Professor."

"Good girl," he nearly snarled into her ear, picking up his pace while the hand on her hip curled around and under, finding the swollen nub of her clitoris and pinching hard.

She jerked and cried out, her body clamping down tightly on him as he emptied himself inside her with a groan. He slumped over her and rasped out "Fifty points to Gryffindor" before pulling her back and into his lap as he slumped in the large armchair behind his desk.

They sat together, Lucius idly toying with her curls while they caught their breath until Hermione interrupted the silence with another airy, forcedly casual comment. "You know, you never did tell me what your fantasies are."

He quirked a brow at her, a devilish grin spreading across his flushed face while Hermione felt her nerves tighten with anticipation.

One month later…

"Oh my god."

Hermione and Lucius lay sprawled across the rumpled sheets on their enormous bed, sated and sweaty and tangled up in each other as they panted furiously.

"I trust you found that as satisfying as I did."


Lucius just chuckled darkly as an itchy, bubbly feeling started spreading across his skin. "Oh, looks like it's wearing off…" He turned to watch grey eyes melt into brown, short brown hair grow into long, honey curls, while the long, hard body beside him shrunk down into soft curves. He felt his own body stretching and spreading, while Hermione watched with apparent fascination. A moment later, and they were still spread across the bed, but now seemingly in their own mirror image opposites.

"How much polyjuice did you say was left?"

Hermione's grin was huge, her eyes shining with wonder. "Almost two litres, safely stored away for future use."

Lucius smiled in satisfaction. "Excellent."

Hermione just nodded, her eyes glazing over as she recalled the afternoon's events. "Oh yes. Excellent indeed."