Shinobi's Change of Heart


Chapter 1

Shinobi stepped off the ship he was on, now in the GUARDIANS HQ in the Gural system. He looked around, to see if he knew anyone there. "Shinobi?" said a voice from his left.

"Shinobi! It's great to see you again!" It was Laia, his teacher. Shinobi just smiled, nodded and shook her hand. "Still quiet huh?" Laia asked.

The two walked towards the center of headquarters. "It's good to see you Instructor Laia." Shinobi said. " Enough of the formalities Shinobi, you're not my student any more."

"Sorry Laia, force of habit." Shinobi apologized. The two walked up to the receptionist. "Hello, I'm Mina." she said, give a smile, that Shinobi swore was giving him cavities.

"Now here are your forms." she said, passing a few documents. Shinobi filled them out and handed them to Mina. "Alright, here's your card. And by the way, here's your new partner."

'Partner?' Shinobi said in his head. He turned around. There was a female CAST, blue hair, petite body, and beautiful red eyes. She looked at Shinobi for a second and looked away, blushing.

Shinobi looked at her out of the corner of his eye. He positioned his hand over his chin, as if thinking, although he was really hiding his cheeks, also reddened.

'She's kind of cute.' Shinobi looked down at his hands and then thought 'What are you thinking, she's a CAST, you're a human.'

"This is Vivienne, she's a new model, supposed to be better then the Lou models." Laia explained.

Vivienne extended her hand. "Greetings." Shinobi didn't know what to think, most CASTs looked down upon his hands. A negative thought floated into his mind. He didn't do anything, he didn't know what to do.

Vivienne looked at Laia and asked, "Did I do something wrong?" Laia responded reassuringly, "No, you're just new to him, he's shy. Tell her who your are, or else…"

Shinobi, knowing what was good for him shook Vivienne's hand and said, "I'm Shinobi."

Vivienne thought for a second, "Shi-no-bi. I like your name." "Thanks."

Mina then said, "Hey guys, there's a new mission. The machines are screwing up." "Alright, we'll be there in a little bit." Laia said. "Aright you two, grab your weapons, we got some work to do."

Shinobi took his saber's hilt off his belt. Vivienne took out her staff, Laia took out her own sword.

The trio ran for the ships and took off. "Wait isn't the mission area around the Guardian colonies?" Shinobi asked. "Yeah, but it's on the far-side of this place." Laia explained.

"That still doesn't make much sense." Shinobi said in his quiet voice. "Look Shinobi, you've been with me for, how long,? A year and a half?"

"A little more I think," Shinobi said. In all truth, Shinobi didn't know his true age, barley knowing when you're born does that to a guy. That and his perception of time is a little different, sometimes making one year feel like multiple

"Anyway Shinobi, our planets, our rules." Laia continued. "Not this speech again." Shinobi muttered under his breath.

Luckily for Shinobi, they landed where they needed to be.

The machines were already waiting for them. "My Go… I mean, by the Holy Light!" Shinobi said, adjusting to the language still.

Vivienne leaned to Laia and asked, "What was he going to say?" Laia just responded and said, "Something from his home world."

Shinobi took out his trusty Holy ray. It was old, it had some rust here and there, but it always severed him well.

Shinobi pulled the lever to cock it and said, "Hope this old thing still works."

Shinobi took aim, and fired once, twice, three times, the robot's upper body began to rotate then exploded.

The energy, sent the three of them flying, and vaguely avoided shrapnel.

"Ow," Vivienne muttered plucking some shrapnel from her shoulder. "You ok Vivienne?" Laia asked. "Yeah, just a scratch."

Shinobi interlocked his fingers and cracked them. "Let's get to work ladies." Shinobi said.