Shinobi's eyes snapped opened as he heard the clicking of fingers. His hand went to his chin, feeling stubble. A little groggy he asked, "Where am I?". The CAST in the room answered, "Hypnotherapy. You said to me that you and a close friend had a fight, and you happened to agree with her on something she said, and felt the repressed memory made things worse…despite burying the hatchet."

"Oh, yeah." Shinobi said, holding his head. "Thank you doctor." he continued handing the man the money for the session. "You're quiet welcome. Oh, and my assistant told me a young lady is waiting for you."

"Thank you. Good…day?" "Afternoon." "Afternoon doctor."

Shinobi stepped out and went down several flights of stair, and saw Vivienne reading a magazine (presumably for the hundredth time) in the waiting room. She looked up and smiled as Shinobi came closer. "Hello Shinobi. How did your session go?"

"Fine, it went over fine." Shinobi answered, following Vivienne out of the building. Vivienne then sighed, "Good, now will you just let the fight go already? It was three months ago!"

Shinobi was shocked. "How did you know…" Vivieene answered, "That's what's been bugging you for the past three months Shinobi." She has been slightly worried that Shinobi has dropped the subject, and has been guilt-tripping himself for months.

Shinobi responded, "Vivienne, I did this to reclaim a repressed memory, of when we met." Vivienne asked, "Wait, but you said you were flashing back to it last year." Shinobi then explained, "Well apparently, the therapist thinks, I repressed aspects I didn't want to remember."

Vivienne stopped walking and grabbed Shinobi's hand. "Shinobi, what is it that you didn't want to remember?" "I didn't want to remember what a jerk I was to you."

He slipped his hand free and continued, "I mean, I had no reason to treat you meanly, yeah a CAST traumatized me, doesn't give the write to act like a punk." Vivienne grabbed his hand again and replied, "Actually, that's why I forgave you."

"Huh?" Shinobi stated simply.

"Well, I didn't take it personally to begin with. I just thought you, that you didn't like working with a partner. And after the debriefing, I forgot my staff in Nav's office, which was a bad habit at the time, and I over heard Laia and Nav talking about it." Vivienne answered.

Shinobi was still quiet, so Vivienne continued, "Shinobi, I didn't mean it when I said you took me for granted. We were both just…irritated with each other."

Normally Shinobi being quiet didn't bug her. But now it was. Vivienne looked down at her necklace, smiling. Shinobi actually saw it out of the corner of his eye. "The necklace. You still have it?"

"Yeah, it was really sweet of you to make it for me." Vivienne answered slyly. "Well it was a token of apo…wait a minute. You knew that too?" Shinobi asked, again surprised.

Vivienne laughed, "Of course, it took me five seconds to find out! Your fingerprints were all over it and I could tell your handwriting, even if it was rushed and scribbled. I can hook up to the database remember?"

Shinobi was also laughing, now realizing how ridiculous it was to think he could outsmart someone who can not only link up to the database, but was already 100 times smarter then him.

"You know Shinobi, I really could've done without the necklace. It was a sweet gesture, don't get me wrong, but really, all you had to say you were sorry for being a jerk." Vivienne answered.

Shinobi faced Vivienne and said, "I'm sorry Viv. I was, and still am." Vivienne replied, smiling, "It's alright Shinobi." After a moment of silence, Shinobi asked, "Hey Viv, I was wondering, would you, like to go get something to eat,"

"I would like that." Vivienne answered, glad her friend finally got over the issue. Shinobi then added, "And maybe a movie afterwards?"

"Are you asking me Shinobi?" Vivienne teased. "N-no! D-don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind, but this is just…" Vivienne cut him off, "I know, I know, just kidding."

So the two made their way to a diner they went to often. But out of the corner of Shinobi's eye, he saw a man standing on top of a roof, watching them. He was familiar. "Err, Viv, I'll be right back, I'll meet you at the diner in a few minutes alright?"

She smiled, "I'll see you there." She continued to walk to the diner, as Shinobi ran towards the building, sprinted up all the stairs, opened the door that lead to the roof and saw Anthony waiting for him, smiling.

Anthony has barely aged since he saw him last, all those years ago. "Well Shinobi, it seems that you have begun to create something beautiful with Vivienne. Just as I was told." "Where have you been after all these years?" asked Shinobi.

"I've been around. Still putting yourself into danger haven't you? De Ragons, being burnt alive, burst of Technic to the heart, you've actually been keeping me busy."

Shinobi, not bothering to understand why he hasn't seen him, said, "I just wanted to say, thank you for helping me patch things up with Vivienne all those years ago."

Anthony replied, "To be frank, I did nothing. All I did was give suggestions, you made the necklace as a token of apology, you gave it to her, you spent a day with her, I offered the idea of the necklace, I gave you the idea to spend the day, you did them."

Shinobi smiled, happy to see Anthony again. Granted he was a real pain but over all, he was a good guy. But there was something that still bothered him.

So again, Shinobi asked, "What are you?" Anthony smirked, "For me to know and for you to try to guess. Now go on, it's rude to leave a lady waiting." Shinobi nodded, "See you around Anthony?"

Anthony nodded, then gestured that he should go. Shinobi waved, and ran down the stairs.

Vivienne was saving Shinobi's seat, right across from her's. Shinobi came in and sat in the chair. He was panting and sweating a little. "Hey Shinobi. So what was it you had to do?"

Shinobi smiled, "Sorry it's a personal thing."

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