Author's Note: Yo! I'm BlasterBlurby and this is my new fiction, and I have no idea how long it'll be. Basically Harry's stuck in horse form and Voldemort needs a ride. This fiction will be in drabbles so don't complain to me about the shortness of the chapters as they're supposed to be short. I figure there will be some slash latter on but I'm not quite sure how to get to it.

Get Off My Back

Three Years Later

Harry had lived in his animagus form for almost three years now, and he had admit, it was the best three years of his life.

At first, living as a horse had been Harry's only way to avoid the massive manhunt that had ensued after Voldemort took over the ministry. Hermione, as a hare, Ron, as a dog, and Harry, as a horse, fled Britain with the intention of going back someday but Ron was the only one who returned. Hermione became deathly ill one day and died the next, leaving both Ron and Harry devastated.

Ron was more determined than ever to return, but Harry had become disillusioned to the Order's cause. Hermione hadn't been killed by death eater, but by a disease. Why go looking for someone to blame?

Ron left. Harry never saw him again.

Harry didn't blame him. Ron had a family after all, but Harry had nothing to go back to, so…He went forward. He traveled the continent on four legs. He went to all those places he had only heard about but had never seen. He traveled through France, Spain and Italy, and then to Greece. He went over titanic mountains and swam across rivers so vast he couldn't see the other bank. He saw both extraordinary magic and ordinary miracles that he had never appreciated before. He went to Asia and Russia, and he even visited Egypt in honor of Bill.

Harry never acknowledged just how unhappy he was being the savior of the wizarding world until he was free to do as he pleased. And Harry realized something amazing during his travels. The world wasn't ending. Voldemort taking over the Ministry hadn't caused the world to spin off its axis and it didn't cause plagues, famine, natural disasters, or wide-spread terror. Everything continued as it always had.

The sun rose and it set.

The seasons came and they went.

The world birthed new life and took old life in exchange.

In the grand scheme of things nothing had changed at all! Despite everything he had been taught to believe, the world simply didn't give a damn about some Dark Lord in England, and it simply kept moving along.

Harry just kept moving along.

After three year living as an animal Harry didn't think of the world in terms of countries, so when he bedded down in a meadow with a blessing of unicorns he had been traveling with for a few days, he didn't realize just how close he was to danger.

Blessing- a herd of unicorn, usually one male and multiple females.