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Chapter 1

I carried my costume to the nearest restroom to change before the start of my shift. It was a tradition – walking around as an elf was humiliating enough without having to wear the damn costume all the way from home.

As expected, the bathrooms were an absolute disaster. It always felt like I was on some twisted game show, each stall door revealing some new, revolting "prize".

Let's see what's behind door number one!

Yep – vomit. From the looks of it, some kid had attempted to inhale an entire hot dog in three bites without chewing, and topped it off with what I hoped was fruit punch.


Aw, of course – the standard urine-all-over-the-toilet-seat crap. Performed by women everywhere who thought that the toilet seat was too disgusting to actually sit on. Little did they know that they were single-handedly making the toilet seat too disgusting to sit on by urinating all over it.

And so bathroom lore comes full circle.

Magical door number three held contents that surprised even me. It was almost enough to make me run back to Aro, quit my job and attempt to scrub myself clean at home.

I hated using the handicap stall; my parents had raised me with better manners than that. However, after my thorough inspection of the restroom, it seemed to be my last resort. It was as filthy as the rest of the stalls, but at least there was enough open space for me to avoid touching any contaminated surfaces.

I peeled off my skinny jeans and bulky pea-green sweater, hanging them on the purse hook provided behind the door. Then I gasped as I removed my costume from the bag.

Surely there must be some kind of mistake!

I had been working as a mall elf every Christmas since I was fourteen. It gave me something to do when I was off from school and helped me make a little cash (and I accentuate the word "little"). With the mall discount I also received, it was usually enough to help me buy the gifts I wanted to get for my family and friends.

Gift-giving was the best. I loved being creative and thoughtful about it; anxiously anticipating the look on someone's face as they caught the first glimpse of their present. Either my loved ones were all fantastic actors or I was a pretty good at it.

There had been a few changes to the elf costume over the past four years. The first year, the outfits were all non-gender specific: huge tunics, green tights and felt cut out to resemble elf shoes that fit neatly over my sneakers. The next year, the girls received shapeless, one-size-fits-all elf gowns and satin house slippers that had been dyed puke green.

Last year wasn't so bad. Instead of the itchy felt material they used previously, the top was a comfortable jersey material and the skirt was shiny and satiny. They left it up to us to get our own shoes, so I stuck with my slippers from the year before. Those outfits were sized appropriately and – if you have to be a mall elf – they were about as flattering as you were going to get.

But this year…it looked as if I was about to perform for Santa's All Nude Review! The top was form fitting with a curved neckline that dipped obscenely low; a tiny little bow accentuating my cleavage. The skirt was tattered and short enough to make a hooker blush. The green tights were replaced with sheer pantyhose, a candy motif running up the side of my leg and to top it all off, (yes, it gets worse) the shoes were elf stilettos!

What the hell?

Needing as much coverage as I could get, I pulled my heavy sweater on over the ensemble and gathered my things, ready to storm over to Aro's office and give him a piece of my mind.

It didn't escape my notice that, with my sweater on, it appeared I was wearing absolutely nothing underneath.

The leering, whistling and lewd remarks I encountered on the way to Aro's office only strengthened my resolve. I burst in through his door – my face, ears and chest flushed with anger and embarrassment – and threw my things down on his desk.

"What the fuck, Aro?" I demanded, gesturing up and down at my wardrobe.

He smirked, his eyes lighting up in interest. "Well, that hideous sweater's gotta go, but I like what I'm seeing! What do you think?"

I banged my fist on his desk, trying not to wince when it hurt because that would only mess up the bitchy vibe I was going for.

"Are you kidding me? At this rate, I'm going to break an ankle, get accosted by some juvenile delinquent or be arrested for public indecency by New Year's Eve!"

He chuckled as if I was some silly, amusing child. My anger was not eliciting the quaking fear I was hoping for.

"I've always loved your fire, Isabella. That's why I'm making you Head Elf this year." He leaned back in his chair, clasping his hands on his desk casually.

Well I hadn't seen that coming!

Keep your head on straight, Bells…

"Seriously, Aro, I'm thinking about walking. This outfit is ridiculous and completely inappropriate..." As I started my rant, he opened the center drawer of his desk, pulling out a Christmassy looking envelope and closing the drawer as he leaned over to present it to me.

"You've been here three years so you know the basic responsibilities as Head Elf." He interrupted me as if I hadn't even been talking. "Keep the area neat and clean, be the first to respond to temper tantrums and customer complaints, protect Santa at all costs, supervise the others and keep track of all lunches and breaks. The usual."

I was dumbstruck.

"Aro, how do you expect me to get respect from anybody in this outfit? I look like a skank!" My voice was losing its bite as I suddenly found myself on the verge of tears. He nodded with his nose towards the unopened envelope in my hands.

With shaky hands, I slid one finger under the flap and proceeded to tear the envelope open along the top seam. Inside was my first paycheck and schedule. As Head Elf, he doubled my hourly pay and he already had me scheduled to work thirty hours a week. This would not only pull me through Christmas, but would set me up for all of the senior activities that were coming my way next spring.

"Despite what you may think, Isabella, I respect you plenty and it has never had a thing to do with what you were wearing. We've tried to keep the whole Santa experience modest and wholesome, but times are changing and people are bored with it. Business has deteriorated the last three years and desperate times call for desperate measures. So, Santa stays wholesome for the kiddies, and the elves," he smirked, that glint once again sparkling in his dark eyes, "well, they're here to attract the people with the money. I'm sure you look absolutely fantastic and people will respect you because you are a hardworking, intelligent, dignified woman – despite the costume. The outfit will only look as skanky as you let it. Hold your head up high, wear it with pride and I promise you, people will be thinking more along the lines of 'sexy beauty' than 'easy hoe'."

I peeled off the sweater and stored my things in my locker, inspecting myself in the full length mirror one more time before heading over to the North Pole setup. The form-fitting, curve-hugging outfit was most definitely outside of my comfort zone and I'd have to be extremely careful about bending over to pick things up or talk to the kids…but I had to admit that I was starting to feel truly sexy for the very first time in my eighteen years.

I giggled to myself as I realized I had just been thoroughly mind-fucked by Aro.

Damn he's good! That guy could sell ice to Eskimos!

I was the first one to arrive at the station, so I busied myself setting up the velvet ropes for the line, trying to ignore my constricting ensemble and not focus on the fact that I was going to have blisters by the time my shift was through.

"Hello Ho!" A voice crooned behind me as a gloved hand caressed up between the back of my thighs. I tugged my skirt down ineffectively to cover my behind as I spun around, fired up to give Waylon a piece of my mind.

"Listen, Butt-Crack Santa…" I fumed as my eyes settled on a pair of blazing emerald eyes.

This was not Waylon.

"Who the hell are you?"

The stranger crooked an eyebrow from beneath his white wig, the apples of his cheeks scrunching up behind the white beard and his eyes sparkling in amusement.

"Why, I'm Santa – can't you tell?" He leaned into me, a gloved hand coming up to cover one side of his bearded mouth conspiratorially. "And if you'll be nice, I'll be naughty." He straightened up with a wink.

This guy was an absolute piece of work, but I was having trouble getting a good enough breath to tell him that.

I swallowed, attempting to calm my sudden nerves. "Listen, I don't know who you think you are, but if you ever lay a hand on me again, I will slap you with sexual harassment charges and have you kicked out on your ass faster than you can say 'Ho Ho Ho'. Got me, Santa?"

Although I couldn't clearly see his mouth through the white fluff, it appeared as if he pursed his lips, his eyes glistening as he glanced down at my exposed cleavage. "Sorry, guess I was mistaken…looks like I meant to put you on the naughty list." He smiled mischievously. "But don't worry, I have something much better than coal for you, and it'll definitely keep you warm at night."

I don't know what made me more furious – the way he was talking to and looking at me, or the way my body was responding to it.

I wanted to be witty and put him in his place. I wanted to give him a thorough tongue lashing for his rude and crude behavior…but the thought of tongue lashing made my body overheat and got me all tongue tied, so I settled for giving him a death glare instead. I gritted my teeth, struggling against my body's natural response.

I decided to take that opportunity to try and step into my new role. "Listen up. I am your supervisor. I expect you to behave professionally at all times and treat me and everyone else with respect and decency. There are a lot of people looking for work right now – plenty of whom would gladly step into that suit to make a few extra bucks, so don't push me or I will push back. Get into that chair now and get ready to smile for the kids. You will work for two hours before getting a fifteen minute break and you will behave with a professional sense of decorum at all times. Do I make myself clear?"

I had been prone to fits of rage before, but I never knew I could be quite like that. I was standing in the middle of a winter wonderland in a skimpy elf outfit telling off a horny Santa Claus, and yet I had never felt more confident and in control.

In control of everything except for my body and hormones, which were still behaving erratically against my will.

How is telling off Santa turning me on?

With another panty dropping look of his green eyes, he mumbled an appreciative and suggestive "Yes Ma'am" before climbing the steps to the large throne-style chair in the middle of the platform.

What Aro had neglected to tell me was that not only was I the Supervisor this year, but I was also the only female on the team besides a tiny, young, hyperactive newcomer named Alice. Her costume matched mine, except that the neckline was more modest, the skirt covered much more on her petite frame and she had elf pumps instead of three inch spiked heels. Given that she was only fourteen, the ensemble was tasteful and cute and she seemed to feel pretty cocky about the way she looked.

Jacob came back again this year. He had started the same year I had and we had been friends ever since. Apparently, the older elves we had worked with over the years had all grown up and moved on to college and full time jobs, leaving Jake and I the only two veterans. For this reason, he would be second in charge so that there would be at least one veteran on hand for every shift.

I cracked up laughing when Jake walked out with a look of pure humiliation on his face. He had easily shot up a foot since we last worked together and the tight green shirt accentuated the broad shoulders and muscled physique he had worked hard to develop over the past twelve months. Somehow, Aro felt that the guys could pull off blue jeans with their costumes. I had to admit that I was terribly jealous, even if the red belt he forced them to wear with it looked pretty gay.

"Geez, Jake! Did you leave that shirt in the dryer too long?" I snorted through giggles. He cocked his head to the side with a sarcastic grin. Suddenly, his eyes lit up as he formulated his witty response.

"I don't know, Elf-vira - Looks like we must have grabbed clothes from the same dryer! At least my jeans still fit…"

I put my hands on his trim waist and spun him around, eyeing him freely. "And they make your ass look fantastic!" I teased.

I giggled as he clenched his butt cheeks, making his denim-clad ass bounce up and down. "Oh, you like that?" He laughed, spinning around to show me he could do the same thing with his pecs. "Pow-Pow!" He joked as the muscles jiggled.

Santa snorted from behind us. "If he gives you tickets to the 'gun-show', I'm outta here." He said snidely.

I rolled my eyes at Santa and turned back to Jake, my hands clasped together as if in prayer. "Please give me tickets to the gun show! Pleeease give me tickets to the gun show!" I peeked back at Santa over my shoulder and stuck my tongue out to further my point.

Since he hadn't been there for my previous exchange with Santa, he thought I was seriously flirting with him.

Poor, clueless, muscled Jake.

Santa continued with the innuendos, but he wisely kept his hands to himself.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out why that was disappointing.

ooo (*o*) ooo

I had the next day off and I returned to work the day after that to find that Waylon was back as Santa Claus. I tried to tell myself that it was disheartening only because Waylon was such a sad man. He had a wonderful heart and a kind soul, but his addiction always left the alcoholic a little out of sorts and he reeked of fish due to his full time job at the marina.

My heart went out to him. He really was a sweetheart, but he had been caught acting inappropriately on more than one occasion while under the influence. That's why I easily assumed it was his hand that wandered up my thigh the first day.

As the Chief of Police, my dad has taken Waylon into holding on numerous occasions over the years, waiting through the night for him to sober up. He had yet to break any laws, but part of me wondered how much that had to do with Dad locking him up for his own good.

With Christmas five weeks away, it was still pretty dead at the mall. The slow traffic gave me a chance to get to know the two other guys I would be working with for the season.

Jasper was a lanky kid, only fifteen. His family had just moved to Port Angeles from Texas, as was evident by his subtle drawl. Although he wore the same costume, it didn't cling to him in nearly the same way that it did Jake. He was pretty tall, but puberty had yet to bless him with a man's physique, instead cursing him to spend the holidays in that awkward man-boy stage. He had the cutest habit of talking out of one side of his mouth and he had this cocky little sideways smirk that was sure to melt some hearts.

On the other hand, Emmett was a behemoth of a man who dwarfed even Jake. His black, cropped hair sat above a handsome face with a square set jaw. The green fabric of his shirt stretched painstakingly over his shoulders, making me imagine that he might rip it apart at the seams like the Incredible Hulk. With his gargantuan size and devastatingly good looks, he was definitely an eye catcher, but coupled with two of the most adorable dimples I had ever seen and the warmest, friendliest most lovable personality a guy could have and he was absolutely irresistible.

Looking at our team – younger and older, cute and sexy, pretty and handsome – I couldn't help but think that Aro definitely knew what he was doing. Alice and Jasper were sure to draw in the teens and Jacob and Emmett were going to have the ladies wrapped around their fingers. I didn't normally think much of myself, but in an outfit this revealing, I didn't have to be a supermodel to get the guy's attention.

ooo (*o*) ooo

"OMG Bella!" Alice shrieked, grabbing me hastily by the wrist and pulling me behind Santa's workshop excitedly.

"Did you really just say 'OMG', Alice? You know that something you're supposed to write, right? I don't think it's actually meant to be exclaimed in conversation…" I rambled on, wondering how fourteen suddenly seemed so very, very childish to me.

She rolled her eyes. "Okay. Yeah. Whatever. Did you see that guy?" Her eyes danced giddily.

"We're in a mall during the holidays. There's tons of guys. You're going to have to be more specific, Ali."

She pulled me to peek around the corner where I saw Jasper joking around with green-eyed Santa. "The hottie talking to Santa!" She clarified before quickly pulling me back behind the cover of the workshop.

I smiled at her warmly, remembering what it was like back in the day when I was the giddy, shy elf behind the workshop. "That's Jasper, Ali. He works with us. Why don't you go say hi?" I prodded encouragingly.

"Are you kidding me?" Her obsidian eyes grew large and her jaw dropped as if I had just suggested she ask to mother his children.

"Ali, you two are coworkers. It's natural for you to talk to each other. Just say hi and ask him how he's liking it so far. He's a sweetheart and you'll probably find that you two have a lot in common. It's easy." I assured her.

"If it's so easy, why are you avoiding Santa?" She quipped.

Damn, she was an observant little thing.

"That's different. I'm avoiding Santa for entirely different reasons." I explained.

"That's bullshit." My mouth dropped at hearing the expletive coming from her tiny, cute little mouth. "Oh, c'mon Bella. I'm fourteen…I'm not a little kid. Of course I cuss." I was completely dumbfounded by her. "You've got the hots for Santa – admit it."

"Do not!" I argued, suddenly feeling like the tables had been turned between us.

"Oh, c'mon! Whenever he looks at you, you pout or glare and turn away, but the moment he's not looking, you start staring at him again. It's obvious!"

Damn, really? I hadn't realized…

"Hey Bella!" Jasper said as he rounded the corner, almost bumping into us. "Oh, sorry…didn't mean to interrupt…" One look at Alice and his face flushed as he started to stammer.

"Actually, I was just about to show Alice where we keep the candy canes. We're running low. Would you mind taking her to the stock room and helping her carry out a few boxes? You can just drop them off inside the workshop." I smiled at him.

Alice was about to argue with me, seeing as how we had just pulled out seven boxes less than thirty minutes ago, but a quick, tightlipped glare from me shut her up.

Jasper dropped his head and rubbed a hand behind his neck nervously. "Oh, yeah…um…sure." Without looking at either of us, he turned around stiffly and began stumbling off to the store room. Alice glared at me, but I smiled and gave her a thumbs up signal.

"Go talk to Santa or I'll embarrass you too!" She threatened, folding her arms across her chest and scurrying off to catch up with Jasper.

I giggled at her, watching as the two of them walked off uncomfortably side-by-side. I couldn't wait till they figured out that the attraction was mutual.

Awww, young love….

The fifteen minute break was almost up, so I turned around to head back to the line and get ready to reopen, finding myself nearly inhaling Santa's white beard. I flustered, pushing at his chest to distance myself from him. "What they hell are you doing?" I gritted through clenched teeth as my lungs constricted painfully.

Green eyes stepped toward me, forcing me backwards until the workshop pressed up behind me. With red velvet and a fake Santa belly pressed up against me, he placed a gloved hand on either side of my shoulders, eyes of fire peering down into mine. "I've got a 'package' just for you…Wanna see it?"

All I could see were those damned eyes. Everything else was white and fluffy or red and fuzzy. He could be old and fat for all I knew. I didn't know the first thing about him except that he was a mall Santa and that he was absolutely incapable of respecting me or acting professionally. I didn't even know his damned name and yet, every stupid little thing he said and did set molten lava coursing through my veins.

I wanted to spew venom. I wanted to slap him. I wanted to push him away angrily and storm off because, in reality, I also wanted to tear off that damned beard and kiss him and that was wrong on more levels than I could possibly fathom.

Instead, I swallowed, my eyes burning into him with all the hatred and anger I could muster. "Fuck you." I seethed.

He leaned forward, that stupid belly pressing into mine as he lowered his fluff-covered lips to my ear. "I appreciate the offer, but I have to get back to work." He stood up, removing his hands from the wall to straighten up his jacket and belt as he cocked an eyebrow at me. "Perhaps after my shift?" He teased confidently before striding back up the steps to take his position on the chair.

Dear Mother of God, I have the hots for the Santa from hell.

ooo (*o*) ooo

I have several theories as to why they call it Black Friday. Perhaps it is because it was black outside when I went in to work today and it was black outside when I got out. Or, maybe it's Black Friday because people are mourning the loss of their sanity and civility.

Yeah, that had to be it, because there was absolutely nothing sane or civil about the animals that tore through the mall today. Children screamed and cried in unison, as did a few grown men. Fights broke out, hair was pulled, security was called. Somehow, between "Happy Thanksgiving" and "Merry Christmas", a retail inspired holiday was born where the common verbal exchange is "Move out of my way, bitch".

Forget Halloween – Black Friday is the scariest freaking day of the year.

In preparing for such, Aro had all hands on deck today, including both Santas.

I thought I might get a glimpse of Green Eyes' face when a kid got a tootsie pop stuck in his beard, but Jake managed to cut it out quickly without having to remove the white fluff from his face. I tried to ignore the way my stomach dropped dishearteningly.

It was so crazy and hectic that Green Eyes didn't even have time to harass me as usual. It disturbs me to admit that I'm actually starting to look forward to it.

"Bells, a few of us are talking about going out to get a bite to eat after work. You're coming, right?" Jake asked, throwing an arm around my shoulders.

"I don't know, Jake. I'm exhausted and I have to work tomorrow." I pouted.

"You still have to eat. What's the difference if you do it at the chief's house or with a bunch of crazy, scantily clad elves?" He teased, his brilliant smile warming his face.

"Who's going?" I asked, one eyebrow cocked warily. "Me, Jazz, Em…Jazz wants to ask Alice, but he doesn't have the nerve." He shook his head and laughed, loving their little budding romance as much as I was.

"Okay, I'm in. And I'll bring Ali." I grinned.

"Brilliant!" He wrapped his huge arms around me, squeezing me tightly and kissing me on the cheek. "I can't wait to tell Jazz. The little guy will probably cream his pants!"

"Ew!" I slapped Jake on the arm. "That's gross, Jacob! They're only kids!"

He grinned a devilish smile. "You don't know much about teenage boys, Bella. Trust me…I speak the truth."

I placed both of my hands on his firm chest and shoved him as hard as I could, laughing all the while. Of course he hardly budged beneath my feeble attempt, but that was beside the point.

Anxious to avoid the crowds, we chose to hang out at a local diner, claiming a little, rounded corner booth as our own. Jacob and I worked in tandem to play matchmaker, each ushering Alice and Jasper into different sides, only to scoot in beside them so that they ended up smooshed together in the center.

A distracted, leggy blonde walked over to our table to take our orders, chewing absentmindedly on the end of her pen. Jake and I beamed with pride when Alice and Jasper agreed to share a side of fries. Images of Lady and the Tramp kissing over a shared noodle flooded my mind as Alice shot me a look, telling me to cool it. Meanwhile, Emmett was suddenly grinning from ear to ear like a simpleton, dimples skewering his face. The blonde was so focused on writing down our orders that she had yet to look up at us. At least, not until she got to Emmett.

"How about you look up from that notepad for a minute and let me see that pretty face of yours?" Em flirted.

She huffed indignantly, blowing up her bangs as she rolled her eyes, obviously bored with the usual one-liners. Her attitude stuttered for a brief moment when she got her first look at the big guy, but she quickly recovered. "Yeah. Pretty face. Real original. You gonna order, or not?" She snapped.

Emmett sucked in air through his teeth. "Ouch! I'm hurt…I mean, really hurt!" He turned his arms over towards Jake, who was sitting beside him. "Am I bleeding, man? I can't look…Seriously, how bad is it?"

The blonde bit back a smile, struggling against his charms.

She repeated our orders, pointing to each of us as she went along. "So I have one house salad with ranch dressing, two burgers with a side of fries, country fried steak with mashed potatoes-" She bit her lip, fighting the urge to smile as she pointed to Emmett. "And a load of crap with a bandaid on the side." She finally smiled, attempting to make it look more pained than it really was "Is that all?"

Emmett held one finger up in the air to pause her. "Actually, do you have any diet crap?" He gripped the hem of his shirt, pulling it up to flash his abs at her. "I'm trying to watch my figure, you know." He teased, running his large hands over his six pack as if he were caressing a beer belly.

She bit her lip, allowing her eyes to meet his for the first time. I didn't want to ruin the moment or I would have asked for a knife to try to cut the tension with.

As soon as the blonde strutted off towards the kitchen with a little more swagger in her walk, a guy walked in looking terribly out of place, dressed in black from head to toe. He wore boots, jeans with a studded black belt and a silver wallet chain, and a plain tee. His left wrist sported a black leather cuff and the right wrist had a studded band that matched his belt, along with a bracelet made of large silver beads. Bronze, copper and gold hair stood up on end in a haphazard fashion.

I had never seen anyone like him and yet, the moment I laid eyes on him, my thighs instinctively squeezed together to ease the building ache.

He ran long, slender fingers through the riot atop his head, looking around the diner until he spotted us. "Edward, over here!" Emmett waved him over, gesturing towards the empty seat beside me.

My palms suddenly felt sweaty. I looked at Jake when I felt his worried gaze on my face. "What's the matter?" He mouthed silently. I merely shook my head.

Alice placed a hand on my knee, leaning over to whisper in my ear. "Bella, close your mouth or you're gonna catch a fly." I attempted to stare the little sprite down, but she only giggled.

The moment the stranger sat next to me, my entire body flushed with his engulfing heat. He smelled clean and his cologne was absolutely intoxicating. I swore that I would find out what he was wearing and wash my sheets in it, certain that falling asleep to that smell would ensure that only good dreams were to follow.

"Hey Blondie!" Emmett bellowed over to where our waitress was standing behind the counter. "Another load of crap for my friend here, but not the diet stuff. He's too skinny as it is…" Emmett flashed a little boy smile at his friend, who surprisingly blushed before hiding his face in his hands.

What kind of bad ass blushes and hides his face?

Somehow, the contrast of denim and leather with quiet humiliation only made him more appealing.

When the waitress brought out our food, we all laughed at Emmett's plate. She had taken what appeared to be chocolate cake and mashed it up, designing it so that it literally resembled a steaming pile of crap with ice cream on the side. "Crap a la mode." She announced with a flourish.

Emmett clapped as he guffawed loudly. "I love it!" He couldn't have been any more smitten with the vixen. She then surprised us all by taking some Hershey's syrup and writing her name and number along the edge of the plate.

Alice and Jasper giggled through the meal as they continued to simultaneously reach down to grab the same French fry. Jasper, ever the gentlemen, always leaned back to allow Alice to take the fry first, which made her absolutely radiant.

Edward didn't say much at all, but the fact that he was a leftie and I was rightie caused us to bump elbows quite a few times. We would share little sideways glances and shy smiles at first, and then he caught me completely off guard when he picked up his fork and stole one of my croutons.

"Hey!" I shouted playfully, a look of wide-eyed surprise on my face.

"That was mine. It had my name on it. They must have given it to you by accident." He shrugged. "Happens all the time."

It was the most he had said in the entire forty five minutes we'd been seated together, and it sounded like music to my ears.

I speared one of his French fries and quickly popped it into my mouth, not realizing until it was too late that it was more than bitesized.

"S'mine." I mumbled as I chewed the potato, grinning despite the mouth full of food.

He laughed quietly and my chest swelled at the way his eyes sparkled and scrunched with the sincerity of his delight.

Have I ever mentioned that Black Friday is my favorite day of the year?

A/N: I've had a couple reviewers claim that they have issues with Alice working at the age of 14. With certain exceptions (driving, serving alcohol, etc), it is legal for a 14 year old to work in the United States. You can read more about the law at www(dot)groovejob(dot)com/resources/teen-job-resources/jobs-for-teens-legal-stuff(dot)html.

A/N: If you have any qualms about Alice and Jasper being attracted to each other at the age of 14 & 15, I also know quite a few 14 & 15 year olds you can speak to for confirmation that it does happen, whether adults like it or not. Fear not, our little ones will not do anything tasteless - they're just a couple of cute kids with a crush. :o)

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