Give in To Me; Nine: Giving In.

By: x - - unwrittenMELODY

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First part before line break is Darren.
Second part is Steve.

Okay, so, it's M for: rape/bondage, kidnapping and lots of cursing (oh, and killing!)

Inspired by a story by my friend Lise, and some plotting with her.

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My eyes opened slowly and I heard the sound of a TV playing in the background. As my sight focused in I realized my head was in Steve's lap and he was running his finger's though my hair. I looked up to him without moving my head and saw that he was focused on the television in front of us. I shifted my feet a bit and heard the sound of leather and realized we were on a couch and I finally took in my surroundings. We were in Steve's house, in the living room with a small portable TV and a beat-up couch.

"-Still on the search for the the killer of Becca Riley. Evidence has shown that the murder weapon was left at the scene of the crime. It has been revealed that the prints found on the handle matched those of a young student of Oakridge high, Darren Shan.

"Shan has been reported missing for three days as of yesterday. Police are still in search of Shan. If you have any leads please call..."

I groaned and Steve's eye's shifted to me and he grabbed the remote quickly and turned the television off. He looked back to me and I sat up, feeling sick to my stomach.

"How'd you sleep?" he asked me in a calm manner and I held my stomach, feeling as if I was going to hurl.

"They know I killed Becca," I said and he looked at me but didn't speak, only lace his finger's together and tucked them under his chin. It was quiet for a moment before I croaked, "What are we going to do?"

He leaned back, placing his hands over his face and I looked at him, worried. More silence and I placed my hand on his leg and he finally sat up, staring at the wall before him.

"We have to fake your death. They still think your missing, which means they will look everywhere to find you," Steve said and I ran my finger's through my hair, sighing.

"How are we going to do this Steve?" I asked and he looked at me and stood up, walking out of the room.

I sat there and tried to follow him but wobbled and fell back to the couch, realizing I was only wearing his shirt. I sat up and did my best to sit cross-legged and waited for him to come back. When he did, he had a pair of pants, my boxer's, my shirt and my scuffed sneakers.

He handed them to me and I looked up at him, "Put them on..."

I nodded and stood up, beginning to dress and he pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and I looked at him and he finally noticed my proding look. He shrugged and walked out and I sighed again, sliding on my shoes. I was tired and I probably looked like death and I walked into the downstairs bathroom, looking at myself.

I had purple bags under my eyes and they widened when I noticed how vivid my eyes were. They were blue with purple irises and I inspected my face a bit more, noticing how defined my features were now. I still looked half-dead, but that seemed like it was going to be a normal thing.

I heard a shuffle and I looked to the bathroom doorway and Steve was leaning against the door frame, eyes on me. I ran my finger's through my hair and he tilted his head back and I saw smoke fly from his mouth. He licked his lips then looked back to me and I shifted under his gaze.

"We have to make your death look like a suicide," he said and I stared at him in shock.

"Do what?"

"We have to make it look like you killed yourself. It's the only plan I have, okay?" he said, sounding exasperated and I bit my lip and looked back to myself in the mirror.

I really had no other choice, did I?

"Fine..." I said softly and I felt his arms wrap around me and he kissed my neck.

"Come on..." he murmured against my skin and I shuddered and he moved away and I saw him leave the bathroom.

I followed him and he made his way up the stairs and I took a good look around. Was this the last time I was going to be here? The comfort and safety of home? I looked back up the stairs where Steve went and gripped the banister, closing my eyes for a second before making my way up them.

I opened his door and he was sitting on the bed, waiting for me. He stood up and kissed me tenderly and I kissed back, realizing I was trembling. I was scared... this was the last time I would ever even see my family again. This was it. Could I take it back now?

As he pulled away and pressed his lips to my cheek I held onto him tighly, trembling from his touches. As our noses touched and I looked into his violet eyes I knew then what I wanted. I was here, with him. I made the sacrifice for him, and I would stand by him until the end.

"It's time..." he said softly and I leaned in and kissed him gently before he parted from me and slipped on his boots, lacing them quickly.

I took one last look around his room and he picked me up and I closed my eyes, face buried into his chest. Soon, we were moving quickly, and I didn't know exactly how fast or where. Until he moved my body to set me down and I stumbled, realizing we were on a roof of a building.

I looked at him and he glanced at me then fully turned to face me, looking at his hand and extended it out straight.


"Basic breakdown: I'm going to knock you into a state of rigor rigor mortis. You will seem dead, but you won't really be, well, fully. Depending on how hard I hit depends on how long you'll be out. I give forty-eight to seventy-two hours. You will be held a funeral and buried, and then when nightfall comes, I'll dig you up. Plan?" he said and I stared at him blankly.

"You... you sure this is going to work?" I asked weakly, my voice coming out in a tremor.

"I've been thinking about this all day and all night. It's now or never," he admitted and I nodded finally and he moved me close to the edge.

"Wait for it..." he mumbled and there was a sound of people talking, but it was very faint.

He pulled me close and kissed me then pushed me away and in one swift motion his hand was to my neck. I could feel something pulse inside of me as the voices were clear now and I could feel my body weaken and soon I faded into a state of complete unconsciousness.

His body fell limp in my arms and I sighed, secretly apologizing to him and scratched his face, making it look realistic for the fall. Then, I pushed him off and he rolled down and to the ground and I heard the sound of a shrieking and I backed away into the shadows and watched.

"Someone call 911!" a woman cried out and leaned over Darren's body, holding him up a bit and tried to wake him up.

Darren looked good as dead and I backed away even more and rushed into the night, afraid of getting caught.

The next forty or so hours was torture without him. I smoked six packs of cigarettes and slept and missed him deeply. I hated to admit it, but I was lonely without Darren. I laid there in my bed, staring at the ceiling with Darren's shirt in my hand. It was strange, I had been used to not being beside him for a year and in one week I was extremely attached to him.

Finally, the day of the funeral came and I kept hidden as they held it. Since I couldn't attend the wake, I couldn't see how he looked beautiful and still. I wonder how he reacted when my funeral was held...

I looked at my hands and clenched my fist, looking back up towards Darren's casket. I could hear his mother sobbing and so was his sister and I frowned, shifting my weight a bit as I tried to make myself comfortable in the tree.

An hour or so later Darren was placed in the ground and I leaned against the tree trunk, looking through the leaves and closed my eyes. Time to wait until night fall was to come...

I felt my body slipping and I woke up suddenly, holding onto the tree before I fell. I sat up, looking around the dark and stretched, wondering how long I had napped. Not the point, I had to dig up Darren. I jumped from the tree and made my way over to his grave, searching for a shovel and found one a bit away from his burial site.

I began to shovel off the dirt, trying to go as quickly as I could. It was work, though, and I kept my guard up in case anyone came. The shovel finally hit the wooden casket and I brushed the dirt off it and opened the lid and there he laid, eyes open and looking at me.

"Well hello, sleeping beauty," I joked and he frowned at me and sat up, stretching.

"Ah, I'm so stiff," he complained, cracking his knuckles and neck and I pulled him up out of the casket and he climbed out of the hole.

He sure had alot of energy, and he was flitting around. Yeah, alot of pent-up energy. Guess that's what happens when your knocked out for a day or three.

"Gah, it feels so good to feel the cool air," he said happily, finally standing still and I chuckled, and he turned to me and I couldn't read the expression on his face.

He moved close to me and held my wrists and I tried to pull away, but my arms still were sore from shoveling all of the dirt. He leaned in close and licked my ear and I tried not to react even if I wanted to groan softly.

"I'm getting you back."

I looked at him and he smirked, moving me onto the ground and kissed me hard. I kissed back with as much force and he sucked on my bottom lip, finally causing a moan to release from me. He forcefully opened my mouth with his and our tongues went to war, battling it out as his body pressed hard onto mine.

"Your not... gonna get away with this," I said when we finally pulled away and he tilted his head to the side, his voice getting deeper, huskier.

"We'll see about that leopard," he half-moaned and rolled his hips onto mine and I gritted my teeth, still trying to break free from his hold.

It was pitiful how hard I was struggling to gain control, and due to the lack of real rest I had gotten added to the weak factor. He couldn't be in control, I was always in control.

"Mmm. Steve your so quiet. Let me fix that..." he whispered and sucked on my neck and I gritted my teeth, pleasure running through me.

I had made the mistake of letting a moan leave me and he sucked harder and I couldn't control it, I was moaning frequently now. I was losing it, I was losing this battle. I couldn't lose it, I had to win...

He bit at my neck and I grunted, realizing he had broke skin and his tongue was running along the wound feverishly, in a rush. I realized now that I was moaning louder and pressing my body roughly into his as his hips continued to grind against me.

"Shit..." I groaned and without effort he pinned my hands above my head and I glared at him.

"Aw, Steve. Why the long face? I told you, I'm getting you back," he said innocently but there was a smirk on his face and I tried using my strength to move onto him but it didn't work.

At this moment he was in control and his hands ran along my chest and he lifted my shirt up, licking from my collarbone down to my abdomen. I bit my lip, squeezing my eyes shut as he continued. If his hand wasn't holding up mine he would of got it, but I was practically helpless as he touched me.

He unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them slowly, sliding my boots off along with them. I felt blood rush to my face and he smiled at me, kissing me deeply. I bit his lip roughly and he moaned into my mouth and I bit his tongue, as well. He hissed and I sucked on the wound, and felt his hands caress my inner thigh.

"Fucking torture..." I groaned and he looked up to me, eyes shining.

"So you don't like the foreplay? You do it to me all the time," he said and as I stared him down he flashed me a sarcastic smile.

"I just want you to feel everything you have given me, Leonard," he said and I tossed my head back as he entered and I cried out in pain.

Shit, was it supposed to hurt this bad? I gritted my teeth as he continued to push in slowly and I gasped, my chest heaving. This was so painful... he didn't move for a second and let go of my hands and they laid there, not sure what to do next.

He began to move slowly and I groaned loudly and he leaned in closer to me, lifting my leg over his shoulder like I had done to him so many times. He had picked up a few things for he was moving faster now and I knew no matter how hard I wanted to hold it in, I was going to break the silence.

As a long moan released from inside of me he had either hand on the sides of me, his head tossed back as he moved. This felt... so good. I mean, I'd never tell him he was actually good at this, but damn, he moved with such precession I could of almost of came right then and there.

I opened my eyes slowly and saw that he was watching me with half-lidded eyes, moaning my name softly. His moans made me join him and I was panting and shaking at the pleasure. It felt so good as he thrusted, I gripped at his arm and he leaned in closer which made him push in deeper.

"Fuck..." I hissed and my back arched involuntarily and he ran his finger's through my hair, moaning.

What came next, though, was probably the most pleasurable feeling I could ever experience. I don't know what he had hit but it caused me to do something I would of never done: scream in pleasure. He watched me with wide eyes and I could feel my head tilt back and he pushed the spot again and another loud moan erupted from somewhere I wasn't comprehending.

It felt... so... fucking... good. I knew I lost control completely, so I didn't care how much of a bitch I looked. I wanted it now and bad and I looked at him and stuttered out his name and he pushed there again and thrust, aiming and hitting that pleasure spot.

I dug my nails into his back and he pushed in deeper and deeper, us both crying out each others names in the heat of the passion.

"Darren... shit..." I moaned and tossed my head to the side, closing my eyes tighly and dug my nails in deeper and he moaned and arched his back; this caused him to push in all the way and I felt my eyes roll back and I moaned even louder.

"Steve... you feel... so good..." he trembled, and even if it would normally bruise my pride, the pleasure took it all away.

"Darren..." I groaned and he pushed in roughly one more time before a blinding light filled my eyes and I moaned loudly, feeling him stop and grunt, groaning.

I laid there, panting with my eyes closed and I could hear him doing the same. He pulled out slowly and I bit my lip and laid there, chest heaving. I could feel my body drenched in sweat and I sat up slowly, almost falling back down.

"Steve?" he spoke softly and I looked up to him and saw that he was watching me with a small smile on his face.

I slicked my hair back from my face and felt another blush creep up to my cheeks. He kissed my shoulder and laid his head there and I ran my finger's through his hair gently. I looked over to him and he smirked, moving in close.

"Admit it."

"Admit what?" I asked nonchalantly, trying not to meet his eyes.

"You liked it," he said and I shrugged my shoulders and he poked me in the side.

"You did. You were moaning for me, Steve. It was hot," he said, a grin on his face and I turned away from him, my face heating up even more.

"It was fine," I was able to manage out and he laughed, kissing my shoulder again and I stood up slowly, wobbling.

Geez, my ass was hurting...

"Steve..." he said quietly and I turned to look and realized that he was right there and he pulled my face close and kissed me deeply.

He wrapped his arms around my neck and when he pulled away he looked at me sleepily. I placed my hands on his waist and he then frowned and I looked at him confused.

"I'm hungry..." he grumbled and I sighed, laughing and pulling away and slid my pants back on, not worrying about boxer's cause I never wore them.

"Want me to do it?" I asked and he shook his head, a smirk on his face and slid on his shirt, pants then shoes.

"I want to do it."

I looked at him with a rose eyebrow and shrugged, slipping on my boots and tossed the shirt over my shoulder. He smirked again and kissed me before flitting off and I stood there, in shock. Did he just... leave me here?

I growled and followed his scent and it took me a good ten minutes to find him before I saw him against the tree, his mouth to a person's neck. He really went and hunt and fed without me? I couldn't lie, I was impressed.

"Darren..." I said and he pulled away and the girls body fell to the ground and he looked at me, licking the blood from his lips; she was trembling and I was amazed he even did this while she was alive, too. He was amazing me more and more tonight.

"Don't waste food," I said and he nodded, picking the girl up and I saw him practically suck her dry and tossed her body to the ground and I felt a not so nice smile tug at my lips and he motioned me over.

When I did come over, however he pulled me into a kiss and used his tongue to open my mouth and that familiar warm liquid we both craved slid down my throat. I lifted him up and he wrapped his legs around my waist and I backed his body into the trunk of the tree.

I had given in to him, just as he had for me.


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