First story loaded her. Whoo!


Pitch Benson fell back upon her bed in anger because probably the most horrible, indescribable thing on the history of this planet had happened to her: boredom.

That's right; the great Pitch, who had scaled mountain, trees, crags, fences, and at some point a house and conquered what most people can only dream of, who had conquered heights and juvenile prison, was defeated by boredom. Oh, the irony.

Anyways, she had tried anything possible in her grasp: TV, doodling, videogames, scaling a nearby tree, and seeing if anyone was home. Nobody except one was: Griffin.

Now, before you ask why she was bored when she could have called him, she had thought of, but what you did not know was that she was nervous. Secretly, she really liked him, but was to afraid to say anything about. After all, they were only in seventh grade.

Finally, she got an idea, and ran downstairs. Her parents were sitting in the living room with her older sister and brother. Alexander was seventeen and Victoria was fifteen, and they were watching the DaVinci Code with the adults.

"Hey, Mom, Dad," she asked coming down the stairs. "Can I go to the wall with a friend?"

"Sure," her mom agreed looking at her, "but may I ask who with?"

"Uh, I was gonna ask Griffin," she said uncertainly. "Why?"

"I had a feeling you would," her dad replied trying not to laugh, but Victoria laughed.

"Oh, Pitch has got a crush!" Her face reddened, "I do not!"

"Denial is the first step, sis!" Xander said. Pitch rolled her eyes.

"You're one to—" she started.

"—just call your friend, Pitch," her mom laughed. Pitch stuck out her tongue and grabbed the phone. Running back up to her room, she fumbled while dialing in the number.

She was nervous. The only times she had called was to ask about homework and to tell him she ratted it out… not that she like it.

Finally, she pressed the end button and connected he call. She heard ringing on the other line, and after about five, Mr. Bing answered.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Hey, Mr. Bing, it's Pitch!" she said into the phone.

"Oh, hey, Pitch. I'll get griffin," he said before the line went silent. There were muffled voices in the background before she heard griffin voice: "Hello?"

She froze.

"Uh, Pitch? You, there?" he asked. Pitch shook her head.

"Oh, yeah, hey, sorry I got sidetracked," she rambled.

He laughed, "Yeah, you do that sometimes."

She smirked, "Whatever, anyways, I wondered if you wanted to hangout. I'm bored."

"What, Melissa and Savannah not available?" he asked.

"No, nobody's home; Savannah's at a rally, Melissa's out of town, Ben's also out of town, and Logan's at an audition," she explained. He sighed.

"Good, 'cause now I don't feel like a last resort. Actually, wait, I am!" he exclaimed.

"So, are you up for it?" she asked. "You want to go to the wall?"

He thought for a moment, "Yeah, sure. Pick me up in ten, kay?"

"Sure, see ya'," she said as she hung up and fell onto her bed happily.