So this takes place right after Eona, Ryko and Lady Dela meet up with Tozay by the river, outside the Dragon circle. And as we all know, that's where Eona tells Tozay that she is a girl and the Mirror Dragon is actually female. Reviw from book:

"So, a dragon had the sense to choose you after all, my lord." (Tozay)

"She did." I said.

His eyes widened. "She?"

"Yes." I took his hand and stepped into the boat. "But I am not Lord Eon. Not anymore. I am Eona, the mirror Dragoneye." I looked up at the black smoke that hung over the palace and Dragon halls, then turned my attention back to the startled man beside me. "And I want to join your resistance."

Walking in the streets, I couldn't help but feel anxious. I was going to see Prince, well it should be emperor, Kygo today, again. It had been almost three months since I last saw him and almost three months since Lady Dela, Ryko and I met Tozay by the river to escape from Sethon and his soldiers.

We had met Tozay near the river and I had told him the mirror dragon was female, and that so was I. He had been quiet for a while as the other man with him started rowing the boat, maneuvering it up the river. Finally Ryko had spoken, even though it caused him great pain "whe-where are we going?"

"To safety. We'll follow this river and till it leads us to a point near the forest. We will be safe there. Don't worry my friend."

"Eona." Ryko winced in pain "you should dress as a woman. No one will-." he launched into a coughing fit. "no one will suspect you are the Mirror Dragoneye even if we get caught."

"Perhaps, but not yet. You are dressed as a man and I am sure we will be safe until we reach the forest and stay hidden." Tozay said, breaking out of his initial shock.

I nodded. Even though it was a time of great worry, I could not bring myself to be depressed by the fact that Sethon had wne for now and we were being forced to flee. My Dragon had healed me and I wasn't crippled anymore. I had somehow turned Ido heart, and something told me he wasn't an enemy, for the time being at least. Yes, I was a girl, and I was joining the resistance to fight the new emperor who had stolen the throne from his own nephew. I remember thinking about Kygo then, hoping and praying for his safety.

"Who else other than us knows about you? About your true identity?" asked Tozay. "Not the enemy of course?"

" Ido knows, but I wouldn't call him an enemy, nor an ally." I'd continued quickly before he could interrupt. "We changed his heart somehow, my Dragon and I. He actually helped us escape from the soldiers."

"Yet you say you would not consider him an ally, a wise choice, for neither would I. Anyone else?"

"His highness knows, I told him before the battle started. Do you, by any chance, happen to know what happened to him?" I hadn't been able to keep the urgency from my voice.

"I can't say. I sent a few messengers to meet him and his guards. He has the choice to join the resistance. If he does, good, if he doesn't, then he will make an enemy out of us and Sethon. A foolish choice, but I am confident the Prince will join us."

"Yes…" I glanced towards the man rowing the boat. I had almost forgotten about him. Was he trustworthy? Would he keep my secret?

Almost as if sensing my inner dilemma, Tozay spoke. "This is Chuzan (couldn't think of a name so I just made one up :D) He is one of my most trusted men, he can be trusted to keep your secret."

Chuzan bowed. "It is an honor to meet you, my Lord." I was about to protest when Tozay spoke. "It would be best to keep addressing you that way Eon, you never know what could happen."

"Of course."

After that we sat in silence. We traveled a bit before reaching a point where Chuzan stopped the rowboat, and offering a hand to Lady Dela, got out. Tozay had motioned me to follow them while he helped Ryko. We had walked into the forest where Chuzan made a low bird signal and then we seen someone lighting a lamp and heading our way.

"Chuzan? Tozay? That you?"

"Aye my friend. We have returned."

He came closer and his eyes landed on me. "Ah…"

"Have the preparations been made?" Tozay asked.

"Yessir. I will explain but not out here. Tents have been put for the Lord and his err guards and my men will treat the injured." the man had said, his eyes landing on Ryko.

"Very well. Let us go." Chuzan had taken Ryko's free arm and slung it over his shoulder, while Tozay supported him from the other side. We had followed him forward, deeper into the forest. Finally we'd arrived at a campsite. A few tents had been set up there beside the trees, carefully hidden. Had it not been for the small lamps here and there, I would never have been able to spot them. A number of men sat in a circle, keeping watch. They all stood as we approached. Greetings and introductions were exchanged before Ryko had been taken to one of the tents to be treated. Lady Dela and I had been led to a tent followed by afew of the men and Tozay.

"We will follow the river to this location. Here we will split up and meet at this small fishing village. Soldiers are probably looking for us but if we depart at dawn we should be alright." Said one of the men. We had discussed our plans so, after a few hours of rest, we could depart immediately. The men who we had followed into the tent were some of Tozay's most trusted men. They had been told my identity and the events that occurred that night. There had been exclamations, and cries of outrage but but by the end of the night they had finally calmed down.

"And with all due respect, my lady, it would be best if you travelled as a woman and changed your disguise when we reach the village- it would attract less attention. After all no one would suspect you as the Mirror Dragoneye even if the people in that village are our allies."

"I agree." Another had said.

"That would be wise, yes." Said Tozay

"Very well then." I said, though at that moment I had thought that I couldn't possibly wear a dress and act like a woman. I had spent far too much time as a boy and would be awkward in a woman's clothes

We had departed that morning and made it to the village by midmorning, tired and hungry. After being quickly ushered into an inn owned by someone a part of the resistance, we had been given a room and the others had left to attend to different matters or return to their families.

It was a simple room with two beds, a table and a pair of chairs, nothing fancy like the palace, but it felt safe, especially with Lady Dela there. Soon food had been brought to us: a steaming bowl of soup each with beef chops and bread and butter. We had eaten silently and quickly, eager to get some rest. A bath was prepared for me after that and Chuzain brought me two simple dresses, a night gown, a robe and a small bag to put my things in.

Gratefully, I entered the bathing room and took off my cloths, caked with mud and filth and reeking of sweat, sighing when I entered the water. The room was warm and filled with steam. I scrubbed myself clean and washed my hair-untangling all the knots in it before regretfully stepped out of the water which was now getting cold. Putting on the nightgown and the robe, I walked out of the room and entered my own. Lady Dela had already fallen asleep. I could hear her rhythmic breathing from across the room. I settled into the bed, so soft and warm, and fell asleep before my head even hit the pillows.

I had woken up some time later and was shown around the village by Tozay himself. He had told me not to trust anyone with the truth about my identity. The next day we had left for the Islands, the heart of the resistance. It had taken 3 weeks for us to get there because of the number of soldiers searching the cities and the countryside. We had almost been caught once but luckily we had split up with the men who we had been travelling with at the small fishing village. It was just Tozay, Lady Dela, Ryko, Chuzan and myself. The soldiers had been everywhere and two of them had thought of us as a suspicious looking group. But Tozay had smoothly talked our way out of their clutches. He had claimed Lady Dela was his wife and me his daughter (I had dressed up as a woman and Lady Dela had helped me practice walking in a dress or acting like a woman), Ryko his crippled brother (he still hadn't fully recovered from his injury) and Chuzan a family friend.

We had reached the Islands a week later and Tozay had taken us under his wind, letting me and Lady Dela stay at his house while Ryko, who had refused to sit idly despite his wound, had started working, helping Tozay and some other men work, fish, make weapons, whatever he could help with. I too was helping around the village, though always with an escort or a guard, someone who Tozay or Ryko trusted.

Now finally almost three months later I was finally going to see Kygo again. It had been reported to Tozay that Kygo and his guards along with some of Tozay's men were having a harder time getting to the Islands because of the increasing number of soldiers everywhere.

Now he was finally here. One of Tozay's spies had reported that they had reached the Islands and would join them in this town by morning. Around me people were rising to start work as the sun rose and a new dya began. I was startled out of my thoughts when beside me, Ryko shook my shoulder. When I looked at him he pointed towards the end of the street where I could see a group of horses and their riders, led by Tozay, heading towards his house. And there, as clear as day, I could see Kygo on is horse. He had become thinner, yet the few weeks on the road had made him seem stronger and more muscular, older. Suddenly he looked up and saw me watching him. I quickly moved my hair to cover my face, hoping he didn't recognized me. When I looked up again, he was still looking at me but then he shifted his gaze, but suddenly his posture was stiffer and not as relaxed as before. I knew he had recognized me. How? I don't know. I was dressed as a woman and my hair had grown longer, reaching my waist. Yet I was sure he had recognized me the moment our eyes met.

And now he was heading into Tozay's home. Great, we would be living under the same roof. Wonderful! (note sarcasm).Just wonderful...

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