Strange Little World

AN: Spoilers for the Fake Karakura Arc. All you need to know is that Hiyori rushes at Aizen, and gets brutally injured by Gin. And she was, like, on death's door, and Shinji is all crying and torn up. Thus, I felt a great need for ShinYori fluff. And yes, I know some people don't like her, because 'cuz she beats people up, but she's adorable. And she and Shinji only bicker because neither has the nerve to jump the other's bones. So there you go XD.

It was way too quiet in the warehouse. Lisa had cooked dinner and all the Vizards ate without really tasting it. Hiyori usually cooked, and it was just another sad reminder that she wasn't well. She was too sick to cook. Plus, Hiyori was able to make something edible and Lisa spent too much time reading questionable magazines to learn any real culinary skills. Kensei was nursing a black eye, since he had voiced such a thought.

Hachi had eaten his dinner, being a polite as he was, but the Pepto-Bismol haired man looked anything but well. Between his battle with the creepy second Espada Barragon, and having to watch Hiyori while she waited to be healed, he had had a pretty full few days. At least he had gotten his arm back, right? It was important to stay positive.

If the atmosphere in the empty warehouse got any more angsty, it would have been a teen novel.

Mashiro even looked sad, and it was foreign to see the hyper, green-haired gal in such a state. Rose, Love, and Kensei all sat around looking lost. Well, Rose looked bored too, but he didn't have a manga to read today.

None of them were as worked up as Shinji. All while Unohana had been healing Hiyori, he had hovered until he drove the Fourth Division's Captain crazy. And while Hachi was in charge of administering her pain pills, Shinji knew for certain that her next dosage would be due in exactly one hour and fifty-three minutes.

He blamed himself for her injuries. He had told her not to let herself get provoked by Aizen, and that Aizen was excellent at provoking people. And yet, he was so surprised when she rose to his bait. Gin had intervened at that point like the little lackey he was. Shinji really hated that guy.

What's the point of having a huge ass bankai like that? So flashy. A huge and flashy bankai was as bad as a guy driving a pimped out ride. Overcompensating for something, maybe? Shinji laughed. They all gave him strange looks. Pacing around scowling and then suddenly laughing looked a little odd, don't it?

Hiyori was lucky to be in one piece. Her injuries were severe, and she shouldn't have lived within minutes of receiving them, much less have survived long enough to get healed.

And yet, she was upstairs. Asleep, bruised, bandaged heavily, and drugged up on painkillers. Alive.

She was a tough cookie, that Hiyori was. Rough around the edges, tomboyish and a little childish, but she was strong.

Shinji hadn't been hit by a sandal in a few days and that in itself felt strange. She made his nose bleed daily. In various ways. She weren't like most girls that Shinji got into. For one, she wasn't stupid. And she didn't act like a tramp. She had a backbone. Sure, she beat him up, but he usually provoked her. Plus, she looked kinda cute when she was angry.

She could also take him in a fight, and not even feel bad. Still, she wasn't indestructible. Maybe that's why he had freaked out so badly when she had gotten injured. Because Hiyori faced the world with her middle finger in the air. She had conquered her inner hollow just like all of them had. Hiyori could take care of herself in this nasty little world. People like her didn't die. They couldn't, it was just weird.

"Stop pacing, Shinji. You're making me nervous," Lisa chided.

"Go visit her, if you want to so much. She's sleeping," Kensei instructed gruffly.

"You're all just a bunch of nosy ol' ladies," Shinji teased. He took their advice anyways, and when he reached her bed, he wasn't smiling anymore. She looked small. Yeah, she wasn't even four and a half feet, and she was skinny, but he didn't pay much attention to her size. He had seen her asleep before and he didn't like it. That was back when they had first hollowfied and they all slept a lot. Sleep came easily when you were exiled, and emotional. Her hollow had taken sixty-nine minutes to get a hold of, and she had worn herself out. He hadn't seen her asleep since then. People as private as Hiyori didn't sleep in front of people unless she was dead tired. She looked like a little girl, and not in the typical way she did. She usually looked like a bratty girl scout who was trying to twist your arm into buying cookies. Now, she looked like a little girl, little girl. And he hated it.

Nah, he didn't hate it. She wasn't bad looking. The snaggletooth was a little weird, but that wasn't her fault, right? Lisa even thought she was cute. Not hot, but cute like a Lolita.

What crap. She had those stupid brown eyes, and the stupid freckles, and the snaggletooth. Hiyori had those stupid ponytails, and the tiny hands, and the little breasts…. and…. Yeah. Fine. She was cute. She was really cute. So what?

Hiyori snored lightly, bringing Shinji out of his weird train of thought. Shinji stared at her, and couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. Feeling like a stupid mother hen, he touched her forehead. And immediately shouted for Hachi.

"It seems that she has an infection from her wound. I suspect she has a fever of around 103," Hachi explained, "I don't know of any healing techniques for fever, so I've pick something out for her at a human store."

"Naw, we probably have something around." Shinji disappeared and rummaged about. He returned with some medicine.

"Children's Fever Reducer?" Hachi read the label in disbelief.

"She's small. They got weight limits on stuff. She ain't quite big enough for the regular stuff."

"Does she know?" Hachi gasped.

"She wouldn't take it if she did. Don't tell her."

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