Strange Little World

AN: This story, friends has reached its end. I'm been so busy, that I have to focus on my grades right now. Thanks to everyone who reviewed and enjoyed. Hope this is a satisfying end ^^ Many people are offended by this pairing because Hiyori looks younger than him, so I had a little fun with that at Shinji's expense:p

The matchmaking plan lasted about a week. Not because Mashiro and Hachi felt guilty for meddling in their love life. Which they did. And it didn't end because they ran out of clever ways to push the two together. It ended because Shinji got arrested, and they needed to focus on gathering his bail money.

Lisa had taken Hiyori out for ice cream, and she and Mashiro decided to go shopping, an activity that their younger, and less feminine, comrade despised. They had conveniently called Shinji over to walk her home. A sweet, young, girl shouldn't walk home with injuries, should she? Needless to say, Shinji had jumped to the bait.

As legend has it, after she had thoroughly beaten him with her slipper, and told him that she could walk home by herself, the two had actually started talking.

Hiyori was wearing her hair down today, and her normal sweats. She looked less like a little girl and more like a teenage girl. Naturally, she was quite a bit older than that.

Lisa was glad that she looked older. Shinji had been a captain when she had been a young Lieutenant, and she had always suspected that it was the age difference that kept Shinji from making a move. But a 100 year difference or so wasn't that bad.

A hundred years was less than 10 for them. Why that Kuchki girl and Ichigo had some major chemistry and she was ten times his age. They were all dead anyways, so what did it matter if there was an age difference? Honestly Hiyori looked to be 20 years his junior in human years, but that only had to do with appearances. In Shinigami years, they were both consenting adults. And that was why Lisa was shocked when she got a call from the police station.

"Shinji Hirako. No identification, no proof of residency, no driver's license. Just who the hell are you? Just tell me who you are, and we can try and settle this."

"Shinji Hirako."

"Nice try." The cop scoffed. Well, the fat cop. The skinny and toupee wearing cop in the corner said nothing. He was the bad cop. The fat one was the good cop.

"He's a pedophile. I can see it in his eyes." Said his companion, adjusting his fake hair so he could glare at him. Shinji snorted.

'What's that smart guy?"

"I ain't no pedophile. I'm a nice guy. That girl I was at the ice cream parlor with is older than she looks."

"How old is she?" Shinji paused. Well she was, near his age, and he was a 150, right? Wait maybe he was older than that. How many years did he have on her? And how much is that in human years? Oh crap. Is he a creepy older dude in this world and not in Soul Society? Or was he creepy for being attracted to her in both? God this sucks!

"I asked you how old she was." The officer repeated coldly.

"I don't know." Shinji sighed. This wasn't going well.

All of this had started because of that stupid lady that had kept watching them at the shop. Shinji had been talking to Hiyori, about why the flavor of ice cream she had bought was the worst flavor of ice cream ever, and she was arguing that pistachio was in fact, delicious. Which is wasn't, but whatever. This lady was just staring. So Shinji had given her a little clue that they needed privacy. He had kissed Hiyori on the cheek and she had hit him and called him a pedophile. She had been half serious of course, as their true age difference was smaller than it looked. But the lady had swooped in and taken Hiyori seriously.

Thus, the good cop bad cop routine. And since neither of them could prove much of anything about themselves, they couldn't clear it up.

"Lemme in!" Hiyori banged on the door and then let herself in. The cops glared at the interruption, then softened as they realized that she was their "victim".

"Don't worry miss. We'll get him put away."

"I don't want him put away!" Hiyori snapped.

"She relates to her captor, Sarge. That's how this type of thing works." One whispered to the other. Hiyori stood gaping.

"Ya think he kidnapped me? Naw, he didn't! And I'm older than I look anyways! So cut him loose, he didn't do nothing."

"If he didn't do nothing then he did something."

Hiyori charged at the cop, sandal in hand.

And that was how she got arrested. Today really sucked. In time Hachi arrived, the rest of the Vizards in tow. Hachi calmly explained everything to the cop, and then headed toward where Hiyori and Shinji were being held. Lisa followed him.

"We have to pay $400 for the both of you. We have that, but it would be unwise to spend it on something that wasn't a necessity." Lisa explained.

"Not necessary! We can't sleep in here!" Shinji shrieked. "And if we have that money we can get out!"

"We don't have that much." Hachi sighed guiltily. "And you two will be released by morning."

"Are you guys serious!" They shouted in unison.

"You need to watch over her, Shin-Chan! I bet some of the people in there really are pedophiles!" Mashiro informed him. They were being held with a few other people for the night.

"Sleep well! And kiss her again, but not on the cheek." Mashiro chirped. They all nodded their approval at this. Rose winked at Shinji and Love made a kissy face.

Their group left. Hiyori was sitting dumbstruck. Then she spoke.

"Well? I'm waiting."


"I'm not really too young for you. So do what Mashiro says."

"You want me to kiss you? Right after being arrested for possibly kidnapping you, and in front of a bunch of random jailbirds?"

"Did I stutter? Do it, before I make you!"

"You really know how to romance a guy, you know that?" Shinji remarked sarcastically, before kissing her before she could respond.

It was the perfect first kiss in her opinion. Not too aggressive, and plenty gentle. Maybe they could kiss next in private.

"Can I have a turn?" Their fellow tattooed inmate asked curiously, giving her a toothy smile from behind his beard. Hiyori winced.

"No! Get your own girl to kiss!"

"Asshole! You don't own me!"

"Eh? I didn't mean it like that Hiyori! Oww!"

Thus was the start of their strange little world together.

AN: I will not be sad that it's over. Ok, just a bit. Later!