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BPOV: (Age thirteen)

As I walked down the hallway, I kept my eyes locked on the floor, watching each pair of expensive, newly polished shoes pass me. Mocking me. I held back the sting in my eyes and tried to run my callused hands through my knotted hair.

Suddenly, the loud bell rang, and I let out a yelp. Lifting up my head, I noticed only a few other kids were in the hall. This being my first day, halfway through the school year, I didn't know where any of my classes were. Taking a shaky breath, I walked up to them.

"Um, can you tell me where…Ms. Balker's room is?" I asked timidly as I read off of my class list. I looked up at them again, and they were glaring. I then realized I had picked the wrong kids to talk to.

"What kind of trash are you? Are you trying to ruin our school? Get out of here before we make you!" The more muscular girl, and not the prettiest by far, took a step towards me.

What should I do. I couldn't leave, but I'm too weak to fight. I took a step back, and turned away, but not towards the exit. I'm guessing that is not what they wanted.

I suddenly felt a painful grip on my shoulder. I turned just in time to see one of the boys fist to come at my face. In a split instinct reflex, I dropped my books, ducked the fist, and then hit him in the head with my worn book bag.

He hit the floor like a ton of bricks, and then the other boy, without me seeing, punched me in the nose.

As the blood quickly poured out my nose, I let out a yelp and tried to stop it from getting on any of my clothes. Looking around, I noticed I had hit the floor with his punch, and I heard other footsteps.

Lifting my head, I saw a muscular man, who looked to be no older than twenty, walk down the hallway. The moment he saw the scene, he moved into a jog. "What happened here?" He stood between me and the other kids. The boy I hit with my book bag was already back on his feet.

My nose kept bleeding, and I let out a muffled cry as I saw I was now covered in blood.

"She attacked me. I was just defending myself." The boy who I hit with the book bag quickly claimed, and then the boy who attacked me nodded.

"Then why is she the one on the floor bleeding, and you are all just standing there, missing class?" The older man crossed his arms, glaring at them.

"Well…She…" The stronger girl started to mutter.

"Get out of here. I will be talking to dr. Clention about this later." Then they were all gone.

He turned and squatted in front of me. "Are you okay? Geez, that's a lot of blood. Let me get you to the nurse." With him so close to my face, I noticed every detail of his face. Although I was only thirteen, he was still attractive.

Turning around, he quickly picked up my books and my book bag, then helped me up. He slowly started to guide me down the hall, towards what I hoped was the nurse's office. "My name's Mr. Cullen by the way. But you can call me Emmett."

I smiled weakly, still struggling to get the bleeding to stop. "Bella. Bella Swan."

"Here we are, the nurse's office. Come on." He opened the door, and I walked in. "Stacy, we need your help." He called off, and then sat me down on a cot in the back. "So, I haven't seen you around. I'm the guidance councilor." He smiled and leaned against the wall across from me. Although he was smiling, it appeared that he was under great stress.

"Today was my first day." I let out a soft whimper as the nurse walked up and placed a cold washcloth to my nose.

"Wow…Well if you want, you can come to my office if you want to talk. My door's always open." He smiled, pushed off the wall, but he then suddenly looked extremely pained. He then left the room, with a slight nod.

Once the bleeding stopped, I looked down at my shirt. It was an old, worn, plain gray shirt. It was about one or two sizes too big, but now covered in drying blood. I looked over at the nurse, silently begging for help.

"Do you have another shirt?" She took the washcloth from me and slowly started to rinse it out in the sink. I watched as the clear water hit the cloth, then fell below it in a light red.

"No. It's my first day here, and I don't have gym for another two months… Will I have to keep this shirt on?" I felt the shirt already start to stiffen from the drying blood.

"Well, I'm supposed to say yes. But you are a nice girl, and this wasn't your fault. Here." She walked into a closet and came back with a cardboard box. "I'm not supposed to give this to you, but no one has claimed any of this stuff in weeks. You find something, and I'll just turn the other way."

I smiled quickly, then got off the cot and moved to the box. Usually, lost and found clothes are the ones that kids loose on purpose. I wouldn't have minded that anyway, but these clothes were nice. I didn't want to take something really nice, but the worst one that would fit me was still beautiful.

Moving into the bathroom, I slid off my bloodstained shirt, and shoved it into my book bag. Sliding on the other shirt, I looked at myself in the mirror. The shirt was light gray, with some beach's name on it, and fake paint splatters.

My hair was completely knotted, and frizzy. Sighing, I reached into my book bag and started to search. Finally, I pulled out a rubber band and sighed. Was it worth risking breaking this? I could always get another one from a teacher. Alright, that is what I will do if needed.

Swiftly, I flipped my head over, and pulled it all up into a high ponytail, then looked at myself in the mirror again. Not great, but better.

Zipping up my book bag, I sighed, and slid it back onto my shoulder. Walking out of the nurses office, I smiled as sweetly as I could. "Thanks."

"Any time." She was putting back the cardboard box, and smiled at me over her shoulder. "Oh, wait. Do you need a pass? Of course you do. Here." She rested the box on her leg and reached into her pocket. She then pulled out a blue pass and held it out to me. "I have them signed ahead of time, and the teachers don't care if anything else is filled out. Here."

I walked up and took the pass, nodding slightly. "Thanks." I then left and tried to find my way to my locker.

As I found my way to my locker, I tried to take in the atmosphere of the school. Clearly, I didn't belong here. Everything was new and expensive, none of which I would ever be like. The first thing that came into my mind was the saying, a diamond in the ruff. Well, I was more like a piece of dirt in a expensive jewelry store.

Finally, I made my way to my locker, and put everything in, then ran off to my class.

I kept my head down in all of my classes, and tried to not be noticed. For the most part it worked. Some of my teachers forced me to stand in front of the class and say a few words, but for the most part, no one knew I was new.

Then it was lunch, the part I really wish I could just skip over. After standing in many seemingly endless lines, I stood with my tray in my hands, looking for a seat. I sadly couldn't find one.

An idea came to my mind. What about Emmett? He seemed nice. It would be awkward, but maybe I could find some sort of friend here.

Before I knew what I was doing, I found myself at a door marked guidance councilor Emmett Cullen. I didn't know how I got there, but I gently knocked on the door.

"Come in!"

Cracking open the door, I looked in. "Um…I'm sorry, but can I come in?"

Emmett smiled at me and stood up from behind his desk and opened the door fully. "Of course! Come in, come in. What can I help you with?"

I sat down on a far chair and sighed. "Well…I'm different than everyone else. And I wanted to talk to someone…"

Emmett nodded and then sat back down behind his desk. "I understand. I'm a little different. If you ever need want to talk, I'm here." He smirked, leaned back in his chair, and put his feet up on the desk.

I started to slowly eat my lunch, and smiled. Okay, so he's cute, funny, and nice. This could work out.

Hope you like it! Since I wrote my book, I'm now working on another professional novel, so I will be slow, but will continue to write, hopefully. Please review!