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Part XVI

Yugi's entire world shattered. Those words echoed dreadfully in his ears. The silence that followed was more terrible than a scream. The pendant around his neck felt so heavy he started to choke. The kimono and obi that had been stitched with so much love suddenly turned to heavy chains. The ground beneath him no longer felt solid. Gravity no longer held him place. Nothing was stable. But, instead of spinning and spiraling out of control, everything froze; like time suddenly stopped, taunting him with that single perfect moment he wanted to stay in for eternity. Then just when he was convinced that was exactly what would happen, like a rock through the window, everything shattered. Shattered into thousands of puzzle pieces. Only this puzzle could never be put back together, and the realization made Yugi so sick he could barely move. The realization that he'd never been anything more than a temporary guest in a magical land where all his dreams could come true. How childish that sounded now. Like a wonderful dream. A dream he now had to wake up from.

"I don't want to wake up" he whispered.

"What?" Yami's voice echoed like thunder in his ears. As that moment, Yugi realized he hadn't moved. His hands were still folded in his lap, his shoulders still shaking and his eyes were still glued to his lap. At the touch of Yami's soft hand on his shoulder, Yugi's shaking got worse. His dry eyes became wet with tears. Rivers poured down his cheeks before he could stop him. He tried to wipe them away but his hands wouldn't move. Each drop hit his trembling fingers like a block of ice.

"Yugi?" His body didn't fight as Yami lifted his chin to face him. The warmth in Yami's eyes. The trust. The love.

"I don't wanna wake up!" Yugi screamed and threw Yami's hands away. He burst from the room, tears and darkness clouding his vision. He ran from the castle. The freezing night air turned his tears into diamonds once they left his face. Ice frosted his damp cheeks. He ran as fast as he could, but the thick snow quickly ensnared his boots causing him to stumble. Yugi screamed and scrambled to catch himself, but he lost his footing and collapsed face first in the snow. He pulled himself into a ball and cried. He didn't get up. Instead, he folded his arms under his face and burst into tears.

Yami hadn't moved since Yugi ran out. The room retained a deadly silence until Yugi left. Now the room was loud with dissent voices. Un-unanimous arguments echoed throughout the revelry. Capricious by nature, especially at such an outrageous display of one so close to their king, the courtiers and peasants alike responded with catcalls and screams. Those in protest became piqued by the challenge, all of them now seriously at odds.

"Unfair!" some cried. "Poor sport this!" others spat equally vehement. Many were genuinely upset and others were convulsed with laughter. Soon, the disharmony of the company affected their surroundings. The spell the King cast began to shift with his own growing agitation. The walls began to lose their shape, the glamour faltered, and the castle returned to its aged, disintegrating form. A mirror of the King's heart.

"ENOUGH!" The King's commanding scream silenced the room in a single moment. Eyes suddenly fell on him but the King's sharp glare made them all look away.

"Papa?" Syrus was the only one who dared to speak, but his voice was barely above a whisper.

"Stay here." Yami commanded with a fatherly authority, gentler than the tone he used as King.

"But dad-" Chazz cut in, but his father cut him off.

"Stay here." He spun around with harsh eyes. His tone held no room for argument. "No one leaves until I get back."

He left without another word. All four wings bristled with emotion. The castle falling back into its ruined state the moment he left. Silence echoed dreadfully, disheartening the celebration. Ghostly, the courtiers began to retreat one by one from the feast, for fairies did not do well in places of gloom, especially if the gloom was not their own. Soon, following their King and patriarch's order, only the royal family remained.

"Why did you do that?" Chazz snapped at the snow leopard unable to contain himself any longer.

The cat turned on her heels and growled: her fur bristled with anger at such an accusation. "I only acted in accordance with my status! The Storm has ended, thus there is minimal time before the boundary restores itself. How was I supposed to know he would react in such a manner?"

"That still doesn't…" Chazz protested but his uncle cut him off.

"No, she's right," Mahado's voice, uncharacteristically calm, interrupted. "There is no exact estimate as to when the boundary restores itself or when the storm ends. It's crucial Luna inform the Frost King of the storms progress as soon as possible. It is our own fault for forgetting that this is inevitably what would happen."

His words dropped like a stone in a well. The unsaid reasoning reared itself with a punishing dread.

"But…Yugi could still stay right?" Syrus asked meekly. "He's happier here, isn't he?"

"Happier than he was in his world that's for sure." Chazz added surprising everyone since he'd been the most pessimistic about the situation before. "He said so himself."

"Yeah," Jaden chirped with fake optimism. "And we can make him happy, right? Happier than he was before?"

"Course we can, he's family." It was Jesse's turn to talk.

Optimism returned to their eyes. Their words tap-danced around the real issue. Mahado's posture betrayed no emotion to counter or approve of their declarations. Across the room, Mana's nails scraped against the table. The happy chirps of her nephews were laced with lies trying to convince themselves more than anyone else that things could simply fix themselves. Finally, her fists slammed loudly against the table, echoing commandingly against the empty room and she rose to her feet, facing her startled brother and nephews with wild eyes burning with brutal honesty.

"This isn't about what makes him happy! It never was! The fact is he can either choose to stay here with us, or he can return to his friends and family in his world. That's it! There's no middle ground!" The conviction in her voice was like a whip lash to the side.

"Don't say that!" Jaden protested.

"Don't you want Yugi to stay with us?" Jesse accused.

Mana snorted. "Of course I do," she crossed her arms and sat on the table. "But in the end it doesn't really matter what I want does it?" Their disgruntled faces answered their questions. "It depends on whether or not Yugi's strong enough to live with the choice he makes."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Chazz demanded.

"Think about it," Mahad said "the reason the Frost King erases the memories of humans is for their sake rather than ours. If a human chooses to return to the real world it's to remove the longing they feel for this one, simply because the human world has too many faults. Likewise, if a human chooses to stay here they would eventually forget their human life completely to prevent the incoming pain. The result is that regardless of what one chooses they can continue to live their life blissfully content. Yugi doesn't have that option. If he keeps his memories then he either has to leave behind his grandfather and his friends or he has to leave the man and family he loves."

"But Yugi's family would want him to be happy right?" Jaden bit his lip desperately, but he looked away as if saying out loud didn't sound as good as it did in his mind.

"Perhaps, but if he stays then neither he nor they will ever get closure." Mahado added. "Yugi would always feel guilty about causing his family the pain and suffering of never knowing what happened to him, even if they believe he's dead, they would never have closure. Who's to say they won't waste their lives looking for him? And, of course, they love Yugi as much as we do, perhaps more. Even if they knew he was happy, I doubt they would be alright with never seeing him again."

"Not one day goes by where I wish mother hadn't left." Mana said, he voice soft with regret. "When you think about it, there is really no argument any of us can give without sounding selfish, even Yugi."

They wanted to protest, in their hearts even Mana and Mahado wanted to protest, but the evidence stacked against them like a wall of metal, iron spikes and barbed wires that glared menacingly as if daring them to cross it. The horrible truth laid at their feet in a way none of them could deny. "Regardless of what choice he makes, he loses everything."

Yugi wasn't sure how long he laid there crying but he couldn't bring himself to do much else. Even if he managed to stand, he was too exhausted to actually move. Knowing he couldn't stay there especially with the threat of frost bite nipping at his skin, he tried to force himself into a kneeling position but his knees and elbows buckled beneath him. Before he could fall two hands gently caught his arms and helped him to sit up. Knowing exactly who it was, he welcomed the embrace and weakly allowed himself to be lifted to his feet. He wiped his eyes of blurriness, brushed the cold from his cheeks and looked to confirm the identity of his helper.

The Frost King stared at him with sad eyes and a small frown that faded back and forth into a smile. Neither of them spoke, as if putting it into words would make the situation they both dreaded real. Instead, Yami pulled Yugi into his arms and held him against his chest. Yugi buried his tearing face into the King's chest and held him tightly. The King's frosty body felt surprisingly warm and comforting in the freezing winter night. They tried desperately to ignore the ultimatum lingering in the air.

When the unbearable silence became too much, the Frost King finally spoke. "You don't have to go, you know." Yugi's eyes flew open at his words and jumped back to look at him. "You could stay." He tried to sound neutral but there was a hopefulness in his voice that made Yugi see red. He shoved the King away, his face red with rage and scrunched in a scowl.

"And then what, Yami? Go about my merry little day, having fun, making-love and partying until I pass out, and ignore the fact that my grandpa is probably dying from the fear of wondering where I am while Joey and Tristan are looking all over the country for me? They all probably think I'm dead, Yami! Dead! And I can't even tell them that I'm living a dream!" Yugi screamed and screamed until he grabbed his head, laced his fingers in his hair and wrenched the locks tightly. Tears spilling from his tight eyelashes "They'll spend their whole lives looking for me, 'cause they'll never know what happened to me! You don't know them like I do they won't give up! I can't do that to them, Yami. I can't!"

The Frost King remained silent due to his heart shattering, but the more he heard Yugi speak the more his pain began to morph. With each crack of his heart, a cold fragment twisted with anger and hate. "Sounds like you already made your choice." His voice was dangerously cold.

Yugi released his hair and held his hands at his sides. His wiped his eyes and looked up. "I never had a choice."

"Of course you did!" The King spat. "You always had a choice."

"Yeah, to stay or lose my memory" Yugi spat back "It's that simple, remember" he quoted the King just as coldly as Yami had when he first explained the details of his terrible dilemma. "News flash! It's not simple! It's not in any way simple!"

"It is if you choose the one you want" Yami protested, his dedication was fierce though his argument was weak. "You can't control what happens to everyone else, Yugi. You have to do what you want, if staying or going back will make you happy than do it! Your friends and family will just have to understand."

"Oh right?" Yugi retorted, "They'll understand that I'm living a dream while they're all dying from broken hearts looking for me? I get a fairy tale paradise and they get to wallow in their misery, that's not selfish!" Sarcasm dripped from each word like venom from a poisonous snake.

With each angry word, Yami felt his connection to Yugi twist with hate, each memory, each smile, each touch, each conversation, only seemed to fuel his pain and in reaction his anger. "So that's it?" Venom poisoned his words, Isis' warning coming back crystal clear to haunt him. His earlier passionate protests defending their relationship now seeming like the childish actions of a weak little boy in love, only to have his broken by the cold slap of reality. "After everything, you're just going to run away like a coward and throw away your own happiness? I thought you were better than that Yugi." The Frost King derided and turned around sharply.

"I'd be doing that anyway!" Yugi screamed, anger and furry causing him to lunge, furious that the King would dare turn his back to him. He grabbed Yami's arm harshly, causing the Frost King to hiss like a cat and move to attack in response but Yugi caught his arm and instead they both tumbled to the ground. The Frost King landed with his back pinned against the snow and Yugi kneeling on top of him, shaking with so much anguish he could barely contain himself. A damn of tears broke from his eyes, but his eyes burned with such furious fire that even the searing odium in the King's eyes couldn't shake him.

"You think this is easy for me? You think want to do this! The fact is I can't!" He screamed and cried and shook the King under him by his arms. "What am I supposed to do? Pack up and pretend my old life doesn't exist? Pretend I don't have friends and a family who love me and who are worried about me? Forget that I'm an international star and that the world is gonna be looking for me if I don't compete in the Olympics? Disappoint everyone in Japan who's counting on me? Just drop everything and leave and start over just 'cause I want to, like your mother did?"

The moment those words left his mouth the King's face dropped from searing rage to one of blank shock. Every drop of betrayal and resentment vanished into memory of that dark and terrible time he wanted nothing more than to eradicate from his memory. At that moment, Yugi burst into tears and threw his vulnerable person into the mercy of the King's arms, and screamed against his chest. Yami didn't move to comfort him, however, still frozen in the awful realization of what he was asking.

As fairies it was so easy to be selfish and to ask and expect the same from others. How often the fairies forgot or perhaps chose to ignore things that promised discord unless it affected them directly. Ishizu's words again came to him as a warning, but this time their meaning rang crystal clear and his head and he shook with disgust, not at Yugi, but at himself for nearly succumbing to the very thing that damned his mother and for trying to subject Yugi to the bloody trail of tears and heartbreak that she had left in her wake. His arms flew to wrap around Yugi, and he pulled him close and moved to whisper soothing comforts in his ear. Tears of his own spilled for the first time in decades forming nearly invisible streaks against his snow white skin.

"I'm sorry, Yugi. I'm so sorry!" Yami stuttered apologies. "I'm so sorry, I meant none of those things, I take the oath, I didn't. Damn me to the depths for nearly repeating my mother's mistake."

"No, I'm sorry," Yugi rasped his voice raw from crying and screaming. "I never even stopped to think how hard this must be for you too." He paused to catch his breath, allowing them both to calm down. Yugi held Yami tighter, like he'd lose him forever if he let go.

Yami could only sigh and hold Yugi closer, determined to have him as close to his body as possible. He needed the closeness, needed it desperately. "You really are amazing, Yugi. Here I am, fifty three and the King of Fairies and my idea of love is still as selfish as it was when I was a child, and here you are ready and willing to forfeit your own happiness simply to spare everyone else pain."

Yugi shook his head. "That's not it." He admitted. "I want to stay…" he breathed and held Yami's face so their eyes were locked. "I want to stay here so much, I can't even describe it" He choked halfway through his sentence and his hands dropped to Yami's chest, his crying eyes followed. "I want to stay with you."

Yami's heart skipped a beat, and rushed to pull Yugi up, praying he hadn't been wishfully thinking and misheard the words. "Yugi…" No words came to him.

"I love you, Yami." Yugi gave a sweet, truthful smile. "I wanted to tell you before but…I love you, Yami. I've fallen so hard." Yugi hugged him tighter, leaving Yami to wallow in the joy of those words. He didn't want to say it before, when they were both angry and upset and their argument warped into every hurtful thing they ever felt for one another. But they'd calmed down, they'd let those negative emotions out and apologized for the hurtful things that they didn't mean. And once they were calm and able to think, Yugi wanted Yami to know how he really felt, especially if it would be their last night together.

"I don't wanna go…I don't wanna go!" Yugi cried over and over, until the King's kind words soothed his torn soul.

"Then don't. You don't have to go, you can still stay."

Yugi shook his head violently, not wanting to have this argument again. It would only cause them both more pain. "Don't" Yugi begged.

Understanding, Yami bit his lip to keep silent. For all his power and all his magic he felt utterly useless. Nothing he did could ease Yugi's anguish or his own. The cold was seeping deeper and deeper into them both. Yugi was visibly shaking from the cold. White frost froze his bright red cheeks and Yami rushed to warm them with his feathers. He pulled Yugi into the warmth of his robe and kimono. "Please…" he begged desperation drowned his voice. "Tell me what to do, Yugi? Tell me how I can make you happy? That's all I want to do."

The words froze Yugi in place. The meaning behind those words and the truth behind them hit him with such force he could barely comprehend it. It was like grasping the universe between your fingers and unknowing of what to do next, or realizing for the first time you could do something that should be impossible. The word being should.

"Anything?" Yugi choked his voice barely above a whisper.

Not trusting his voice Yami nodded fiercely then rasped out. "Anything, yes."

Yugi rose his head, tears streaked his cheeks. "Take me back to the palace," he said. "Then take me back to your room, and…hold me."

Yami blinked at the odd request, but his confusion vanished when he saw the tears continuing to fall from Yugi's eyes. "Hold me like it's the last time you'll ever see me."

Despite the horror in those words, Yami obeyed.

Their arrival was like a blur, neither remembered how or when they made it back to the King's palace but neither cared. The moment they entered the Frost King's chambers, away from the cold, away from the ultimatum, away from anything that could remind them of their fading time together. Only then did the dam of emotions break.

Yami pulled Yugi's shivering body into his arms and Yugi latched onto him with an anxiety only the King's touch could quench. They found the magnificent mattress ready and waiting for them. Gladly, it welcomed their weight once they fell against it. Yami left his robe on the floor. Their lips met in a kissed that poured every drop of their fears, love and passion into the other. The moment their hands moved to gain purchase of the other, the threads of the clothes snapped and retreated like a flock of birds evading a predator. True fairy cloth, the seams snapped and opened until their obi belts, kimonos and the underclothing they wore beneath fell from their naked flesh and reattached itself once they touched the floor. Yugi ended the kiss tentatively, but Yami seized Yugi by the shoulders and pulled him into a tight hug. Yugi reciprocated the action just as fervently and wrapped his arms around Yami's neck. With nothing left to shield them, he pulled him closer and pressed his naked flesh against the King's frosty body. The cold bit into his skin, but this time it only fueled his desire.

In response, Yami pushed Yugi against the bed who willing allowed himself to fall backwards, his arms spread like a crucifix. Yami laid himself against Yugi again, and propped himself on his elbows with his arm cradled over Yugi's head so he could kiss Yugi's forehead tenderly. Their fingers tangled together, tightly and remained like that. Yami leaned down to kiss Yugi adoringly, who earnestly returned the gesture. Neither of them held anything back. They couldn't. The deep seated fear of this being the last time they held each other like this, only fueled their passion. Yugi responded to Yami's kisses with fervent desperation, enclosing his lower lip over Yami's and sucking gently, allowing Yami's tongue to slip into his mouth. The action relaxed the youth and his limbs fell back against the bed allowing the kiss to break. Absently but with great familiarity, Yami pressed amorous kisses against Yugi's neck and collar, his palms smoothed up and down the curves of Yugi's naked sides. Yugi submitted to his pharaoh's treatment, moaning as he savored each touch.

But soon Yugi grew tired of the slowness, his need to be close to the King compelling him to take action. With an uncharacteristic growl, that surprised the King, Yugi leaned up and rolled Yami over and pushed him onto his back. Taking advantage of the King's surprise he trapped the King in a fierce kiss and massaged his biceps. His hands running up the King's back and shoulder blades. Yami arms clambered to purchase Yugi's body. His hands enclosed around Yugi's biceps like roots ensnaring dirt and pulled Yugi against his hard body to deepen the contact. Yugi shivered in response loving the way Yami pressed him closer, encouraging him to create more delicious friction.

Their hands and fingers roamed desperate to touch and hold. Their bodies moved against one another: writhing into every touch, every moan, sound and touch increasing their passion. No longer was this a desire but a need: a need to hold, a need to touch, a need to hear the other moan and say "I love you", a need to be one.

Their arms wrapped around the other, their bodies pressed flushed against each other, their limbs moving into a familiar rhythm they had perfected every time they'd made love.

"I love so much, my Frost King," Yugi said with desperate tears in his eyes, but they were bright with love and want. He wanted Yami. Wanted to stay in his arms, wanted to stay with him until the day he died.

Yami's heart leapt at the declaration, and he responded with a passionate kiss that sent Yugi reeling, but he responded by wrapping his arms around Yami's neck.

"Oh, my aibou" Yami hugged him closer, as Yugi shuddered trying to keep back the tears that threatened to fall.

"I don't want to leave you, Yami." Yugi clenched Yami's chest, and buried his face in the hard flesh. "I don't want to leave you, I don't."

"Then you won't have to," Yami kissed his tears away and pressed Yugi flush against the mattress, his arms tangled with Yugi's pinning them against the mattress and leaving Yugi at the mercy of the Frost King's loving kisses and the love bites he littered all across Yugi's collar and chest. Yugi threw his head to the side, loud gaps and hisses escaped him. The touches chilled his skin. Each one moved lower and lower, Yami's hands moving to stroke Yugi's hips and pelvis. Yugi screeched and hissed, his eyes closed tightly fighting back tears, as Yami teased his skin. His fingers stroked Yugi's pelvis; his lips teased Yugi's hips, navel, and thighs, leaving Yugi a hyperventilating mess, but Yugi didn't care. He wanted Yami. He wanted him like a drowning man wanted air to breathe.

"I won't ever let you go" Yami leaned up to kiss Yugi, just as his finger entered and encircled the guarded ring of Yugi's softness, quickly but gently, knowing Yugi disliked preparation. But Yugi needed to care, they both did, and he didn't want to cause Yugi pain, he wanted to please him, hold him, make him smile and never let him go.

Yugi scampered to hold onto Yami feeling his fingers inside of him. Yami held him tightly and soothed away his pain and his fears. "I want to be with you always…" He kissed Yugi's cheeks, forehead, tears and lips. "Even if that means I must let you go…"

"Don't," Yugi shook his head, hissing as Yugi's fingers probed him deeper and stretched him wider when he sat up. "Let's not talk about that or even think about it, this is about us. All I want is you" Yugi pressed his lips desperately against Yami's who pushed back with just as much fervor. Yami removed his fingers and they fell back against the bed. Yugi's legs spread wide with anticipated invitation, and Yami's hips slipped between them, his hardness seeking the tender warmth that was Yugi's entrance.

Yugi hissed at the oncoming pain of Yami's blunt hardness entering him, but it morphed into a moan at the initial feeling of completion. Yami didn't stop moving until his entire length was sheathed in Yugi's warmth. He nearly burst with happiness, like his body had finally reunited with its missing half and was celebrating that it was once more whole. "Forever" Yami whispered in Yugi's ear.

"Longer than forever" Yugi leaned up to kiss Yami, thrusting up his hips to put Yami deeper inside him, the action causing Yami's member to crash against his prostate. Yugi screamed into the kiss. Immediately, Yami shifted his hips, still embedded in Yugi, so he screamed again, then Yami pulled out and thrust in quickly. Their bodies moved in perfect sync, thrusting and arching against each other. Yugi's back arched in a perfect angle to meet Yami's thrusts, and Yami met each push with fervor. Their passion masked their desperation. They moaned and screamed and writhed and touched. Their fingers intertwined, as a permanent way to keep them together.

Their pace wasn't fast or slow, their love making wasn't rough or gentle, it had no rhythm but the one they created. Their lips sought and enclosed over the others, in a passionate dance only lovers shared. Their fingers intertwined while their free hands wrapped around the other's waists and backs. Their chests pressed flush against the others. The action made their thrusts and love-making stronger and more passionate, the pushing and pulling of their hips as they moved in and out of the other's bodies. They hated those tiny moments when they were separated, the absence of the other inside of them made them feel empty and increased their desperation to be joined once again. The speed of their thrusts increased, determined to decrease the time they were separated. They moaned at the actions.

Their pace became frantic and laced with need, relishing in the passion and feeling of being complete for as long as possible. Yugi's arms tightened around Yami's neck as his prostate was hit faster and faster, Yami's kisses becoming deeper and more loving. Their rhythm increased in speed, their moans grew louder, and their touches tightened as their climaxes approached, panting for breath in between screams of pleasure. Yami shifted his hips and increased his speed thrusting into Yugi's prostate at different angles and stroked his member to encourage Yugi's climax. Yugi gave a scream that ended in a wine, his nails digging into Yami's skin. He succumbed to the onslaught of pleasure and his need came with a loud, voluptuous cry of "YAMI!"

Yugi screamed as his entire body shook with the force of his release until he finally collapsed in a boneless heap, shuddering as Yami continued to pound into his willing body and the feel of him pulling and pushing against his constricting insides. Yugi's muscles clamping down around him made Yami growl in desire, his thrusts becoming more ruthless until he finally came deep inside Yugi's body and rode the waves of pleasure. His body shook with release and he watched Yugi moan and writhe as his body was filled with Yami's essence, branding him as the King's alone.

They collapsed against each other, neither of them was willing to move from their interlocked position, but neither of them wanted to stop. Their eyes were rich with need, their bodies screaming and aching to be touched and neither wanting the night to end.

Their lips crashed together in a desperate kiss, their hands moving all over the other's body, their members brushing against each other, created a delicious friction that reawakened their members and their need. They rolled over again and again, their members thrusting and arching as they did so, until Yugi finally pushed Yami harshly against the pillows of his bed and seated himself in the king's lap. His body moved up and down, arching and pushing against Yami's body. Yami held fast on to Yugi's body and pushed his hips wildly into Yugi's willing body, moaning loudly as the tight softness massaged his length.

Yugi screamed and writhed and lifted and arched his trembling form, thankful Yami trusted him with control of the pace. He met Yami with each thrust. Tears of pleasure and want leaked from his eyes. At first Yami was concerned by them but Yugi smiled and shook his head. In response Yami kissed Yugi tenderly and held him in his arms, his hips thrusting to catch Yugi when his trembling body began to collapse under the weight of their love making.

The desire, the need, the captivation of their unity, the completion they so desperately needed, the wholeness they only felt when their bodies and hearts conjoined in the only way two human bodies could, filled them with a love and desire neither of them knew could exist and dared to hope could last forever.

They rode the waves of pleasure together, their climaxes sneaking up on them, and they came together but neither of them noticed and continued to make love. Their love drove them forward. Yugi's arms wrapped around Yami's neck and he buried his face in Yami's neck whispering "I love you" over and over in Yami's ear. His legs wrapped around Yami's hips, this thighs tightening with each one of Yami's thrusts. Yami's arms wrapped around Yugi's back and hips lifting Yugi only enough to push him deeper against Yami's member. Perspiration coated their bodies in a thin sheen, Yami wings flapping energetically about him, raining loose feathers over their tired bodies, the feathers frosting their skin where they touched, galvanizing them further.

Again their lips found one another and they kissed passionately, and moved to meet the others hips with just as much fervor. Their senses heightened as their passion spiked for the final time. Yugi broke the kiss to moan which warped into a scream at the feeling of his muscles clenching and relaxing around the thick harness roughly massaging his insides. His back arched in a perfect bow as his pleasure exploded over Yami's chest. He collapsed into his climax, coming without a single touch to his member. Yami was quick to sooth him with touches and brushes against his cheek and hair and back. His hips shuddering before his own passion burst free and his essence freely flowed deep into Yugi's body. His hand moved to clean Yugi's essence from his stomach and he licked his fingers clean, determined to have a part of Yugi inside of him as well.

Yugi collapsed into this arms and he held him tightly before finally slipping until they both lay flat against the bed. Their breathing heavy as their eyes met. They didn't speak or close their eyes. They didn't have to. They shared one final kiss until they both slipped into sleep within the comfort of the other's arms. The King holding Yugi tightly, and whispering his love to Yugi one last time before his wings fell limp and his body retired to sleep. Yugi snuggled into the King's stomach, but he by no means slept.

Instead, he lied in Yami's arms letting the silent tears fall from his eyes. He made no move to clear them away. Instead, he buried his face in Yami's chest to muffle his cries. The night had long since ended. The Winter solstice was over, and already he could see the dawn beginning to peak through the snow covering the King's glass ceiling.

Carefully so not to wake his sleeping lover, Yugi lifted himself on to all fours and wiggled his hips. Slowly and biting his lip to keep from hissing, he let Yami slip from his body and moved from the bed. He bit his lip when his body screamed at him for moving and carefully limped to the changing wall where he found his boxers, pants and the sweater he wore the night he came here neatly folded in a basket. He slipped them on, carefully. Next came his socks and his boots. He'd find his coat and gloves right where he left them in the cave entrance.

His eyes wandered to the other outfits he'd worn. The green frock tunic Syrus has made him, the outfit Yami had lent him, the snow cloak Yami had given him when he was too cold to move about, the ends tattered where the snow had melted. His heart urged him to take them, but his mind debated and eventually won. It was best to leave the same way he came here, he convinced himself. Yugi tip-toed across the room, mindful of the sleeping king.

His heart wrenched at the sight of Yami's sleeping face. He looked so peaceful, the complete opposite of the cold, fierce ruler he was when Yugi first met him and a calm, tranquil alter-ego to the energetic and free-spirited monarch he had come to love. His toe tipped a shiny red and lavender cloth on the floor. The light material shinned in the minimal light, catching Yugi's eyes and to his heartbreak it was the Kimono Syrus had worked so hard on so he could wear it to Solstice. It lied innocently in a pile on top his thermal underwear with the obi belt Chazz had slaved over still wrapped around his waist, the black hairs that formed its threads glittered proudly against the deep crimson of the leaves. Yugi dropped to his knees and pulled it closed to his chest inhaling the rich scent of lavender and maple leaves. A clang echoed when the garment was moved. Tears fell from Yugi's eyes as they followed the sound and saw two feather bracelets slip from the cuffs.

Yugi dropped the kimono into his lap and lifted them up. Jaden and Jesse's feathers shined brilliantly against the metal. Yugi snapped them around each wrist and folded the kimono and obi in his lap and tucked them under his arm, not having the heart or the soul to leave them behind. Not when those kids worked so hard to make them for him. Not when they'd poured all their hope and pride and love into each trinket to make him feel special and loved. Instinctively, Yugi got up. Enthralled by a trance, he found the pendant on the floor, as it too had been removed by Yami's spell at the beginning of their love making. It lied innocent and beautiful against the floor, shinning bright and blue and proudly boasting five beautiful different colored feathers that jingled like wind chimes when they touched. Carefully, Yugi picked it up. Even the gold and silver chain had been interwoven with their feathers, which he'd noticed when he unclasped it and re-snapped it around his neck. It rested peacefully over his heart, the silvery beads that formed the star-shaped web glittered and the feathers chimed with happiness.

Tears burst from Yugi's eyes and he covered his mouth to keep from crying out in despair. Hatred and disgust for himself filled him, and he wished more than anything he didn't have to break their hearts. Oh, how he wished he didn't have to. Reluctantly, his eyes fell back towards the bed, his enthralled feet walked towards it, his arms almost rising to reach for the King.

He could stay. He told himself. Grandpa, Joey and Tristan probably already thought he was dead. He'd been gone at least a week, right? They were strong, they'd move on. Grandpa had already survived losing his grandmother, and his mother and his father, and he knew Joey and Tristan would take care of him. And they both had lives and families. How long would it be before the pain disappeared and Yugi was nothing more than a memory to them? Time healed all wounds after all, right?

The Olympics would continue just fine. They wouldn't stop just because one skater was missing. They'd figured he'd dropped out. Of course even if they thought he was dead, the tragedy would soon be forgotten under the glamour and excitement of the competition. Victory or losing, that didn't matter here, only in the human world where things like trophies and medals that at the end of the day were just empty cups and ugly necklaces, proved who you were and where it was all about winning the competition and not the love and commitment for the sport.

Oh yes, it was much better here, where he felt safe and loved and where most of the horrors of the real world didn't exist simply because the fairies were too fun-loving and spirited to want to think of committing such evil acts or things that would cause pain were minimal in comparison to the ugliness of humans who, like Yami said, couldn't appreciate the true beauty of living life to the fullest, like he'd always wanted.

Here where he was loved and respected by all and where he was even loved by the King himself! Where he could have anything if he only asked, and instead wanted nothing more than to spend his days in the loving embrace of a man who he knew would never hurt him. A man who made him feel complete when in his old world he had everything yet felt hollow and empty.

This was the world he belonged in. This was his heaven, his paradise. This was where he was truly home.

He found himself standing at the King's bed side. He lied there with a smile and his arms unconsciously open and waiting for Yugi to enter them and succumb to all that his warm embrace promised.

Yugi smiled a soft, loving smile, and pressed his hands against the mattress. Carefully, he leaned over to the King and pressed his lips softly against the King's. The kiss was slow and tender. His lips enclosed over the slightly open ones of the King, enclosing like the petals of a plum blossom. Again, he tasted the unique flavor that was Yami, and felt the softness of the King's lips. He committed the taste and the feel to memory, wanting to savor it, hold it close to him and never let it go.

"I love you," he whispered to the sleeping King, tears falling from his eyes. "I love you so much. You're the one Yami. You're the only one I'll ever love." He shook his head unable to stop the tears from falling. "Please forgive me."

He abandoned the King's side and ran from the room.

He never looked back.

He didn't see the long tear falling from the sleeping Frost King's eye before it crystallized in to a frozen drop and clattered against the floor.

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