On a moonless night...

The Main Hall of Shipwreck Cove was a horrible mess. There was blood everywhere. There was a chair missing from the table. On the floor were the bodies of Elizabeth Turner and Hector Barbossa. Both had multiple stab wounds, and were laying in pools of their own blood.

The sight sent chills down Teague's spine. What happened? Who had killed them, and why? Then he looked up and saw Jack standing with a smirk on his face. His clothes were disheveled and had splatters all over. There was blood all over Jack, and in his right hand was a blood soaked sword. Jack then threw his head back and laughed out loud.

"Jackie?" Teague shouted, shocked, as he took a step closer to his son. "What happened?"

"I haven't the slightest." Jack said with a huge smile on his face, before trusting his sword forward into Teague...

About a month earlier...

It was a quiet night in Shipwreck Cove as Teague sat in the Main Hall, happily playing his guitar. He enjoyed the peace and quiet found in the lonely Cove, after his noisy family had lived there for so long. It wasn't until after they moved out that Teague remembered the cicadas that lived in the nearby trees...

Just then, Jack walked in nervously, quietly closing the door behind him. "Da? You said that you wanted to talk-"

"It seems that Captain Lizzie is concerned with your health." Teague said, looking up at Jack.

"I am perfectly healthy." Jack stated, watching as Teague stood up and walked over.

"Talking to yourself the way she saw you doing is not 'perfectly healthy', Boy." Teague said flatly. "Which is why you are going to be staying here for a while."

"Da, I've ran away before. I have no reason to stay."

"Actually, if I read this letter right, Captain Barbossa will be here in about a month." Teague said, smirking as he held up a letter written by Barbossa. "You see Jackie, there might actually be some profit in it for you." Just then, there was a knock at the door. "Some things never change, do they?" He smiled. "The door is open, Captain Lizzie!"

"You don't have to call me Captain." Elizabeth said, walking in. She was wearing a simple brown dress. When she saw Jack, her jaw dropped. "Jack! What are you doing here?"

"Am I not allowed to visit my Da every now and then?" Jack asked.

"I wrote to him." Teague said flatly. "He's going to be staying here until I say so." He then smirked. "Now, I went out earlier and bought some food. I'm thinking we're all ready for dinner."

At dinner, Jack ate in silence, awkwardly listening to Teague and Elizabeth's conversation. It was strange for him to see his father having such a normal conversation with anyone other than his mother. It was even stranger that Teague was having this conversation with the person who killed his only child.

Though the strangest part was that this seemed to be perfectly normal for Teague and Elizabeth...

"So, enough about everybody else." Teague said, smirking. "How are you? You haven't said anything about yourself."

Elizabeth smiled embarrassedly. "Nothing new has happened since we spoke last night." She said. "Though the morning sickness seems to be going away."

"That's good." Teague said. "You should eat some more. I made sure there was enough for four."

'Da must be drunk. There's only-' Jack thought, before he jumped up. "Lizzie, you're pregnant?"

"She is a married woman and she and her husband did have a few hours alone on a beach." Teague pointed out flatly, partly shocked that he had to spell it out for him. His son, the man who was practically famous for seducing women, couldn't see how a beach could be very romantic at sunset?

"William's not unfertile?" Jack mumbled, sitting back down. "But I could've sworn that-"

"That what?" Elizabeth asked.


Weeks before, in Tortuga...

Jack was staggering back to his dinghy, satisfied with the number of drinks he had, when he saw her. Elizabeth was sitting near the dinghy, crying. "Lizzie?"

"Jack." Elizabeth said, looking up. "Jack, I'm sorry for showing up unexpectedly like this, but I just couldn't stay on that island alone." She stood up and straightened her off-white gown. "There's something that has been bothering me since I last saw Will."

Jack narrowed his eyes in confusion. "And you concluded that I would be the best person to talk to? The 'rum soaked, wobbly-legged pirate', as you oh so careingly called me."

"Jack, it's about Will. He can't have children." Elizabeth said, about to cry again. "He explained everything to me. There was some kind of accident when he was a child that left him...it left him..."

"Eunuch-y?" Jack offered, doing the 'snip-snip' gesture with one hand. He held his hands up when Elizabeth glared at him. "Sorry Luv. Old habit. Blame my Da. He taught me that." He then turned toward his dinghy. "You're welcome to stay the night on my vessel, though I should warn you, there's not much space so-"

When Jack turned around, Elizabeth was gone. Being drunk, Jack just shrugged, not giving it a second thought.

Jack sat at the table, thinking. 'I could've sworn she was there...'

Thanks for reading chapter one!

I started watching this anime called "Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni" ("When Cicadas Cry" the English release title is just "When They Cry"). It's a really good anime. Very interesting. I heard the theme song while watching a "Sailor Moon" AMV and decided to se what the anime is like. After that, I downloaded the theme song, and was listening to that when I thought of this story...and was eating pretzels dipped in white frosting...

I know you probably don't really care about what I was eating, but let's face it: what I eat and drink does affect my writting along with the music...

I'll have chapter two up next year!