The next day...

"Say, do you think this tastes good?" Josephine asked Jack as he tried some of the soup she cooked. Teague had taken the younger Jack and Elizabeth out for a trip to the Market Place, leaving the two at Shipwreck Cove.

"Needs a little bit of salt." Jack said.

"Oi! That's the third time you've said that!" Josephine complained, adding more salt to the pot. "Mama always said that too much salt is bad-" Then she turned around and found Jack pouring rum into his soup. "Oh! That's what you've been doing!"

"Aye Josie, you've caught me!" Jack said playfully, smirking as he held his hands out. "You're gonna go easy on your old man, ri-"

Suddenly, there were a pair of shackles around Jack's wrists.

"Uh...Josie. Mind telling me what's going on in that pretty little head of yours cause my brilliant mind is actually lost."

"You're infamous for being smart." Josephine mumbled, placing one end of a shackle on the chain of the first and the other end on a torch holder on the wall. She then pulled a sringe out of her sleeve. "Now, let's see if this actually works."


"Jack? Josie?" Elizabeth shouted, running in. She saw Jack standing there with the smoking pistol. "Jack? What have you done?"

"I know you were in on it. Da's plan to kill me." Jack snapped, drawing his sword.

"What?"Elizabeth asked, shocked. "Why would I want to kill-"

"Don't act all innocent with me, Elizabeth!" Jack shouted, walking towards her. "You killed me once before, remember? On the Pearl? When the kraken was dragging it to the depths? You chained me to her!"

"Pretty soon, Elizabeth was backed into a wall. "Jack, I-"

Elizabeth felt the sword go straight through her. Jack leaned over to her ear. "I'm not sorry either." He whispered, pulling the sword out. Jack then heard the sound of a monkey chirping and smirked, before hiding near the door.

Pretty soon, Barbossa walked in, with Jack the Monkey on his shoulder. As soon as the door shut, Jack stabbed Barbossa in the back. "Sparrow?"

"You bastard!" Jack shouted, stabbing him again. "You're sleeping with my wife!"

"Roxxi is dead!" Barbossa shouted back, drawing his own sword.

"Liar!" Jack shouted, smacking the sword away from Barbossa.

Half an hour later...

The Main Hall of Shipwreck Cove was a horrible mess. There was blood everywhere. There was a chair missing from the table. On the floor were the bodies of Elizabeth Turner and Hector Barbossa. Both had multiple stab wounds, and were laying in pools of their own blood.

The sight sent chills down Teague's spine. What happened? Who had killed them, and why? Then he looked up and saw Jack standing with a smirk on his face. His clothes were disheveled and had splatters all over. There was blood all over Jack, and in his right hand was a blood soaked sword. Jack then threw his head back and laughed out loud.

"Jackie?" Teague shouted, shocked, as he took a step closer to his son. "What happened?"

"I haven't the slightest." Jack said with a huge smile on his face, before trusting his sword forward into Teague.

"Jackie?" Teague mumbled in shock as Jack started stabbing him repeatedly.

"You're supposed to be dead! Dead! Even in death, you're still lying to me!" Jack shouted. "Leave me alone!"

A few minutes later, Jack fell to the ground, holding his hands up to his ears. 'Murderer' He heard a voice say. 'Betrayer' 'Unfaithful' 'Horrible' 'Unworthy of the title "man"' 'Better off dead'

"Shut it!" Jack shouted. "Shut it! Shut it! Shut it!"

'Should've died long ago' 'Deserved to have been hanged' 'Not worthy of dealing with Davy Jones' 'Scum of the World' 'Die'

"Who's there?" Jack shouted suddenly, standing up. He whipped around, the person standing there took him by surprise. "Josie?"

Josephine stood there, smiling. "What? You think, with Mama being a mystic, I wouldn't be one as well?" She asked, smirking. "And now, thanks to my research, I've become even stronger!" She then pulled a small bottle of dark red liquid out of her sash. "Mama was very easily defeated. Hell, Mr. Gibbs was more difficult!"

"You killed Roxxi?" Jack asked in shock. "Why?"

"I wanted the Fountain of Youth." Josephine shouted. "I wanted it all for myself. So I read as much as I could about it. I read every book, studied every chart, listened to songs and shanties, and still nothing. Then I thought 'Aqua de Vida' means 'Water of Life' right? What makes more sense than assuming that the 'Water of Life' is in fact blood?'"

"You killed your own mother!"

"And you killed your own father!" Josephine shouted, before laughing at Jack as he fell to his knees, realization hitting him. She suddenly stopped. "As you are about to kill yourself."

Suddenly, Jack felt something go through him. Shaking, he looked down. There was his sword, stabbing into his stomach. His hands were around the hilt. "How?"

Josephine laughed. "You ruined Mama's life when you betrayed her." She shouted at Jack. "She had to retire to raise us on her own!" Josephine then kneeled down to Jack. "I decided to ruin you in return. Hallucinations were a pretty nice way to start things, wasn't it?"

A week later, on the Flying Dutchman...

Will stood at the helm, watching as the Pearl and Misty Lady burned side by side. "I wonder what Jack would've thought of this."

"He would've said nothing at first, just let it fester silently." Bootstrap replied, walking over to his son. "Then he probably would've had a few drinks before trying to strike a deal with you or Calypso."

Will smiled, trying to hold back tears. "I would've given her back to Jack, if he were around to be her captain again. If he could've brought Elizabeth back."

"Tis a shame." Calypso whispered, walking over. "So many great pirates, all gone in one day. Especially wit Witty Jack 'n 'is wife leaven' behind two children."

"Poor thing, that girl." Bootstrap mumbled, looking down at the deck where the two children stood beside Pintel and Ragetti. "Must've been terrifying, walking into that scene."

"William Turner, I 'ave a new duty fer you." Calypso said, smiling. "I want you and yer father to raise dem children."

Will turned around, shocked. "Really?"

"Aye." Calypso said. "Now dat de woman ye loved so dearly is gone, dere is no one to meet you on yer one day. Best ting fer you to do now is care for those kids." She then took a step closer. "Keep an eye on dem. 'Specally de girl. Dere is someting about her dat I don't like."


Josephine took stepped away from the others, and pulled a small bottle out of her pocket. She opened the bottle and drank all of the dark red liquid at once. "Too salty."

Creepy child...Josie...

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