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At Hogwarts…..

Professor Dumbledore was a brilliant man. Witches and wizards around the world would go to him for advice and guidance and was rarely ever questioned on his choices.

But Minerva McGonagall sure as hell helped him on THAT little factor!

At the moment Albus Dumbledore was sitting behind his desk with his head in his hands listening to the rather loud and horridtales of the Dursley's that Minerva McGonagall was telling him at 8 in the morning.

"-ve never would I have thought that such a kind hearted person like Lily would ever be related to that-that woman!"

Albus brought his head up and gazed at the woman before him. He had no words to say after what she had told him. So there was only one way to get to the bottom of everything.

Minerva; who had just finished her rant on the Dursley's for the third time in three days sat in the chair defeated. She knew the reasons for Albus placing Harry there but now watching just two days of how they treat him in their house gave her a solid reason to believe that practically anywhere would be better for Harry to be raised than that hell hole.

She would NOT fail James and Lily's son!

Albus got up from his chair and went around his desk and leaned against it right in front of Minerva's chair.

"Minerva do you think you'll be alright taking care of the students today?"

Minerva looked up at him. "Yes of course, please tell me you're going to go check up on him." she asked.

"Yes that is my intention today, but first I must attend ministry matters, they have arrested young Sirius Black early yesterday morning."

Minerva gasped "What? Why?"

Albus shut his eyes tight and for a long while he didn't open them. It was just very difficult to face this. But here he was and he had to tell her- no matter how painful. "Minerva, do you remember when I suggested James and Lily to go into hiding under the fidelius charm?"

Minerva coked her head to the side. "Yes?"

"Well Sirius was like a brother to James and trusted Sirius more than anyone else. When I suggested the fidelius charm to the Potters' James and Lily had made Sirius their secret-keeper, he-he was the one who told Voldemort where they were hiding."

Minerva looked as though she'd been slapped across the face. Sirius? Sirius Black? Surely not he may be a little troublemaker but he is the last person that anyone would have ever thought would go to the dark side!

"Albus, surely there must some kind of-"

"There is no mistake Minerva, he was caught red-handed."

"What do you mean, red-handed? Albus what happened?" she inquired urgently.

Albus sighed deeply. "There was a magical explosion in a muggle neighborhood; Siri-Black was at the scene apparently laughing at the events that happened."

"But surely Sirius didn't just blow up some random street there has to be more to it-"

"But alas Minerva; there was."

Minerva stared at Albus, unable to believe it "W-what?"

Albus sighed, he did not want to be the one to have to tell her this devastating news. "Siri-B-Black, had been caught trying to run away that night but unfortunately he was caught."

"The aurors caught him running away from his friends being killed, so what? He's only 21 and still a teenager; you can't blame him for wanting to run away from all of that!"

Albus closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He REALLY didn't want to tell her this. "He was caught by Peter Pettigrew."

"Peter? Why would Peter do a foolish thing such as that?" asked Minerva.

"Grief, his best friends had just died and unfortunately it takes a lot of strength to think straight during a time of mourning. Peter just didn't have that strength in him."

"But Albus what happened, what happened on that Muggle Street?"

The moment of truth, I REALLY don't want to tell her this. "Peter cornered Black in the middle of the street and was in hysterics. He accused Black of betraying the Potters and Black he-"Albus shuttered. "He- he killed Peter"

Minerva gasped it couldn't be! Not Sirius! "Albus I- how?"

"According to some muggle witnesses whose minds were wiped afterword he blasted the street, he killed around twelve or so muggles as well as Pettigrew. Peter got the heart of it and almost his whole body was gone. Only a finger was left."

Tears were coming in Minerva's eyes I can't believe Pettigrew- no Peter is dead, and I always gave him a hard time in school. It just doesn't seem like them though, Sirius was always very loyal and Peter never went out to seek out people he knew he couldn't beat.

"But Albus he couldn't-just couldn't have!" Minerva was a wreck, these were her students! These students had always given her a hard time but she was always protective over. Sirius, James, Lily, Peter, and Re…. "REMUS!"

Albus raised his hand to silence the question he knew was coming "Remus, is fine, he doesn't know exactly what happened yet as he is still on his mission. He will be coming back either late today or early tomorrow morning and I will explain to him what happened."

"Albus, what exactly does he know as of now?"

"Right now all he knows is that Voldemort is gone. That is all."

Minerva closed her eyes to try and hold back the tears threatening to fall. This was going to be so hard on him, they where his closest friends; practically family and now they're all gone. The only one left was….. "Albus, why can't we let Remus take little Harry? There wouldn't be anyone better, he would treat him as his own and it would truly be the best for both of them to be together."

Albus sighed "Alas, I understand where you're coming from but Harry must stay with his aunt and uncle. That is where he is safest."

"Safe from anything except for those monsters occupying that house! Whatever wards you have put up around that home I am sure can be put around Remus' home as well"

"Minerva I'm sure there is a reason for their negative reactions towards each other but they had all just lost family, in time they will warm up to each other more. But never-the-less I will still be visiting today you can rest assured."

Minerva seriously doubted this. But she held her tongue, Albus would be seeing for himself in a few hours.

Back at Privet Drive a few hours later,

A little boy lay in the living room; having a fitful sleep. About the big scary man and woman taking him away from his mummy and Daddy and he couldn't find them anywhere, his uncles were nowhere to be found and he wanted them to come back.

Harry tossed and turned and cried. He was so scared right now that his dream would turn into a reality that he didn't feel himself start to rise. He shook violently with his head bopping up and down that he felt he was going to be sick.

Then the big scary man in his dream shouted in his face "BOY!"

That voice sounded too real for a dream. But Harry didn't know yet.


Harry's eyes shot open and saw the big scary man with the scary lady behind him just like he had in his dream. He started to cry.


Vernon shook the little boy again. Harry felt his whole body start to ache mostly his neck and head. But the scary man wasn't letting him lift his arm up to hold it.


Harry was crying harder now. His whole body hurt, his head was throbbing and his neck was achy. He wanted his daddy to come and fight off the big scary man like he always did with all of the other scary things.

"YOUR LUCKY I DON'T THROW YOU INTO A GODAMN ORPHANAGE WITH ALL OF YOUR RACKET! NOW FOR THE LAST TIME SHUT UP!" the last two words Vernon spit in the child's face and threw him back into the play pen. With the amount of momentum Vernon used throwing Harry; the pen tipped back as Harry hit the bars and wailed. Vernon stomped out of the room Petunia rushing behind him.

Harry wailed through the screams coming through the kitchen, he wailed through the scary mans stomping through the house, he wailed through the slamming door, he even wailed through the other baby's wails when he was playing in his playroom and wanted lunch.

But when the scary lady came back in the room only to discover all of her furniture thrown about the room and all of Dudley's toys swirling around she screamed even louder than Harry.


All of the swirling toys abruptly stopped and fell to the floor. Harry gazed up at the lady in pure terror. What was she going to do to him? Was she going to hurt him? Was she going to keep him away from his family more? The very thought made his tummy drop and start to tear up all over again. That was what the scary lady was going to do, she wasn't going to let him see his mummy and daddy and uncles ever again!

At the moment Harry started to tear up again and get ready to start screaming all over again when the lady beat him to it:


Quickly Harry shut his mouth but the tears were still falling heavily from his face. He watched as the lady made her way to the play pen. He watched as she bent down with pure hate in her eyes and he scrambled away when he saw her reach out to him but she was quicker. She grabbed him by the upper arm tightly, pulled him up and-


The pain coursed right through Harry's diaper and made the baby scream again as his knees gave in and fell onto the floor when the scary lady pulled him back up with her tight grip and raised her hand again.


"I TOLD YOU NOT TO SCREAM AGAIN! STOP IT RIGHT- NOW!" She yelled at the child as she kept laying the swats hard- too hard for a fifteen month old to handle right on the boys' diaper. Sometime during the smacking the child's the diaper fell off. But she didn't care; she kept on smacking him now on his bare behind.

Harry started sobbing a long time ago- When the scary lady had started actually. And she didn't feel like she was going to stop anytime soon. He cried harder and harder as each swat landed and was hoping more than ever his mummy would come back.

Petunia knew she was smacking too hard. She knew that what Harry was doing was nothing more than accidental magic as she'd seen her do it as a child and was told by the headmaster when he came to tell Lily she was a witch and that it only happens since they're so young. But she didn't care. The freak didn't have the right to show his freakish powers around let alone in her own home!

"NOW FOR THE LAST TIME SHUT UP!" she screamed when finally she doled out her last almighty smack and let the child drop to the floor of the playpen landing on his face sobbing his eyes out. Her eyes NO his! And with that she stormed out of the room to get her wailing baby.

Harry lay on the floor of the playpen sobbing. His whole bum throbbing like his forehead had when he last saw mummy. His neck was aching from the scary man from before and his throat was too sore to even whisper for his mummy and daddy and uncles to come and kiss and cuddle all of his pain and troubles away.

Petunia ignored the crying child this time when she past the living room with her baby in her arms. She strode into the kitchen with the full intent on letting her nephew starve. She placed her little Dudley in his high chair and went about making something for her baby. Oatmeal she decided today Duddy loved his oatmeal and just like his daddy he loved it with some syrup. When Vernon tried it only once and said it was too bland.

Petunia had just put the finishing touches on Dudley's lunch and placed it in front of him with a spoon (which he will not use) a when that voice in her head scared her out of her wits.

What about Harry?

What about him? She answered angrily back.

You have to feed him too you know he needs to eat.

The little brat can wait till dinner he ruined my living room!

That's an awful long time for a toddler to wait for a meal. He hasn't had anything all day.

He wasn't awake is that my fault?

Did you even try to wake him?

Well…..no but-

Then it's your fault.

That little freak is not mine.

But he was left in your care.

Not by her he wasn't.

But he's still here and his needs-


Remember the letter….. He needs to stay. And while he's here you have to feed him-


Petunia had had enough if she really had to feed the brat then fine. She would feed him- But only just enough. She thru open the pantry door and took out the bread and a bottle. Took one slice of bread out of the loaf and put in the toaster. She turned to the refrigerator and thru that door open too and grabbed the milk and filled the bottle half-way. She went back to the toaster and took the piece of bread out and went back into the living room all the while ripping the bread to shreds. The sight that she saw made her blood freeze.

Harry was still laying there sobbing like there was no tomorrow. Completely naked now since his diaper had fallen off and didn't have a shirt on in the first place since the only thing that he came with was a pajama onsie which she discarded the moment she took it off him. Now showing the very red and bruised behind that she left not too long ago for him to deal with on his own.

Petunia stared at the child horrified.

Oh my god…..

Well you did hit him pretty har-

What if they found out?

Is that really all you have to say?

They could come for me!

Look at him! He's hurt! You did that to him!

They could come for my family!

You hit a baby! And you worry about yourself? There are bruises!

The bruises! Oh god I'm done for!

Fix it! Help him!

Petunia shook herself out of her shock. She had to do something and fast. She tossed both the bottle and the shredded piece of toast into the playpen and shot out of the room. She ran up to her baby's room and picked up one of his diapers and powder and ran back down to the room.

That's too big for him what are you doing?

Petunia strode over to the playpen and pulled the child out of it and placed him on the floor on his back. Harry let out a wail.


"Be quiet!" she snapped harshly to both the voice in her head and her nephew. In quick order she placed the too large diaper underneath him and squeezed some powder on quickly before strapping it on as far as it could go; completely wrapping around the child. She pulled him up and turned him around and sighed in relief. The diaper covered up his whole bottom and showed no marking what-so-ever.

Is that all your going to do?

Yes what else can I do?

Take care of the bruises don't just cover them up!

No the freak deserved it. it was just a spanking anyway.

He's a BABY!

He ruined my living room!

He can't control what happened and you know it.

So he better learn to control it because I'm not having a freak show in my home!

What if someone sees….


What if someone sees? You can't hide the bruises under that diaper forever.

They're not that bad. Quite small actually and I remember SHE would always clear up her bruises in a day or two. Her freak son would be the same.

You have to hel-

"No." She shook her head quietly and picked the baby back up and placed him back in the playpen gently and placed the blanket he was brought here with over his body. Of course if the neighbors where spying on her they would only see what she wanted them to see.

His kind doesn't need help and he certainly won't be getting it from me. She thought as she heard the doorbell ring. She took one last glance at the still sobbing child and turned her back on it to answer the door.

Standing behind it was none other than Albus Dumbledore.

Albus Dumbledore can be called many things. Smart, old, mad, funny, weird, old, brilliant, old, and classy and did I mention old?

But how naïve was he when it came to family relationships?

Albus walked up to the home where he had been only a few nights before dropping off a child to his last remaining relatives that would keep up the blood ward protecting the child from those who had wished to cause him harm. Walking up to the very home he was sure the boy would be safe from all evil and dark forces.

But did he make the right choice sending Harry here?

These were the questions going through the man's head at this very moment and were the very questions about to be answered. Although he may not realize it.

He knocked on the door. Not too loud to make the Dursley's feel even more bothered when they knew his business here. But loud enough to get their attention and make them scurry to the door as fast as they could.

It worked- within a minute or two the door was opened by none-other than Petunia Dursley Nee' Evans. The very woman who made the blood-ward work to save her only nephew from her only late sister and brother-in-laws untimely fate. -Who also looked as if she shit her pants at the sight of him.

"Mrs. Dursley, how lovely it is to see you again. May I?" he asked gesturing inside.

Petunia looked as if she had gotten over her shock-she had to stop doing that!- and quickly pushed the man inside not caring about how rude she was being to the freak as long as the neighbors didn't see him.

Dumbledore took no mind to her rather impolite demeanor and looked casually in the house. "A lovely home you keep up Mrs. Dursley, if I do say so myself." He said politely.

Petunia continued to stare at the man before her gaping like a fish.

Dumbledore frowned. "I'm afraid I'm not here for a social visit as I have some important matters to discuss with you in regards to-"

"Not in the parlor!" She screeched gesturing him further inside. "In the kitchen." she whispered harshly pushing him towards the door.

In spite of the situation Albus found himself a bit amused at the young woman's antics pushing him around like a young child would to get an adult's attention.

But now was not the time to be amused. Not with the news he had to bear.

Within a few moments Petunia pushed the headmaster into the kitchen and brought him over to the table where she made him sit down.

She quickly turned around to make sure the windows were shut and the curtains closed before turning to the man in her kitchen and stiffly sitting herself in a seat farthest from the headmaster. "Well… what is it?"She asked harshly. Not liking it one bit that there was another freak in her house.

Albus leaned forward in his chair and folded his hands on the table and looked into the young woman's eyes solemnly. "I apologize Mrs. Dursley for coming here on such short notice especially during a time such as this but I was informed the Harry has not been well. Well not as well as we would have hoped after such a tragic incident."

All the color from Petunia face drained. They couldn't know they just couldn't!

"Well," She said stiffly. "How does your kind expect a child to behave like when they just lose their parents and left with people they've never met before?"

Albus sighed and bowed his head. "I understand your feelings that you have toward this arrangement but as I have said in my letter to you earlier that your blood is protecting him from any persons that would cause him any harm."

"Yes yes I know that!" she snapped harshly. "But what I don't understand is why you are here."

Albus gave her a stern glance which immediately made her look down cheeks flushed. Albus inwardly smiled slightly at the young woman's reaction. "I'm here for more than one matter to be discussed. The first of which concerns young Harry. How has he been holding up exactly?"

Petunia's eyebrows rose and the flush of her cheeks quickly vanished as she paled. How was she supposed to get out of this one? What do these freaks do if they find out their own lot had been hurt? What would they do to her and her family?

These were not questions that Petunia wanted answers to. Best give him lies and half-truths.

"The boy is everything you would expect out of a child you had just lost his parents. He cries most of the time and calls for them and his 'uncles' I'm assuming also for an 'Irva' as well. Whatever that is."

Despite himself Albus let out a low chuckle which set Petunia slightly over the edge. "What? is something funny?" she snapped.

Albus quickly stopped laughing but a small smile had replaced his grave expression. Even though his eyes did not hold nearly as much twinkle as they normally did. "No no. my apologies Mrs. Dursley, but 'Irva' as you have been informed by your nephew is actually an old colleague of mine 'Minerva'. She was your sister and brother-in-law's teacher while they were at school and after they finished they continued to spend good time together and she would often watch young Harry and have a spot of tea with his parents from time to time. She is quite fond of cats and I believe she does have one that our young Harry had always enjoyed playing with."

Something dawned on Petunia. "There was a cat yesterday on the sidewalk. - But I doubt the boy thinks every time he sees a cat this 'Minerva' will be showing up." she said stiffly.

Albus gave her a hard look. "Alas, I doubt that's what Harry thinks as well but he still is only a baby and he may have been excited to see someone he's known since he was born."

"Well he should know not every cat he sees is going to belong to this 'Minerva'" she stated coldly.

The small amount of twinkle that was in Dumbledore's eyes quickly vanished and was looking at the woman before him callously. Albus was a very patient man; one who didn't get aggravated very easily and even then knew how to keep his temper in and disguise it very well.

But to hear of a grown woman speaking that coldly of a child….. Especially one who had just lost their parents…well let's just say Albus Dumbledore wasn't very happy about that…

Petunia squirmed in her seat. The man certainly had not lost his touch for making people feel uneasy. She had felt the same way when she was forced by her parents to go to Li- her wedding and the old man before her had tried to make conversation with her when she refused to talk to anyone. He didn't seem too upset when she called the man a freak when he was the only one that made an effort to talk to her all night; but when she called her sister and 'new' brother freaks as well… well not a pleasant reaction came from that.

"I can assure you Mrs. Dursley that your one and a half year old nephew still has much to learn and I'm sure he will learn quickly as he has always been such a bright child." Albus told the woman shortly reminding her who she was talking about and to whom.

Petunia stopped squirming after a while but refused to look at the man in the eyes. "Very well," she said stonily. "What else did you wish to discuss?"

If Albus was taken aback by her change he didn't show it other than missing a beat. But he quickly covered that up. "Well in my letter to you I had explained the reasoning why Harry has been sent here and I felt the need to discuss with you how you and your husband are coping with him."

Coping? What does he mean by that? Does he know?

"Coping?" she replied in a stiff voice. "We are coping just fine with the boy th-thank you very much."

"Very well then very well." Albus said to calm the young woman just as much as himself. "Now there are a few other matters I wish to discuss with you today if you would be so kind."

Petunia raised an eyebrow warily. "S-such as?"

"The matter of your sister Lily and James' funeral." He answered gravely. Albus looked down at the table with the look of upmost grief thinking of those delightful persons he had the greatest honor of ever knowing and how they and many other loved ones had past made Voldemort's downfall a really bittersweet victory.

Had Albus not looked down overwhelmed with heartache he would have seen the many conflicting emotions on the young woman's face. But only a few would have been justified when someone was hearing of their sibling's funeral.


Now it was all set in stone. There was absolutely no turning back. Her sister was dead and here was the discussion of her funeral to finalize it all. She would never have the chance to make up and be close to her again.


Lily may have been her sister but with as a huge weight was being lifted off of her shoulders she realized that freak was in no way ever going to frighten her family again and would never come to torture her family again. They may think there so-called pranks are harmless fun but not to normal people they're not!


A part of her will always remember the Lily she had grown up with and the Lily she played with, laughed with, cried with… the little girl that would stay up and talk to her if she had nightmares as she did in return, who she cuddled up with under the covers on stormy nights and fell asleep together only to be woken up by a camera flashing as their parents found them and took pictures. A part of her childhood dying quite literally and so suddenly it tore a hole in her heart.


But now the freak woman that that little girl had grown up to be was finally gone and she felt like she could sing!


That vile woman she once called a sister may be gone but that little freak of nature was still here and not only here but here in her home! And according to this man sitting at her clean table she had to raise the damn thing!

Speaking of which…..

Petunia paled considerably she had almost forgotten that little brat that was lying in her living room in her sweet baby's playpen right now with a bright red and bruised behind which was in danger of being seen and her precious family would be in danger of these freaks!

Albus looked back up at the woman and noted that her face had gone a very-ill shade of white. Not thinking anything about the expression on her face he merely waved it off as grief for her little sister. He knew she wouldn't hold a grudge against her for long. Family just didn't do that to each other.

Albus was staring to lose his doubts in the family's capability of raising young Harry. Really, Minerva must really be missing something if Harry's aunt is this torn up about her sister's death. He mused.

Petunia brought up all of her courage upfront and looked at the headmaster to see if he knew what happened to the bra- Harry. Studying his face for a quick moment he came to the conclusion that he didn't know anything and let out a breath she didn't know she was holding.


Albus took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Yes, funeral. Your sister and husband had made the arrangements early on just in case anything were to happen to them. The day is set as the day after tomorrow in Godic's Hollow. You know of this place yes?"

Petunia nodded mutely.

"Good! Good! Very well then. I was hoping you would; now then the funeral will start sometime around noon and I can arrange for someone to pick you and your family up at approximately 10:45 sharp. I-"

"What do you mean?" Petunia cut him off. Surely this man doesn't expect ME and MY FAMILY to go to this thing right?

Albus looked at the woman strangely. "Why my dear lady, I mean to take you and your family to the funeral of course!"

Yep, he does.

Petunia looked positively winded. "I- um I-l'm not exactly sure if we should go to this um- funeral" she said awkwardly.

Albus had a calculating look on his face. "May I ask why?" he asked politely.

"Well," she started trying to figure out an excuse plausible to this man; finally coming up with one. "Vernon has work and his boss would not be too pleased for him to take off for a funeral. And I now have two children that I would have to get ready. And it's simply too much." she stated in a rather tart tone.

Albus frowned. "Surely your husband's boss would take off for a family matter would he not? And in being so he could help you prepare the children?"

Petunia inwardly cursed herself. This man would not give up! "My husband's job is a very demanding one and he simply cannot just miss a day and I won't go without him." she absolutely refused to be alone with these freaks! "I'll pay my respects to my sister and her husband in the comfort of my home thank you."

Albus sighed in what Petunia thought was finally defeat. "Very well; if you change your mind however just send call and I will arrange for your escort."

Petunia sat there shocked that he gave up so easily but replied with a slight nod of the head.

"Well alright then." Albus said, standing up. "I must be going; there is still much to attend to."

Petunia stood up as well, flooding with relief that this freak would be leaving and she had gotten away with what happened to her nephew.

"But before I go may I please see young Harry for myself?"

And perhaps not.

Petunia; being stuck at a crossroad nodded her head once and felt a large ball of lead sink into her stomach. He would find out she was sure of it and her and her family would be in danger! She slowly followed the man into her living room and watched with dread as the freak made his way over to her freak nephew.

Albus smiled to himself as Mrs. Dursley had given him permission to see the young boy. He knew she would have no reason to deny him that right and he was quite happy to see that happy little baby once again. Frowning slightly he realized how that happy baby wouldn't be nearly as happy as before with his parents still fresh on his mind and will be wondering where they are.

Lifting himself up from the table; Albus swiftly made his way to the doorway leading into the living room where he had seen a glimpse of a toddler when he had first came. He turned around and waited for the young woman to catch up with him and was startled to see that she was ghostly pale and looked sicker than death itself; which is a really morbid thought Albus thought to himself. As she approached Albus turned back to the living room feeling the women's eyes bore into his back with each step.

He came across the play pen that he saw the child from before and saw the black-haired boy now sound asleep. he watched the small boy sleep for quite some time. He didn't look that much smaller than he did two days before but it did look like the child was suffering. The baby's eyes were red and puffy from what Albus could only assume that was from missing his parents and he wasn't sure if he imagined it or not but Harry looked as if he was shivering underneath his blanket. But surely not Albus thought. Surely the child has on a nice warm little outfit for this time of year.

Albus bended over the bars of the playpen to fix the blanket over the child but as soon as he did he heard Petunia screech behind him. Albus looked over at the terrified looking woman questionably.

"What are you doing leave him alone! You might wake him up! He's been crying all day let him sleep!"

Albus thought the reasoning was just and abandoned trying to fix the blanket. "My apologies Mrs. Dursley but I was only trying to fix the blanket. He looked cold."

Petunia looked just about ready to faint but she held her ground and shook her head frantically. "He- he's f-fine don't touch him!" she screeched as lowly as possible to keep the child asleep.

Raising his hands up in a surrendering gesture; he moved from the playpen slowly. "I'm only assisting in making him warmer, surely you don't mind that do you?"

Petunia gulped. Damn him putting me in this position again! She thought harshly. "I-I don't m-mind but I don't want him waking up again he just fell asleep." Well it was a half-truth at least.

Albus pondered this for a minute or two before nodding to himself and taking out his wand. Petunia gasped and cowered into the wall but stayed in the room. She had to make sure he didn't see the bruises.

Mistakenly taking Petunia's gasp as a sign of worry for her nephew, Albus elaborated. "I am merely putting a charm on the blanket to keep it warm no matter what. It will not harm young Harry I promise." He said placidly.

Without thinking anything other than relief the man would not be touching the child; she nodded dumbly and watched as Albus waved the stick over the boy.

After a few moments Albus turned back to Petunia. "He should be warm enough now. That blanket will now stay warm whenever Harry touches it and is in need of It." that term used loosely Albus thought. "Also I made it so it will lengthen as he grows older so he may keep it throughout his childhood. Never-the-less, he should be placed in his crib as soon as possible." He turned towards the front door about to leave.

Petunia then said something that she later beat herself up on for not thinking before opening her mouth. "He doesn't have a crib. He sleeps in that playpen at night out here." as soon as those words left her lips she froze in shock and put both hands over her mouth.

Albus abruptly turned around and stared at the woman intently. "What was that madam?" he asked lowly barely containing his shock; something that was an amazing feat for someone to do to Albus Dumbledore. Petunia stared wide-eyed at the headmaster and shook her head frantically. "You said he sleeps in this playpen?" he asked. The air in the living room suddenly got much colder and the man's cheery mood was now completely gone.

"Y-yes, th-at-t's w-where he s-s-sleeps."

Petunia felt she was in a horror movie; the very beginning of the movie where the insane slash killer kills the poor innocent first victim. Petunia refused to look into the man's piercing stare and she felt herself back up towards the kitchen door. She nearly thanked the lord for the man staying in his place.

"Mrs. Dursley?" the headmaster asked. Petunia could hear some sort of urgency in his voice as well as a trace of… fear?

She refused to meet his gaze. "Yes?"

Albus took a deep breath. "Why does young Harry not have a room? My letter told you he must have a room for the wards to keep him safe."

Petunia opened her mouth and after a second closed it again. Then repeated the process; thus giving her the imitation of a fish. If it were for any other situation where it was not as grave the headmaster would have found the situation amusing but as it were he could not even let out the tiniest twinkle in his eyes.

Finally she found her voice after five minutes. "I-it's o-only t-t-temporary." She croaked.

Albus raised an eyebrow.

"Th-the playpen. I-it's only t-temporary. We do-on't have a room yet. We can't put a room together y-yet."

Albus visibly relaxed and sighed in relief. He forgot that muggles couldn't put together a room in a matter of minutes like witches and wizards could. It would take a much longer time for muggles to create a nursery and he felt a bit guilty for forgetting that.

To try a sooth the woman he let a small smile grace his lip. "I understand, see that you do find a room for him soon, it is of upmost importance. Now I really must be going so I will see myself out madam, have a good day." He nodded his head in farewell and walked to the door and let himself out.

Petunia didn't give herself time to stand there shocked and ran over to the door to lock it and look out the peephole. Albus Dumbledore was nowhere in sight. She ran up to her Dudley's room where he was taking a nap and sunk to the floor of the room shaking. She and Dudley stayed up there for the whole day using the small fridge in Dudley's room filled with bottles, baby food and cereal to feed her and her son until Vernon came home later that night.

At Hogwarts later that night.

Albus Dumbledore went up to his office in a whirl of thoughts. Yes Mrs. Dursley was defiantly a strange one but he had confidence that she would rise up to the occasion and take care of her nephew like her own son.

But his gut feeling was putting an entirely new doubt in his mind that he couldn't quite place.

He squashed that thought as he opened his door and a new whirl hit him right in the face.

"Albus, what happened?"

Albus sighed and pushed his way through the door. "I went to the Dursley's home like you had told me Minerva and I found just what I had expected out of them. But they will change for the better soon enough I am positive of It." he walked over to his desk and sat down watching the younger professor the whole time.

It was anyone else other than Minerva McGonagall they would have let out a stream of interesting vocabulary but as it was the stern professor who was constantly taking points off those that did she thinned out her lips into a thin white line. The same one she would use on students when she was really upset with them.

"Albus you couldn't possibly be mistaken by their attitude, they-"

"I admit I have made many mistakes in the past but this decision however cannot be a mistake. Yes the Dursley's certainly are a strange family and Mrs. Dursley does seem a little upset in the mind but she has taken a stern demeanor when it comes to others and young Harry. I myself was reprimanded for almost waking the child up."

"Albus I have watched that little toddler so many times and he has never been so tired before in all of his life. Lily herself had problems putting him down for naps and bedtime because he was so energetic. Watching the child in that house he is constantly in this playpen-"

Albus cut her off. "Yes I have seen the playpen and I understand he is constantly sleeping but the child is going through a traumatic experience he is emotionally exhausted and will get better in time."

Minerva looked to be letting off steam; Literally, at least in Albus's eyes. The grey hairs from Minerva's bun where falling out where the smaller ones where standing up as she looked at him with disbelief and frustration.

"Albus you can't be serious. That woman-"

"Like I said Mrs. Dursley may seem like an odd one but she has become very protective of Harry from my viewpoint. Not all unlike you in time she will adjust."

Minerva sunk down into her chair looking dumbstruck. Did he really just compare me to that- that- HER? Is he out of his mind?

Well, he is Dumbledore. He sees connections in strange ways. Sometime outrageous ways and this is one of those times.

"If you don't believe me you can see for yourself at the funeral."

Minerva stared at the headmaster in shock. "They are coming to the funeral?" she asked.

"Oh yes I am sure of it."

"Th-they actually said they'd come though?" Minerva asked sounding like she had come out of a trance. She never expected those people to actually come to their extended family's funeral. She was planning on taking Harry for the day just so he could be there and have some time with the closest thing to a grandchild she would ever have.

"Well, they seem to be in the belief that they would not make it because Mr. Dursley has work that day."

A steely glint got in her eyes. "That's her excuse for not going to her own sister's funeral?" she was disgusted with Lily's sister. If Lily and Petunia's roles were reversed Lily would have went to the minister of magic himself and declare that James had a whole week off of work just so they could be with their family!

"I am sure she just believes that her husband's boss won't give him the day off if he asks. This is why I have already figured something out for Mr. and Mrs. Dursley to attend the funeral."

Minerva adopted a peculiar expression on her face. Not unlike her cat form's curious face. "Such as?" she asked.

Albus picked up a sherbet lemon and popped it into his mouth before answering. "Minerva would you like a sherbet lemon?" he asked with a familiar twinkle in his eyes. Minerva narrowed her eyes at the man but took one never the less. The twinkle in his eyes had been remarkably absent for the past few days and she could deny she was relieved to see it.

But the sherbet lemon never made it into her mouth; instead staying clutched in her fist.

"While catching up with our old muggle studies teacher Claudine Socorro she had told me of this interesting thing in the muggle newspaper called the obituaries. They are little notes muggles pay for in the newspaper for announcements such as engagement's, weddings, new baby, and funerals. So I took the liberty of going to the Surrey papers and made a note about James and Lily's funeral come out tomorrow morning."

Minerva got a wicked gleam in her eye that was only to be used for what Mr. Pettigrew took the liberty of accidently mentioning this new muggle thing called 'pop quizzes'. The Dursley's will have no choice they will defiantly be going to the funeral as they should.

Minerva made to leave the office to create the new lesson plans since classes would be starting up again soon. As she was about to open the door there was a rather brisk knock that startled her out of her wits. She turned to the headmaster in question to see that he looked remarkably grim and the twinkle in his eyes where no longer there like they had been moments ago. Minerva turned back to the door dreading who would be on the other side when she turned the knob and opened the door to let the person in. Minerva had to hold back a sob as she saw the man and knew she couldn't leave now. She stepped back to let the man in from his long mission.

"Good evening professor, how are you?" He asked.

She couldn't speak. There was no positive way to answer that question. Not to him. She just nodded her head "R-Remus," she said. And she gently ushered him inside. it was all she could do to not pull him into her arms and start sobbing for the man who's world was about to come crashing down.

Remus looked perplexed at the look on his old transfiguration teacher's face. She looked absolutely miserable. He noticed the stutter and the use of his first name from the woman and was hoping she was alright. He turned to the headmaster and saw his disheartening stance and saw the twinkle in his eyes were gone. A cold-feeling of dread dropped into the bottom of his stomach as he sat down next to Minerva.

"Professor Dumbledore? What happened? Voldemort's gone is he not?" he asked. Could that be the reason why both professors looked to solemn? Was he really gone? And what happened to make him disappear?

Albus looked over to the younger professor and pupil. His heart went out to them. Remus was about o hear the most terrible news he could hear and didn't even know it. He had no family left. Both of his parents were killed in the war and his friends were his only family left. And Minerva, she had always been very protective of her lions and loved them all like her own as she herself never had any children and the marauders and Lily were most definitely her favorites out of the years. He couldn't imagine what the pain would be for the two of them in a few short minutes but with what his own pain was anything to go by it would be unbearable.

"Remus, Lord Voldemort is indeed gone, for the time being. But what happened is both a miracle and a deep tragedy. Before you say anything please her me out all the way through."

Remus watched the headmaster and waited for him to begin…..

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