A/N: Unlike its sister story, Separate Lives, this story is completely in Kenny's POV. Sorry this took so long to post, but I got caught up with another yaoi fanfic.

Why was this happening again? I knew I could have prevented this, but the effort would've just cost me another beating.

I glanced over at one of my wrists, bound to the wooden black post with now bloodied chicken wire from where it cut into my wrist - my other wrist was bound the same way, as were my ankles. I buried my face back into the pillow, I was bound stomach-down on the bed I shared my boyfriend, Eric Cartman. This wouldn't be happening if Clyde and Kyle weren't gone, they always prevented Cartman from savagely raping me like this, as hard as it must've been to do.

A naked body easily twice my size was suddenly hovering over me, blocking the light from the dark blue desk lamp on the other side of the room. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to brace myself for what was coming though I knew it would hurt all the same. I ground my teeth together and try to suppress a scream as his cock entered my asshole roughly.

"Come on, you whore," Cartman growled as he buried himself deep inside me, "scream."

"F-Fuck you," I breathed out.

Suddenly, my thin left arm was engulfed in one of his hands and he yanked back, sending the chicken wire deeper into my wrist. I cried out in pain as tears stung the back of my eyes. "I've told you before," he released my arm and began thrusting hard into me, "you don't backtalk me!"

I bit down on the pillow as hard as I could to prevent Cartman from hearing my screams and my moans. It would've just made him more aroused and then this would never end.

I can't remember the last time we actually made love. In the four years we've been dating, I could only remember the times that he'd raped me when we began sharing a bed. And if I fought it, he'd either beat me or take out his rage on someone else. After all this time, I couldn't care less if he hit me, if anything it was just annoying, but I hated seeing somebody else get hurt because of me. More than once, Kyle had gotten in Cartman's way during one of his fits, and I found out that Butters had actually been the first victim of Cartman's rage. I tried to leave him when I found out, but he only threatened to hurt Butters even more, so I've stayed by his side to protect Butters.

Cartman grabbed the back of my head, trying to pull it back but failing. I fought him, keeping my head down into the pillow and my teeth clenched firmly onto it. He pulled back harder, pulling on my hair and thrusting harder and faster as if to get my attention.

With a few more hard thrusts, I felt Cartman release inside of me and moan loudly. Once I felt him pull out of me, I collapsed against the bed and finally allowed my teeth to release the pillow. There were teeth marks and spit on it now, nothing new though.

I laid there, feeling his come inside of my asshole and hating it. In that moment, I was happy that I wasn't a woman. At least I couldn't get pregnant with that asswipe's child.

A moment later, metal cutters cut the chicken wire around my wrists and ankles, sending them plopping onto the mattress. The next thing I knew, my wrists and ankles were being bandaged. I looked over at Cartman, fully dressed in a white t-shirt and baggy blue jeans at this point, without any smile for him regardless of the small amount of "kindness" he was showing. The only reason he was bandaging my bloodied wrists and ankles for me was because I wouldn't get up to do it myself. Actually, I had nearly bled out once because I refused to get up and stop the bleeding.

"Hurry up and get dressed," Cartman said quickly when my wrists and ankles were bandaged. "Clyde and the Jew should be getting back before too long."

Once he shut the door behind him, I slowly sat up and tried to ignore the stabbing, shooting pain that occurred when I did. I looked around at the various boxes still left unpacked from when we moved into the two bedroom apartment with Clyde and Kyle two days ago. A full-length mirror was sitting near the bed, and I could see myself in it.

My normally spiky blonde hair was tousled, the back was spiked back in a straight line where Cartman pulled it. Aside from that and the stark white bandages marred by spots of blood, I looked fairly beautiful. I was thin, with a few lean muscles and pale skin. Narrow blue eyes, thin lips, and a sharp nose adorned a soft rounded face. There were a few purple, blue, and black welts along my arms and chest.

Slowly, I stood up and grabbed my red-orange sweatpants, slipping them on. They covered down to just below my ankles, hiding the bandages there. I grabbed a white t-shirt from next to where my sweatpants had been laying a moment ago. Last off, I slipped into my red-orange parka to hide the bandages on my wrists. I had to hide the bandages from Clyde and Kyle, or else Cartman will go ape-shit. (Nothing ever ended well when that happened.)

I brushed out my hair and stared at the dark bags under my eyes. They were never there when Cartman wasn't around. I looked awful, older than my seventeen years. It was time to end it, besides, it wasn't like I was faithful to him anyway. Maybe I was a whore, like he said, but there wasn't any possible way I would admit it to him.

I walked out of the room and looked at him where he was sitting on the couch watching one of the four channels our TV currently got. I took a quick breath and said, "Cartman, I'm tired of this."

"Then go to sleep." Cartman glanced over at me annoyingly. He really didn't understand what I was getting at, did he…?

"That's not what I was talking about." I shook my head and tried to think of easiest way to the door. When I told him that it was over, shit was gonna hit the fan.

"Then what do you mean?" Damn, he's an idiot…

"I'm done with you," I said quickly, "you're a self-righteous piece of crap and I don't want anything to do with you anymore!"

Cartman's eyes narrowed. "That's not a funny joke, you douche."

"What joke? I'm being serious." I began inching towards the door.

"What?" He was on his feet and across the room faster than I would've imagined he could move. He cut off my escape route to the door and there was no easy way around him. "You just think you can say we're done and that's it?"

I could feel my bones shaking, Cartman was ready to strike when I said, "Yes, I do." The next thing I knew, my back hit the wall and my right eye was throbbing. I gently poked the now tender area around my eye. "What the fuck was that for?"

"What makes you think that anyone is going to want you?" He screamed at me, trying to bring down my already nonexistent self-esteem. "You're just a whore, no one is ever going to want you!"

"If no one wants me, then why won't you get out of my fucking life?" I screamed back. "And why are you so damned obsessed with forcing me to stay by your side?"

He pinned my shoulder to the wall, making sure that I couldn't move. "Because," he grabbed my chin so I couldn't look away, (dammit), "you're my damaged property and it's my job to fix you."

Damaged? I shoved him away from me as hard as I possibly could. "I'm not some broken object, you fat fuck!"

"I'm not fat, godammit!"

Sometime during our screaming match, Kyle and Clyde returned home from their trip to the Lowe's in Denver. Kyle stepped close to us and yelled, "Guys, stop fighting!"

I shut my mouth, but as always, Cartman had to be difficult: "Why should I listen to you, you damn Jew?"

Clyde set a piece of plywood that was in his hands aside and shut the door. "I've told you before, you keep ripping on Kyle, I'm kicking your fat ass out."

"I'm not fat, godammit!" Cartman yelled.

I rolled my eyes and argued, "If your mother says you're fat, then you're fucking fat!"

"Shut the hell up, you fucking whore!" Yeah, like he hadn't told me that a million times before… I just narrowed my eyes in response.

"Both of you, stop it!" Kyle yelled at us both. I glanced over at the redhead, it was better looking at him than the asshole in front of me. "I have something to tell you guys that will hopefully keep you quiet for the next few hours while we finish up the bookshelf." They were working on a bookshelf?

"What is it?" I turned completely to Kyle so that I didn't have to look at Cartman even from the corner of my eye.

"You guys remember Stan, right?"

"Of course." I nodded. Stan was a dear friend of mine, Cartman, and Kyle's when we were in elementary school. Unfortunately, he was banished from South Park for not voting…we never were sure what happened to him.

"Yeah. Why?" Cartman asked.

"Well, he's been living in Denver ever since he was banished," Kyle said excitedly. "We found him working at the Lowe's, and even had dinner with him."

"Really?" I smiled wide. He was alive! That was amazing, not to mention the best news I'd heard in months!

"Yeah. We should all go visit him tomorrow, it's Saturday after all," Kyle said hopefully.

"I like the idea," I agreed. That would be so much fun! It'd be just like old times again…

"I don't care if that fuckwad is alive, he was banished for being an asshole and not voting. I'm not going to go see him, and if I'm not, you can't either Kenny," Cartman said defiantly.

What did he say? "Fuck you, dude," I argued with a deep glare aimed at him. "I've missed Stan, so I'm going to go with Kyle to see him tomorrow."

"Bullshit you are." He took a few heavy steps over to me and the next thing I noticed was my head jerking to the side as a loud smack resonated through my head. "How do I know you won't try to fuck him? You're a whore after all."

He just…godammit! I grit my teeth, wanting to fight back, to punch or kick him, but knowing it would only get worse if I did. Instead, I threw open the door of the apartment and ran down the street towards South Park High School. Tears were streaming down my face unbidden as I ran. Why was it so hard to leave Cartman? It wasn't like we loved each other anyway… Actually, I was in love with the beautiful, innocent Butters.