Title: Where Betrayal Leads To
Fandom: Star Wars-The Clone Wars
Summary: When Ahsoka discovers the major secret of her Master; something apparently starts to change inside her. And consumed by prohibited emotions the place where she will be lead to will be surrounded by shadows.
Type: Minific (3/?)
Pairing: Anakin/Ahsoka.
Warnings: Spoilers from the 3rd season

Note: The original version of this FanFiction (which is written in Spanish) is dedicated to Dryadeh as a Christmas virtual gift, and this one is for her as well. I hope that you, Dry, like this version as well –you will see that has some changes ;)

Author note (3-14-11): I would like to give a huge thanks to Saint Sentiment, who beta this story to correct all my mistakes. Thanks to every reader that had pointed out some mistakes and made suggestions, such as CrazyChick08, and thanks to LadyDae who encouraged and explain me how to get a Beta Reader :) So, now I'll stop bothering you… May the Force be with you! Enjoy the reading!

Where betrayal leads to


Rage and hate. Two emotions that every Jedi should avoid feeling, because they were related with the Dark Side of the Force, a deep, dark, endless abyss which did not have an exit. But she couldn't help that they tied tightly into her heart, mixing with other equally harmful feelings-betrayal, fear, pain. And on top of all that there was the image that seemed to have been engraved in her mind and couldn't be erased from there.

She wished she had never been there. Why did she even want to see Padmé precisely that day anyway? Why hadn't she waited until the following day? Maybe because she had thought that by chatting with her she could tear apart all the pressing problems related to the war. But she was wrong. The only thing it produced was the mixing of all those emotions, smothering her. The image came to her mind once again, bloodier that before, burning her, destroying her.

The senator and her Master, together, kissing each other.

A treacherous tear burned her cheek. Forming attachments was not allowed; it wasn't something that a Jedi should do. However, it was true. The eminent, brilliant, talented general Skywalker was breaking one of the most important rules of the Jedi Order. She knew that he was considered as one of a kind, not only for his methods also for his slightly unconventional-aside from risky and suicidal-plans of attack, but Ahsoka had never thought he would reach that extreme: breaking the rules.

Ahsoka stopped, held her breath and then everything seemed to hit her with more strength than a while ago. Her Master, her mentor, the one who was designated to guide her in knowledge of the Force as well as train her in order to make the young Togruta into an excellent, remarkable Jedi, had betrayed the Order. But what hurt the most wasn't only precisely that, but the fact that he had betrayed her.

Betrayal. Lies. Now she understood why he always faded away conveniently whenever they got back to Coruscant from a mission—all the sudden unanswered calls and the hurried and lightly credible excuses began to have an explanation. He had been lying to her all the time, he hadn't trusted her or anything… Suddenly all those years they'd spent together were reduced to dust: she had no clue about who he was. Everything could easily be a well-constructed façade and the secrets, the real him, were hiding behind it. Secrets like the one that had been discovered earlier and should have never been revealed.

She didn't understand why, or maybe she didn't want to understand it, because maybe denial was the only safe shelter that remained for her. She clenched her fists and tried to pull back the tears, but all her efforts were in vain.

Why was it affecting her that way? Why did it hurt that way? She was nothing more than his apprentice, and he her Master. In spite of the betrayal there was nothing that should cause her such pain, as if her heart had been pulled out by the roots from her chest. Even though, naturally, she had never been heart-broken.

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