Blue eyed and sparkling
Purest pearl, absolute perfection

Mischief and humour wrapped up in
Joking grins and gleaming hazel eyes

Working so hard to achieve perfection
Achieve what's expected of the eldest child of the family of the Golden Trio
Charming so her mother loves her
Sweet so her daddy cares

Imperfect with his arrogance, but no-one expects him to be perfect, he'sJAMES SIRIUS, the new marauder (cocky, handsome and mischievous)
Pays no attention in class but passes anyway, cos he'sJAMES SIRIUS, smart and devilishly handsome, he doesn't need to pay attention, he's Harry Potter's son, he basks in golden light cos no-one expects him to be perfect
Charming to get him out of trouble with his mother (who loves him really, even when he breaks her wedding china)
Sarcastic and mischievous to his dad, cos he knows he can, cos he's JAMES SIRIUS, he's loved unconditionally

Sounds French and fancy, and she's given up trying to get people to not judge her on her name, Victoire WEASLEY, fancy, above all others but of course she is, she's a WEASLEY, part of the Potter-WEASLEY clan, of course she looks down on them. She's given up trying to let people in, cos really, who listens when she pleads?

Sounds casual and down-to-earth, bringing the legacy of the Marauders with it. Maybe Albus would be embarrassed and sick of the title he'd have to live up to, but not JAMES SIRIUS, cos he loves it.JAMES SIRIUS POTTER, a name to be reckoned with. Cos is he embarrassed by the surname of the Boy-Who-Lived? Nah, he's JAMES SIRIUS, the brightest star in the sky, and he loves his name. Cos who DOESN'T listen to him?

And no matter howhard she works, how bright she shines and shimmers, as soon as HE walks in, she barely glows and hardly glimmers. She gave up trying to shine next to him years ago, because, face it, who can outshine the brightest star in the sky?