Prompt: Scotty, Gaila - Secret Moments

Secret Moments

″Hear that, lass?″ Scotty's voice was uncharacteristically soft, though the gentleness of his tone was now familiar. When talking about his beloved ship, he was capable of great serenity.

″The ship?″ Gaila's reply was equally quiet, though even with her moderation it felt as though her voice rang through the bowels of the ship.

They were lying side-side-by-side deep in the Engineering deck, away from the eyes of the on duty crew, safe and sheltered in the heart of the ship. Gaila came here to this restful place, sank herself into the pulse and rush of the ship, when she needed to think and to regain her sense of peace and wonder at the job they were doing, out here amongst the stars.

She hadn't known Scotty knew her hiding place until she'd opened her eyes from a long minute of centering herself and found him leaning against a large pipe, watching her silently. She'd invited him to join her and he did, lying at her side and staring up at a maze of connections, piping, circuitry, and all the other inner parts of their home.

″Aye. That's her heartbeat, this great ship of ours. Pulsing and beating around us, keeping is alive, keeping us going.″ Scotty took her hand and rested it against his chest, over his own beating heart.

″Yes, she does. And she makes me feel alive when I come down here. It's beautiful.″

Scotty's eyes were bright and held laughter within them and his mouth was upturned in an inviting smile. ″Aye, 'tis a lovely sound, paired with a lovely sight.″

This time, though his voice remained soft and sweet, he was looking at her and only her. Her hand on his chest felt warm and so very alive. Gaila wanted nothing more than to curl her fingers in his shirt and pull them closer together, pressing her lips to his.

So she did.