Ellis woke up with a jolt.

They had just reached a safe house around ten in the morning after traveling at night for seven hours straight. Ellis checked his watch. 2 p.m. Night travel was inevitable. They didn't want to collide with any witches who maybe walking around at this time of the day. Also, the infected were more edgy than at night for no apparent reason. The safe room was still dark from their efforts of blocking out the sun with mattresses and sheets they found upstairs. But Ellis clearly heard the sound of Gunshots. It was faint, but still audible.

Heaving himself off the couch, he stood up and headed to the door. He set aside one of the mattresses they used to block the safe room door. Immediately, light flooded in. Ellis shielded his eyes from the beam of sunlight. Squinting, he peered past the bars of the safe room door. There was a tank out there! Diving down, he crawled to a nearby table for his Combat Rifle. He had gotten it from Whitaker's shop long ago. It came with a laser sight attachment. Nick said that it made the thing more accurate, and made Ellis less of a crazy, gung-ho moron. After all that it's been through, it never left his side.

Creeping toward the door, he carefully peered outside again. The Tank was busy giving chase to a man wielding something in his hand. Without thinking, Ellis slid the gun's muzzle past the safe house bars. Aiming carefully, he fired a complete magazine into the Tank. That got the Tank's attention. It abandoned its chase with the man and headed straight toward the safe house! Ellis frantically reloaded from the magazine pile on the nearby table, stepped back a couple of feet, and positioned himself for the offensive. He waited until the tank was in range until he unleashed hell with his gun. He was hitting it, but it wasn't slowing down! Out of nowhere, a car slammed into the Tank, sending it crashing to a wall. Ellis stumbled backward and fell flat on his seat. Feeling the shock , the other Survivors came rushing down from the nearby bedrooms upstairs.

"Ellis what's going on?" asked Rochelle, helping Ellis back on his feet.

"I'm not so sure myself Ro..." replied Ellis with a nervous grin.

Nick came rushing past them, opening the safe room door. He was shocked to see a Tank's corpse wedged between a wall and the car.

"Would you look at that Ellis what the hell happened here?" Asked a very shocked Nick.

"I dunno Nick. All I remember is waking up and seeing a man being chased by a Tank outside. I got my rifle and pumped a few rounds in it. It came heading this way, before I know, a car collided with it. That's all that happened before you guys came running down here."

Coach grabbed the guns and gave them to the others. All of them headed outside to see the damage. Rochelle came closer to the car, inspecting it. Looks to me as if the car was thrown towards the Tank. Not crashed. Thrown, or punted perhaps. But how?" She asked, staring at the other confused survivors. "At least the whole wall wasn't destroyed. We would have been crushed." replied Coach. All of a sudden, they heard something behind them. All at once, the four survivors turned around and saw a figure behind them. It looked like it was not an infected. It was a man, holding a red crowbar in his hand.

"Hey, you! Yes you!" Nick shouted, running towards the man.

"Hey Nick, Wait up!" Ellis panted, trying to catch up with him. The other two joined them, running towards the ominous figure in the distance.

When they finally reached the man, all of them were panting and sweating. The man was leaning against a brick wall that belonged to some sort of warehouse. He was a very peculiar person. He was wearing some sort of weird space suit. First of all, it looked like some sort of armor bathed in deep saturated orange around the chest and lower torso. The materials underneath the orange parts, located in between the joints were a rubbery, workmanlike grey fabric. The upper torso held a chest plate bearing some sort of hardened plating. In the middle of the chest piece was a crest bearing a familiar looking symbol. The man inside the suit had his head bowed down in exhaustion. Yet, beneath his face, a distinct pair of spectacled revealed themselves. Nick came up to the man and asked.

"Hey who are you? Did you do that?" he said, pointing to the Tank.

No reply.

"Hey buddy. I'm talking to you!"

No reply.

"Hey! Are you deaf or something? And what's with your crazy outfit?"

Still no reply.

Nick was furious. "I've had it with this guy. Either he's mute, he's deaf, or just plain crazy."

Ellis noticed a strange object lying on top of a crate. It looked like some sort of cross between a claw and a gun. The device had some sort of weird glowing thing inside it, making it radiate a bright orange tinge. Ellis picked it up. It felt heavy in his arms. As he lifted it up, the muzzle of the gun (or what appeared to be a muzzle) came to face the crate. Three small claws at the tip of the thing snapped open, and a buzzing noise emanated from the thing. The man noticed him handling the object and grabbed it out of his hands. Then he slumped down against the wall, tired.

"Looks like someone doesn't like having his things touched. Coach teased. "Sort of like Nick here." Pointing to Nick behind him.

Very funny. Nick replied sarcastically.

The man managed to give a small grin. Coach took it as a friendly gesture.

"They call me Coach by the way. Looks like you've already met Nick. Oh and that's Ellis and Rochelle." He said extending a helping hand. The man grabbed it and shook it gently. He then stood up and began writing something on the dirt with his crowbar. The Survivors understood what the man was writing.