"Okay I just gotta ask" said Coach disbelievingly, "Since when have you ever agreed to any of this anyway?" It was nine p.m. They were up north and been walking four ten minutes straight after resting a few moments ago. Before leaving the safehouse, they all planned to take the route through the town.

"Well," said Nick. "Let's list the Cons. One, We might be mincemeat for all the zombies out here. Two, I could freeze my butt off in the cold. And three, I could die, or worse, become one of them." Nick breathed. "The Pros..." He thought about it for a moment before blurting out. "...It could be fun as hell." He grinned. A rare grin no one had ever seen unless he was teasing Coach about his weight and his love for chocolate.

All four of them gave a hearty laugh like they have never laughed before. It seemed everything was right again in the world. No zombies. NO bombing runs. Just pure happiness. But moments like those never last long, as any survivor in this post-apocalyptic world should know. They all heard a low growling noise coming somewhere in front of them. All four of them stopped instinctively except Gordon. He strided past them eyes fixed on the path ahead. He did not notice the other survivors stop dead in their tracks. He did not hear the low growling noise that sounded closely to a feral predator stalking it's prey silently. He did not see a shadowy figure leap across the dark silhouette of the nearby rooftops. He did not anticipate being thrown to the ground, as if being rammed by a mountain goat at full run, and lying there helpless as a hooded figure lay on top of him and began clawing and scratching his suit.

"Gordon!" Rochelle screamed. Without further hesitation, she ran up to a pinned down Gordon and smacked the hooded one with one powerful blow from the butt of her Automatic Kalashnikov. The hooded figure stumbled for a few precious moments before standing in a threatening position; its soulless face stared straight at her. For a few milliseconds, Rochelle glimpsed a look under the hood of the monster that was standing before them. It had no eyes. Bloodshot eye sockets pierced through Rochelle's soul and she stood there, stunned. The next moment, the hooded one was crouched, ready to attack once again. With a terrifying howl, the beast leapt forward. Its target: Rochelle. Pushing her out of the way, Gordon Freeman fired a round of buckshot straight into the creature's chest. It fell a few feet behind them.

"Thanks..." muttered a shaken, but okay Rochelle.

"No problem." replied Freeman. When he had finished gasping for air, Freeman asked. "What was that thing?"

"They're called hunters." Coach stepped in. "Well, we like to call 'em that. Anyway Gordon, that's one of the reasons we accompanied you out here. Once they pin you down, you can't push them off. No matter how hard you try."

Ellis interrupted. "'Man if you thought that was nasty, wait till you meet the other infected."

"Are you all right?" asked Rochelle, studying the claw marks on Gordon's strange suit. She had never seen one of these before. It was a thick armored suit, with a strange symbol on his chest. Judging by the look of it, it seemed heavy. But Gordon was still able to run in that suit of his. "Gordon, I was wondering. Well, we're all wondering. What exactly is that suit of yours?"

"Yeah Gordon," said Ellis. "It looks even weirder than Nick s suit over there."

"Ha-ha. Very funny Ellis." retorted Nick.

Rochelle continued talking. "I mean, I've been to NASA and to other scientific facilities. I've seen suits almost as strange as yours. Hazmat Suits, Armored Suits, Spacesuits; Yet, yours is different. What's your story anyway?"

Gordon hesitated. He breathed in, and spoke. "You may want to sit down for this."

All four of them sat down on the sidewalk and listened carefully.
"My name is Gordon Freeman; and this is my Hazardous Environment suit. Two days ago, me and two of my friends were scheduled to be teleported to a Resistance base just outside of City 17. It was one of the major branches that the Resistance used as a Headquarters. While being teleported, a malfunction occurred in the machine. My friends were teleported somewhere else and I was teleported outside the warehouse where you found me. They both radioed in that they were just up north of this town in a warehouse. I tried to head there myself, but got caught by that enormous hulk of a beast.. I guess that's the part where you found me." He stopped and looked at the shocked faces of the other survivors.

"Hazardous Environment suit?"


"City 17?"

"It's hard to make it sound sensible, but you're gonna have to trust me on this one guys." said Gordon

"Well, don't worry Gordon. We'll be at your side." said Coach, slinging one of his arms over Gordon's shoulder.

"Man we're lucky there's no one 'round. It's been quiet ever since we've entered town." Said Ellis, changing the topic.

As if on cue, silhouettes appeared behind them. Snarling and running towards them.

"This is why we have guns!" proclaimed Nick, energizing the whole team as they readied their guns, bracing for the horde