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Author's Note: This is the prologue to a story that's been in my mind for awhile. It's an unusual character pairing in general, and especially odd for me...but here it is.

Fractured Fairy Tales


Teris Xenite


He sat in a cold sterile hospital room watching her sleep, and waiting for her to rouse from her drug induced slumber. Her wounds were almost completely healed, and she was almost ready to be discharged. He'd bribed the doctors to keep her heavily sedated until she reached this point for several reasons. First off, she hated hospitals and was arguably the worst patient that had ever been. But to be honest on that count, he couldn't say much, he didn't tend to follow doctors orders himself. That hadn't been his only reason though…not the only one by a long shot.

Of course part of his decision had been that the longer she slept the more time he had to make his plans, without the emotional upheaval that her waking would bring. It didn't hurt that it meant he had more time to watch her here like this, either. She looked so beautiful when she slept, the strains of a life on the run erased from her face. Her lips were soft and reminded him of the woman he'd known before, the one who'd smiled invitingly at him, not the angry snarls of the woman that he'd almost grown to hate. He never told her that he loved her…and he didn't think that she'd ever really expected him to.

Yet still she'd come to him, when she most needed protection, needed someone to trust with her life. In that moment, the distance that had grown between them didn't matter. He didn't see her as the woman he'd come to despise, because it was easier than laying blame where it belonged for the pain in his life. Instead he saw her face. With her eyes looking up at him with such intense emotion that he'd almost pulled away from her, because the power of it was almost too much to bare. He saw the twitch of her lips the moment before she burst out into laughter. He saw all of the good times they'd shared, and felt a stab of pain as he again realized the loss.

The small speck of love that still survived in his cold heart called for him to help her. And so he sat, stiff and straight as his military training demanded, in a shoddy chair that would have reduced far greater men to slouching or squirming, and he waited for her to wake. And as he waited he searched her face for traces of the woman that he'd known so very long ago.


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