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Fractured Fairy Tales

Chapter Six

Teris Xenite

She felt heavenly pressed up against him, and he knew that she'd taste even better. As much as he was enjoying this, the soldier in him was angry at her for putting herself in such a vulnerable spot. After all she didn't know if she could trust him yet, and she knew exactly what someone could do in this position. She'd had an excellent teacher when it came to the art of war. He'd taught her himself. But even though he knew it was stupid of her to trust him, he reveled in the fact that she did. Just enjoy it, you of all people know how short the life span of happiness is.

He brushed his thumb over her collarbone as he held her shoulder, he felt how fragile she was beneath his touch, and it reminded him to be vigilant of the fact that she was indeed delicate. "You're welcome." He replied leaving as much up in the air as she had with her thank you. He led her into the bedroom, and lowered her gently onto the bed, telling her to rest. Reassuring her that he'd be right back, he showered and slipped on his clothes.

She was sleeping again when he emerged moments later, and he fought the urge to climb back in bed with her. She looked so soft now, so free from the stresses that the world had forced upon her and here with her at her most vulnerable he could pretend that nothing had changed. He could pretend that she'd never left him and that they were still happy and in love.

Almost of its own power his hand reached out and caressed her cheek gently. He knew he should be angry with her, and somewhere deep down he was sure he was. But at this moment, all he could think was how glad he was that she was here, relatively unharmed, with him again. The time for anger would come, but it had been so very long since there had been anything for him. Not the commander, but the man.

As much as he desired the few stolen moments of sleep he was contemplating he knew that he had to go. She needed food to heal, and he needed for them to move on her his peace of mind. He considered carrying her to the car, but that would draw too much attention to them in broad daylight. It was dangerous for anyone to remember seeing her so close to Manticore's base of operations. He decided to let her sleep, and left in search of a suitable breakfast for them.

It was dark. Soul piercing inky blackness, the kind that seeps into your bones, fills your heart with dread and your stomach with lead. And it was all around her. She couldn't breathe, there was a weight on her chest, and even if she could the air tasted of rock dust, and was so thick that it made her cough painfully when she tried. The muffled sounds of accented voices, and footsteps filled the air, but they were growing fainter. She strained her ears, and could barely make out.

"Ella es probablemente ya muerta, o ella será para el momento en que la alcancemos. No podemos arriesgarlo. "

She's probably already dead, or she will be by the time we reach her. We can't risk it.

She wanted to scream. She wanted to claw her way through the rocks that covered her, but she couldn't. She couldn't even move.

"Estoy apesadumbrado que Adrianna, yo está tan apesadumbrado. El dios de mayo esté con usted. "

I'm sorry Adrianna, I'm so sorry. May God be with you.

The cold realization swept over her. They're going to leave me to die. I'm going to die. She panicked, and tried to claw her way out, but she couldn't. And then there was darkness.

He heard her whimpers through the door, and nearly broke it down trying to get to her. It seemed to take forever but when he'd finally gotten it open he was shocked to see her as he'd left her. From the noise alone he'd thought that someone from Manticore had found her. She was in an equally bad place, he realized. He'd seen enough night terrors to recognize this for what it was, a hell made of your own mind. He'd even suffered a few himself.

Normally the best thing to do was wait it out, and then offer the person comfort. Clinically, logically he knew that. She did too, having been thrown across the room after trying to comfort him during one of his. But if she kept struggling as she was now she was going to rip her stitches open. Well, guess you get to get even for that one after all Dri, it's my turn to get beaten on.

He waited for the right moment so that he could get the best hold on her then pounced. He grabbed her arms and pinned them to her sides, by circling one of his arms around her tightly. Then he held her legs still by wrapping one of his legs around hers at the knees. Held so closely and so tightly to him, she could do little but struggle ineffectively. Or more accurately ineffective, unless you counted the fact that her squirming was rapidly driving him to distraction, which in turn led him to curse himself for his lack of control.

She started to wake, the tension in her eased, and she stilled. A startled gasp filled the air, and he tightened his arms minutely. It took a few minutes before she came back to herself completely, but when she did she turned her face towards him. She looked puzzled, as if she were surprised to see him there, and then asked in a quiet, confused voice. "Deck?"

"Yes, Dri, it's me. It's alright. I'm here."

A slight glance at the way they were positioned and a moment to acknowledge why and he saw her do something that she hadn't done in years. She blushed, embarrassed at both the situation and the situation that it had place them in. Normally she would have loved having him hold her like this, it made her feel so safe, but now with things being the way they were between them and him having no reason for it other than not wanting to have to deal with blood stains on the sheets it somehow seemed wrong, perverse, hollow. "I'm sorry, I thought I'd stopped having those."

"They never go away completely. They get better, but they never go away. Do you want to tell me what it was about?" He kept his voice soft, not wanting her to think that he was judging her or disapproved.

"Not particularly, but I do think that you deserve to know why you got beaten before breakfast." He said nothing, instead he merely waited patiently for her to continue. "You remember the landslides in Guatemala in 2009?" He nodded. "I thought you would, and I'm pretty sure that you remember the medical teams that were trapped."

Understanding dawned on his face. "You were one of the doctors trapped."

"Yes. I went to push a little girl out of the way, she made it to safety, but I didn't. A few days later her father got the locals together to get us out after he realized that the agency we were helping wasn't going to send anyone."

"And what jackass made that decision?"

"The director of emergency services. It's not really something that he could be blamed for. He'd been trying to get doctors into that area for over a decade. No rescue organization was going to send in more help if a whole team died under his direction."

"He damn well can and will be blamed for it."

"It was collateral damage Deck. You of all people should understand that."

"Where you're concerned? No, I don't. How long did it take them to get you out?"

"Nine days."

"Then by god that's how long that bastard will scream if I ever get my hands on him." He tightened his arms around her and buried his face in her neck. "You could have died Dri."

"I almost did. I thought about a lot of things while I was down there. I decided that there were things that I just wasn't ready to let go of so I decided that I'd stick around a little bit longer."

"I'm glad you did."

"So am I. I wouldn't have wanted to miss this. Seeing you again was one of the reasons that I stuck around."

Something about that statement angered him. He wasn't sure why or how, but it managed to trample on his every nerve and his badly bruised pride. "If I was so damned important to you then why did you leave?"

"I had my reasons."

"Which you refuse to share with me, years together and all I get is a letter saying Deck I'm leaving. Don't look for me."

"It would have hurt you more if I had stayed, and you couldn't come with me."

"How do you figure that?"

"You couldn't leave your kids Deck…you and I both know that. There were a great number of other things going on at the time that you didn't know about."

"That you're still going to refuse to tell me?"

"They're as dangerous to you now as they were then, if not more so." She cupped his cheek in her palm. "I'll apologize for hurting you, because god knows I'm sorry for doing so. But I will not apologize for keeping you safe, even if you end up hating me for it."

He wasn't really sure how to respond to that. It'd been years since anyone had told him that they were doing something for his own good. It'd been even longer since he'd been inclined to believe it when they did. "We need to get out of this area. It'll be dusk soon, safer to move then. In the meantime, I'd suggest that you have something to eat before the wind blows through here and knocks you over."

"Honestly Deck…I'm not that bad."

To prove his point he raised an eyebrow and circled his hands around her waist. "Really, well if that's the case my hands must have grown considerably since the last time we met Dri."

"Point taken. What have we got?"

He smiled at the easy victory, and pulled away. "Keep your seat, one lady swooning at my feet is enough for today. Now we had the choices of Millie's unidentifiable meat loaf, mystery meat, or the only decent smelling thing in the place and just what the doctor ordered for someone on the mend best thing next to chicken noodle soup, chicken and dumplings."

He helped her sit more comfortably, then brought over a still steaming bowl and a spoon and placed them in her hands. Upon seeing that she was indeed strong enough to hold the bowl in her lap, and feed herself he went over to the desk and fetched his own bowl. Chuckling lightly to himself at the look on her face of combined enjoyment and horror. She caught his expression and answered with a rueful grin of her own. "This tastes wonderful Deck, I'll admit that but I can fell my arteries clogging as we speak."

"Relax Dri, a little bit of lard now and again never hurt anyone. Now eat up or next time I bring dinner back I'll go out of my way to find something deep fried."

"Oh the horrors." And as the meal continued they slid into their easy banter as if they'd never been apart all the while ignoring that which lay between them, the secrets that still had the power to tear their lives apart at less than a moments notice. But for the moment, if one had looked in on them they wouldn't have seen one of the most feared men in the military, nor a fugitive on the run. They simply would have seen two people, either falling into or slipping somewhat reluctantly back into love, despite knowing for all the reasons in the world that they shouldn't.

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