Chapter 1:

Keiji, Kotaro, Lu Bu, Tadakatsu and Zhou Tai walked around together proudly the tallest men around. Tall men had respect from everyone else and people stepped out of their way as they walked passed.

As they walked into the pub to find it empty for once, they sat down in their usual corner. Just as they got settled and started their first pint for the day, the wives'/girlfriends walked in angrily. Okuni for Keiji, Kunoichi for Kotaro, Diao Chan for Lu Bu and Stevie Nicks for Zhou Tai.

'We were all supposed to go out for dinner tonight,' Kunoichi said angrily, 'And here you all are drinking away.'

'Don't you want to be with your loving wives?' Okuni asked.

'Don't answer that,' Stevie said as Keiji opened his mouth to answer.

This was the only thing they hated about having a wife, the bickering, everything the men do in the wives eyes is always wrong. After being yelled at by Kunoichi about not being there to meet her parents, Kotaro almost slapped her as she stomped away. Sun Ce has it bad with Da Qiao and the same with Zhou Yu with Xiao Qiao, in fact, they say the smaller the wife the angrier they are. Kunoichi and Stevie are the two smallest being 5'-5'1 (Yes I think Kotaro and Zhou Tai have sore backs from bending so much to give them a kiss they demanded).

Although the wives aren't that bad, it sounds worse than what it is, in some cases. If they were that bad the men would've run away by now. Nagamasa tried to run away from Oichi at the wedding service. But they turned out to be the best couple actually, Oichi never really yelled at Nagamasa. Same with Masamune's wife, she only gets angry when he pokes her with the moon on his helmet.

The next night, they tried for dinner again but Kotaro and Zhou Tai got called out by Sun Jian and Taigong Wang to go to a castle because there were reports of an attack there. The two couldn't get moving any quicker. With them on the mission were Zhang Liao and Gan Ning.

They rode away towards the castle. As they arrived they got the shivers, something just didn't feel right, it was dark and there was the smell of blood. Definitely death around here, and lots of it.

'Something does not feel right,' Kotaro said as they looked around outside first. 'I am not familiar with anything... Normally I can sense something. Nothing.'

'Shall we?' Zhou Tai asked as they reached the front door.

'Let's rock,' Gan Ning smiled as he entered first with his weapon at the ready. The others followed.

They walked through the hall slowly, checking each room as they went, nothing at all. Nothing was stolen. Finally they reached a door that led to the main room.

'Yes,' Kotaro said as he sniffed the air, 'I smell lots of blood coming from in here.'

Zhang Liao pushed open the doors. They hurried in with their weapons raised. In the middle of the room there were about seven naked men hung to the ceiling, dead and blood dripping down from each like a tap. This was not what the men were expecting to find.

They investigated the room. Then suddenly Zhang Liao called out.

'We have a survivor here!'

The others rushed over to see. It was a girl, a naked girl of about 18-20. She looked terrified, as would anyone at this point. No one even thought of covering her up, dealing with this was much harder that battle for they all had not dealt with a female survivor who was naked.

'Are you hurt?' Zhang Liao asked as he brushed his finger across the blood on her face. 'It's not her blood.'

'What kind of a sicko attacks men and then leave a girl naked on the floor?' Gan Ning asked.

'Maybe they have a soft spot for women,' Zhang Liao said.

'No,' Kotaro said as he looked over at the bodies again, 'one of them is a female warrior.

'Ok,' Gan Ning said, 'This is kinda weird, I was expecting just a quick brawl and then that was it. This is too much for me, I'm no good at this kinda stuff.'

'We should take her back,' Zhang Liao said, 'She may have some information for us when she's feeling better. Let's go.'

On their way back to camp, they could all feel something, somewhere watching them. They swore they could hear crows.

Ok that's it until the next chapter. I make some of this up so of course as an example Kotaro and Kunoichi aren't really married, but it's just a story. Hope you like it. Please review.