Chapter 2

Back at camp, Kotaro Fuma's dad, Marilyn Manson, was waiting for him. It was the first time Kotaro had seen his dad in his life from what he could remember.

Magoichi Saika immediately came up and put his coat around the lady. Stevie Nicks and Diao Chan both came up and took the lady to get checked up, and some clothes.

'She was the only survivor,' Zhang Liao said.

Taigong Wang looked at Sun Jian to see what he thought, but he too was completely blank.

'Any idea who did this?'

Kotaro chuckled, 'I can sense we are being watched, I just can't find out any information. Whoever this is has talent.'

'Cheeky barstard,' Gan Ning said shaking his head and kicking the ground.

Yukimura and Hanzo walked up to the conversation.

'The people at the east castle are all dead,' Yukimura announced, 'except for this guy. He sure was terrified.'

'Well we came back with a woman,' Gan Ning boasted, 'A naked woman.'

'Silence, Gan Ning,' Sun Jian said before turning to the young man, 'did you see who was responsible for the attack?'

'It was nothing,' The man said, 'Nothing did it. I think it was the devil. Came to punish us.'

'For what?' Keiji asked.

'I don't know. It was see through, whatever it was.'

'Ok,' Sun Jian said, 'Thank you. Okuni here will take you to one of our doctors who will check you out.'

After a bow, the man walked off with a smiling Okuni.

Zhang Liao gathered around with Gan Ning and Zhou Tai. Kunoichi tried to join in but Gan Ning shoved her out of the way. Getting the message, she left sulking.

'We have ourselves a worthy opponent, this will be a glorious battle.' Zhang Liao put his fist up

'I will show no mercy,' Zhou Tai nodded, also putting his fist up.

'I'm gonna teach this joker a lesson he'll never forget!' Gan Ning said as he punched the two fists.


Two of Hanzo Hattori's ninjas went out as scouts. Even these two, ninjas, had no idea they were being stalked by a predator.

'I don't think we'll find anything, let's return back to camp.'

With a nod to each other they leaped up into the air, jumped from tree to tree. The first ninja, as he got to the end of the forest noticed that his mate who was neck and neck with him hadn't come out of the forest yet.

'You there?'

He cautiously walked back into the forest. After a long walk back deep into the middle of the woods, he saw a whole heap of organs and blood on the ground in front of him. After noticing some dripping blood coming down from a tree, he looked up. He could see the dead corpse of his friend hanging from a high up branch.

After hearing a series of clicking noises, he began to panic. Holding his weapon up high at the ready, he turned around just in time to see Kunoichi's goofy looking face smiling at him cheerfully.


The ninja screamed, 'You! What are you? Look, he's dead.'

'Of course silly, there's this mysterious beast on the loose. I was sent to bring you both back so you wouldn't get killed. Well at least one of you is still alive.' She looked up at the body hanging from the tree branch. 'God rest his soul.'

Back at camp

'This is terrible news,' Taigong Wang said, 'so far 50 men are dead.'

'I don't get how it chooses who to leave as a survivor and why,' Masamune Date said.

'Perhaps there is some reason,' Lu Xun said, 'What do all the survivors have in common?'

'Hmm,' Yukimura said, 'I don't know. I mean they're a mixture of men and women and kids.'

'I've got it,' Taigong Wang said, 'The men are civilians, so are the women and kids.'

'They're all unarmed,' Kotaro said.

'Whoever this is must have some honour,' Sun Jian nodded.

'Makes him or the more a better opponent,' Zhang Liao said, 'Fighting with and against someone with honour, that is a true warrior.'

'Yeah, but we still don't know what this guy wants,' Keiji said, 'I mean, why does he just kill random armed people?'

'We have another survivor,' Kunoichi said as she entered the room, 'A pregnant woman.'

'Not armed I imagine?' Sun Jian asked.

'Oh, yes she was.'

'I get it,' Magoichi smiled, 'Not a worthy enough opponent?'

'I'm really itching for a fight now,' Keiji said getting all excited, 'This sounds like it'll be so much fun.'

'I agree,' Gan Ning said, grinning.

'Alright,' Sun Jian said, 'Harden the defences. We need lots of good men to stay here and defend. Lots of good men to go out and hunt this beast. And lots of good men in reserve.'

'Can I be in reserve?' Ling Tong asked, yawning.

'Of course Ling Tong,' Sun Jian sighed, 'Of course.'