AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay, I haven't given up the Danny Phantom stuff, people. I'm waiting for the cover to be completed before starting to publish that as well. All credit for the cover art of this story ( /d360nmc ) other than the lineart of the pic, goes to mah good friend Clau 333 You know who you are!

Anyway, this is my first PnF fanfic. It is also being posted on deviantart because these stories are relatively shorter than the Danny Phantom ones. And probably not as suspenseful, considering Phineas isn't half ghost XDDDD

So anyway, on with the story!

"Bo-oyyys! Time to get up for scho-ool!"

The red-headed fifteen-year-old snickered beneath his bed covers as he continued to tinker with another invention. "Slow-mo, Mom; we've been up since six thirty," he muttered under his breath, amused by the fact that his mother had no idea how long her sons had been up.

That was how most days began at the Flynn-Fletcher residence. Ever since he had been a boy, Phineas Flynn would be up at the crack of dawn, coming up with a new idea or a new invention. It had been a favourite pass-time of his all his life.

"Boys! I am not going to repeat it! Get out of bed!"

Phineas giggled childishly as he sat under the tent he had created with his bed covers. His orange pyjamas were still over his body, even though he had gotten rid of his socks halfway through the night like he normally did. Sleeping soundly beside him was Perry, his pet platypus. Although the platypus often moved from Phineas' bed to Ferb's during the night, he always finished in his original owner's, considering he had been with the teenager since his earliest days.

"Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher! Get out of bed at once!"

"You heard your mother, boys! Hurry or you'll miss the bus!"

Phineas sniggered again until the sound of his covers being grabbed caught his attention. Before he could look up, his tent's roof was pulled away from the bed, knocking over the rod the fifteen-year-old had put up for support. He gasped. "Hey!" His exclamation aroused Perry, who snorted and shook his head rapidly.

Linda Flynn, Phineas' mother, was leaning over him, smiling cleverly. She raised an eyebrow while holding up the blanket in her hand. "You've been playing me like a flute all morning, haven't you?" she said sardonically.

Phineas winced as he adjusted his eyes to the sunlight and then smiled while baring his white teeth innocently, making his mother laugh. "I had to finish something," he replied, holding up his creation.

Linda grabbed it and held it up to her eyes. It looked like a type of egg beater, but instead of mixers at the end, there were brush-like handles.

"Uh," the red-haired woman began while scratching her head. She looked at her son again. "What is it this time?"

Phineas grabbed it and clicked the small switch at its end. The brushes began to move back and forth rapidly, creating a low buzzing sort of noise. "It's an automatic groomer-slash-messager," the teenager replied. "Or a backscratcher."

"A backscratcher? It's fairly small for a backscratcher, isn't it, Dear?"

"It's not for a human back, Mom," Phineas replied. He turned the object off and then placed it with the brushes facing down over Perry's back. The platypus raised his head and looked at the device in curiosity. Phineas flipped the switch again, and sure enough, the brushes began to groom and message the animal's back. Perry chirped in surprise at the noise before finally collapsing happily against his owner's bed, purring softly.

Linda laughed. "Everything you come up with, you just have to have someone in mind, don't you?" she said.

Phineas looked at her and smiled. "Well, what's the point of inventing if you don't have a goal to reach, right?" he replied. Looking at the invention again, he added, "Besides; I shouldn't get all the credit; Ferb helped design it after all."

"But it was your idea." Phineas looked up and stared at the bed across from him, nearest to the window. There, his stepbrother and best friend, Ferb Fletcher, was busy getting ready for school. The green-haired teenager already had his clothes on, and was presently brushing his hair.

Phineas shrugged. "But you helped draw out the plans," he pointed out. "Not to mention build it."

Ferb turned his head and looked at his brother. "But it was still your idea," he repeated.

"I don't need all the credit. I already get enough from everyone else."

Ferb shrugged while Linda chuckled. She reached over and rubbed her youngest son's head. "Just like your father," she said softly. Turning around and walking off, she added, "Time to get dressed, Sweetie. Your bus will be here shortly and you're still in pyjamas. You should think ahead, like your brother."

Phineas frowned at her before turning his head and glaring at Ferb. Ferb grinned amusingly in reply and shrugged again.

"So; my imagination has a bad sense of time, who cares?" came the excuse.

Linda rolled her eyes amusingly. "Just get dressed now, Phineas," she said as she left the room. "And if you can, bring down the suit you were going to wear to Jeremy's stag. I don't want you getting it dirty before then."

"Yeah, Mom!"

Thus began another fun-filled Monday morning. While Phineas got dressed, Ferb gathered his things together in his bag. Perry, slightly disappointed that Phineas had pulled away the backscratcher, returned to sleep.

A few short minutes later, the boys rushed down the stairs to grab a bite to eat and put together their lunches. Saying goodbye to their father as he stepped out of the house, they hurried and gathered their French toasts into their mouths before brushing their teeth and dashing out to catch the bus while racing each other.

An everyday morning for Phineas and Ferb.

"So, you're going on that field trip tomorrow, right, Ferb?" Phineas wondered as they stepped off of the bus later that morning and walked towards the school.

Ferb was busy cleaning his sunglasses. But he nodded in response anyhow.

"Lucky. While you're gone to the museum, I'll be stuck at school doing math."

"Tough luck, I suppose," the British teenager replied. He was replied by a swift punch in the shoulder by his stepbrother, which only made him chuckle.

"You guys taking a bus?" Phineas wondered.

Ferb shook his head.


Ferb nodded.

"But there's like, twenty-five students in your class. Why not a bus?"

"None were available," Ferb replied. He looked at his little brother and smiled slyly. "We haven't returned the parts we used for the race car yet, remember?"

Phineas blushed slightly in embarrassment, making his brother chuckle again. "Oops," he said foolishly. "I guess I know what we'll be doing today after school, huh?"

They entered the school and walked to their lockers after stopping to say hello to several students. On any normal day, their friends would be waiting for them, but since they were not present, Phineas guessed them to all be doing other things—Isabella was a reporter for the school newspaper, as well as a member on the cheerleading squad; Buford was a junior football player; and Baljeet was part of the math club. "Did you give Mom the suit you were wearing to Jeremy's stag?" he wondered as he fiddled with the lock he had on his locker.

Ferb had just opened his and was busy pulling out his binder. "Last week," he replied.

Phineas glared at him. "If there's a message in that, I don't want to hear it out loud," he warned.

Ferb grinned amusingly. "Forgetful, much?" he teased.

"Ferb, you know I get sidetracked when I get these great breakthroughs!" Phineas argued while opening his locker and digging in it. "I can't think about anything else but my ideas!"


"I didn't even bother telling Mom that I hadn't chosen a suit, yet. I mean, it's a stag, not the actual wedding. Not to mention that it's still several months from now. So why do we need to get dressed formally?"

"Because the stag is taking place at an expensive restaurant. A restaurant that will not allow jeans or t-shirts inside."

Phineas groaned as he searched for his math folder. Candace, his nineteen-year-old sister, was finally getting married to her long-time crush and boyfriend, Jeremy Johnson. The wedding was to take place in the beginning of next June, but already, the two had planned out every special date and detail. The bridal party had also been chosen since three months earlier. Phineas and Ferb were both going to be grooms men.

The amount of order and perfection was beginning to irritate the fifteen-year-old.

"Candace told me that she likes it better when we dress normally anyway," Phineas muttered.

"Perhaps only to comfort you," Ferb replied. "And to amuse herself."

"Lay off, smart-allic."

Ferb chuckled softly before closing his locker and backing away with his things.

Phineas pulled out his binder and looked at Ferb. "When were we going tuxedo shopping again for the bridal party, Ferb?" he wondered. "I want to write it down in my agenda so that I—!"

"Don't forget again?" Ferb teased.

Phineas wrinkled his nose. "Don't decide to make plans for that day," he corrected him through his teeth. He smiled amusingly. "You're finding this whole thing about me being forgetful a treat, huh?"

Ferb shrugged innocently and smiled in reply. Then, he reached out and placed an arm around Phineas, giving him a side hug.

"Yeah, yeah, I love you too, you big oaf," Phineas said through a laugh while placing an arm around his brother as well.

The bell rang, announcing that classes were going to begin shortly. After sharing their secret handshake and saluting, the brothers parted ways and dashed off for class, promising to get together and come up with another creation at lunch hour.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Here's the extra info I wrote on deviantart:

Okay, first off; by this time, Linda knows that her sons invent and build things. Phineas gets up at six every morning, Ferb wakes up at six thirty and they build things. However, Linda only knows about the little inventions they come up with. She still has no idea about what they do on Summer Vacation, and she has no idea about most things the boys do at lunch hour at school.

That should clarify things up for ya

And please don't tell me anything about "Ferb's-talking-more". I had an exceedingly large amount of difficulty trying to write stories where he hardly spoke, and it was NOT easy. Especially for the ones where Ferb takes the star role. Watching him on TV is one thing-you don't need to read to see what he's doing or what he means-describing something from a TV show in a book is NOT as easy as it looks, people.

But I kept his cool personality. If that counts for anything.