Title: The Doctors and the Keys
Author: DWDuck
Pairings: Faith and The Doctor (10th), Buffy and Spike
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the rights to BtVS or Doctor Who. I'm just playing with their stuff. AU for Doctor Who.

Setting: Post Season 7 - BtVS and Pre-Water of Mars - Doctor Who.

Note: This is the fourth story in "The Doctor's Faith" series.

The Doctors and the Keys

Cleveland, Ohio – IWC Compound

William "Spike" Pratt groaned and held his head for a moment before staggering to his closet. He almost made it there, but his progress was halted when the door to his room flew open and the architect of his misery stood beaming his usual manic smile. "Bugger off," Spike whispered hoarsely. His tormenter just stood there, smiling. He was dressed in his blue pin striped suit and red Converse sneakers.

"Come on, Spike; night time is wasting," the Doctor said cheerily. Spike wanted to say something trite, but he was afraid his head would fall off if he spoke more. All though considering how he felt, turning to dust from the separation of his head might not be that bad. Spike settled instead for a rude hand gesture. The Doctor just chuckled. "I warned you last night, but nooooo…someone just wouldn't listen," the Doctor said, his cheery voice making the vampire want to vomit. "A little Judoon Brandy goes a long way," the Doctor reminded him.

"Blood…now," Spike demanded. When he saw the unhelpful look on the alien's face he added weekly, "please."

The Doctor fished into his "larger on the inside" pocket and drew out a pint of type "O" blood. He reached into his pocket again and pulled out a straw. The Doctor poked the straw through the plastic bag and carefully handed it over to Spike.

Spike gingerly sipped at the blood until the pain in his head ebbed. When the headache was gone, Spike finished off the blood in one deep draw. Spike sighed and tossed the empty bag into a trash can near the bed to rest with others like it. "Thanks, mate. That really helps," Spike said. He glanced at the Doctor and a hint of the smirk that Spike usually wore started to return to his face.

"Feeling better?" the Doctor asked cheekily.

"Doctor, that spittoon brandy should have a warning…" Spike started to say.

"Judoon…'juh…dune'…," the Doctor corrected him.

"Doc, considering what my mouth tastes like, I'm pretty sure I pronounced it correctly," Spike said. He patted his jacket that was on a chair next to the bed. "There's gotta be a bloody pack of gum in here somewhere," Spike muttered. The Doctor reached into his cavernous, physics bending pocket and pulled out a pack of gum. He offered a stick to Spike after popping one in his own mouth. Spike was about to reach for the stick, but lessons from the previous night stayed his hand. "Is that from this planet?" he asked.

The Doctor looked down and the lettering on the pack. "Err…no, as a matter of fact it isn't," the Doctor said a bit confused. He didn't remember picking up a pack of gum from that particular planet.

"Thanks, but no thanks, Doc," Spike said. "I think I'll just keep looking for a pack of my own," he said. His eyes lit up when he found a pack of cigarettes instead. Spike tapped the end of the pack and a cigarette shot out. He moved his head a bit and caught the cigarette in his mouth. A high pitched noise flooded the room and the cigarette lit up.

The Doctor flipped his sonic screwdriver in his hand and then stashed it back in the special pocket in his jacket reserved just for it. "You're welcome," he said smugly. "Finish that quickly. We need to get to the chapel and start getting ready," the Doctor suggested.

Spike took another long drag on his cigarette and then ground it out in his ash tray. He stood up and put his jacket on. As the two friends walked out of the room, Spike affectionately put his arm around the Doctor's shoulder. The vampire smiled widely and said, "Got to admit, Doc…you throw one hell of a bachelor's party."

Opening Credits

The TARDIS flies out of a blue vortex and passes by into a red stormy Vortex. Names fly by slowly one at a time:

David Tennant

Peter Davison

Eliza Dushku

Janet Fielding

Sarah Sutton

Matthew Waterhouse

The names are followed by a flattened, golden ellipse with the words "Doctor Who" written on it. The logo flies away to be replaced by the words:


James Marsters


Sarah Michelle Gellar

The names fly away and are followed by:

"The Doctors and the Keys"
By DWDuck

Fifth Doctor's TARDIS

"So…where should we go to now…hum?" the fifth Doctor asked as he led his companions back into the white walled control room. He tossed his straw hat onto the hat rack next to the doors. The fifth Doctor leaned forward onto the controls and pushed the lever that closed the main doors. He pushed himself off of the hexagonal console and spun around, looking at his Companions. The fifth Doctor clapped his hands once and asked, "Right…so any suggestions as to where we go? Adric? Nyssa? Tegan?"

Adric brushed snow off of his patchwork clothes. "Any where warm," he suggested.

Tegan shrugged off the large fur coat she was wearing and hung it next to the Doctor's straw hat. "How about we head somewhere we there aren't people trying to kill us?" she asked sarcastically. "Doctor, I don't care where we go as long as they have spa services," Tegan added.

"Spa service?" Nyssa asked as she hung up her coat as well.

"Yeah, it's where you go and have people tend to your every need: hair, manicure, massage…you know the basic necessities," Tegan replied.

Nyssa looked quickly over at the fifth Doctor. "I vote for Tegan's idea," she said with conviction.

The fifth Doctor chuckled and turned to face the console again. "I think that can be arranged. Just so long as we don't go to a leisure hive," he quipped and then laughed at his own joke. The fifth Doctor looked around and saw the blank looks on his Companions' faces. "Never mind," he mumbled. The fifth Doctor reached for the controls, but the Time Rotor started moving before he touched the console. "What?" he demanded as the familiar dematerialization noises started.

The TARDIS shook violently and a loud, clear bell tone rang out around them. "Doctor, is that the cloister bell again?" Tegan asked as she braced herself against the wall.

"What's a cloister bell?" Nyssa asked as she too had to lean on the wall to avoid falling.

"The cloister bell is an early warning for very, very bad things," the fifth Doctor explained. His brown eyes stared into the Time Rotor, looking for clues. "Where are you taking us?" he asked the TARDIS. As if in answer, the TARDIS shook again and the lights flickered before going out. Sparks sprayed from the center console and the fifth Doctor was thrown to the floor.

Cleveland, Ohio – Wiccan Chapel

Spike fidgeted next to the altar draped with flowers and vines. Both he and the Doctor were dressed in black tuxedos from the late Victorian era. The Doctor laid a reassuring hand on Spike's wrist to calm him down. Spike chuckled a little and whispered to the Doctor, "It's funny…you'd think that after 150 some odd years I would have gone through something like this already."

"If it makes you feel any better, I'm over 900 years old and have only gotten married once," the Doctor whispered. A flash from the top light of the TARDIS, which was sitting in a corner, was the old machines way of laughing at him. The Doctor made a face at the TARDIS. "You think it's funny now, just wait till I'm 2000 years old and have just as many cats," he threatened. The Doctor stopped talking and straightened Spike's tie when Oz's band started playing a classical version of the wedding march. Oz had contacted some friends and managed to get a string quartet to accompany his band.

The doors to the back of the hall opened and Angel escorted Buffy to the beginning of the aisle. Spike was glad he didn't need to breathe. The sight of Buffy in her flowing white dress took his breath away and he doubted he would have remembered to start up again.

Giles stood up from his place at the front pew and walked back to Buffy. He extended his arm to Buffy and tucked hers under it. Together they walked down the aisle to where Dawn was waiting in a crimson dress. Willow smiled at Buffy and adjusted her ceremonial robes one last time. When they reached the altar, Giles let go of Buffy's arm and leaned down to kiss his "daughter" on the cheek. He whispered in her ear, "Remember…if things don't work out, you can always stake him. We won't think any less of you."

Buffy was going to say something back until she saw the tear of happiness slide down Giles' cheek. She reached up and brushed the tear away. "I love you, too," Buffy told the only man who she thought had the right to walk her down the aisle.

"Go on before you make my cry more," Giles said. He pat Buffy's arm one last time and took his seat next to his girlfriend, Brigadier General Winifred Bambera. Buffy stepped forward and took Spike's hand.

"Tonight we are gathered in the Coven hall to join two of our friends in marriage," Willow said, beginning the ceremony. "They do so under the watchful eye of Mother Earth, who incidentally owes both of them huge favors," she joked. "So please join me in our celebration of the love between Buffy Summers and William Pratt," Willow encouraged the audience.

Willow looked at Buffy and whispered, "I hate public speaking. I'm only doing this because you're my best friend and your fiancé has an aversion to crosses." Willow faced Spike. "William, do you promise to love Buffy and help her grow for as long as she lives?" she asked loudly.

"I promise to love her forever and will do everything I can to make her happy," Spike promised. "If in some way I can help this wonderful, amazing woman grow; then I will be the happiest man to have ever died," he said solemnly. "I also pledge to protect her and those she loves until I die the second death," Spike promised.

Willow nodded; impressed at the extras Spike had thrown in. She turned to face Buffy. "Buffy, will you promise to love Spike and keep him on the path of growth you have already started him on?"

Buffy tightened her grip on Spike's hand. "I promise to love him for all of time and from what the man who finally brought us together tells me, that's a really, really long time," she said and smiled at the Doctor.

Willow looked thoughtfully at the old alien who had done so much for her and her "family". She mouthed the words, "thank you" once again to the Doctor. Willow turned around and picked up a large candle. She used magic to make the flame come to life. "By fire, I bless you both," Willow said. She put down the candle and picked up a bronze bowl that held pure water. Willow put her hand in the bowl and used her magic to create a fine mist surrounding Buffy and Spike. The result was a multitude of rainbows dancing over them. "By water, I bless you both," Willow said.

Willow placed the bronze bowl on the altar and picked up an incense brazier. She used her magic to make the smoke billow out into the shape of a heart. "Show off," the Buffy kidded her best friend.

Willow heroically fought the urge to laugh and went on with the ceremony. "By air, I bless you both," she said. Willow put down the brazier. She reached out her hands and put one over both Buffy and Spike's hearts. "By the love you feel for each other, I bless you both," Willow said.

Willow turned and removed one of the vines from the altar. She wrapped it around Buffy and Spike's joined hands. "By Mother Earth, I bind you both in marriage in the presence of the other four elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit," she said happily. "You may now kiss, but no hour long tonsil hockey, ok?" Willow requested.

"No promises, Red," Spike muttered as he passionately kissed his bride. After a while, Buffy came up for air to a huge round of applause.

"Ladies, Gentleman, and…others; I would like to present to you Mrs. Buffy and Mr. William Summers," Willow said. The announcement caused a bit of a stir amongst the applause.

"Do you honestly think I would let Buffy be known as 'Buffy Pratt'?" Spike asked the audience. "Besides, I was looking for a way to change my last name even before I became a vampire. Pratt the Poet sounds terrible," he said, laughing. The audience cheered and applauded even louder than before.

The Doctor clapped Spike on the back. "Come on, let's get you two to the reception hall," he said and started guiding the newlyweds to the door. They only made it a few steps when Buffy noticed Dawn wasn't with them. She looked back at her sister just in time to watch Dawn's eyes roll back in her head. Dawn collapsed in a heap at the base of the altar.

"Dawny?" Willow asked as she dropped to her knees next to the teenager.

Faith had hopped up from her seat and ran to join her lover, the Doctor. She watched him pull out his sonic screwdriver and wave it over Dawn. Faith saw his face fall and grow deeply troubled. He looked at Faith and then said, "Get everyone but the Scoobies out of here."

Very rarely did he ever give orders to her, so Faith knew things were bad. She grabbed Giles and Bambera's arm. "Doc says everyone has to go," she repeated to them.

"Ripper, you and Faith get everyone on the left side out while Angel and I get those on right out by way of the side doors," Bambera said, showing the organizational skills that led her to become the General in charge of UNIT. In no time, the only people left in the room were the wedding party, the Scoobies, Faith and Bambera.

Buffy looked up at the Doctor, fear evident I her eyes. Her expression clearly begged him to fix whatever was wrong her sister. He set his jaw in determination and began scanning Dawn a second time, just in case he was wrong the first time. Faith and Spike's head shot up when they heard the "chains being dragged over gears" sound of the TARDIS. They both looked nervously at the TARDIS. Faith grabbed the Doctor's shoulder to get his attention.

"Nothing to worry about," the Doctor assured her. He was only giving part of his attention to the noise. "The TARDIS very rarely leaves without me. Besides, that's the materialization noise, not the dematerialization one," the Doctor said. He stopped suddenly when he realized what he had said.

The landing noise of the TARDIS sounded two more times and a gust of wind blew some of the decorations around. Everyone's eyes looked into the corner opposite of where the current Doctor's TARDIS lay silent. A second TARDIS, more faded blue took form. The public notice on the side of the second TARDIS was done with white letters on a blue background rather than the black on white of the current version. The doors opened slowly and smoke billowed out. Three people staggered out into the light, glad to breathe clean air.

The Doctor was shocked to his core at who he was seeing. "Tegan…Adric…Nyssa?" he asked softly.

"Doctor…" Tegan yelled back into the fifth Doctor's TARDIS when she saw a similar one across the room.

The fifth Doctor stumbled out backwards from his TARDIS, brushing soot off of his jacket and hat. "I was meaning to fix that capacitor anyways," he rationalized. The fifth Doctor stopped brushing his jacket when he saw that his Companions were dumbstruck. He turned around to see what they were looking at and his anger short circuited his usual polite nature. "You!" he yelled accusingly at his older self.