Prince of Orange Star: Cure For The Itch

I owe my faithful readers an apology for being absent for some months from this story. I honestly lost the spark and any interest in it. But after looking back at what I had planned to happen, I couldn't help but get a little crazy over it and move closer to the hilarity that will ensue.

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Sleep. Yes sleep. That's all she needed after a long day of school and then an equally long day at the mall spent with friends. Sleep would freshen her up for the day ahead. A quiz in math and test later on in the day for Science. She could easily breeze through gym on any other day. But the previous night her sleep was stripped from her by a device she calls her own.

It didn't stop beeping through the night. Message after message just kept flooding her inbox and each and every single one from the same person asking about the same subject one after another. And it didn't stop even as she stepped foot into class the next day. If Erasa didn't get the answers she wanted or just wasn't satisfied with what she was given, then she would continue to pester on. And that's what she would do.

As Videl laid her head down on the desk in front of her Erasa continued with her texting so not to be found out by any of the possible eavesdroppers. The phone inside the raven's pocket vibrated for the two hundredth time in the past 12 hours, she thought about blocking Erasa for a day.

She picked the phone out of her pocket already knowing what it said in the message. The same as the past hundredth and ninety nine.

Does she have an off button I can just push? I already lost sleep as it is, I don't need this in class as well.

Videl closed up her flip phone and placed it down in front of Erasa's desk.

"Oh come on Videl. You're not gonna tell me what happened?" Videl just shielded her eyes from Erasa's glare and found the shadows beneath her book comforting enough to rest under.

"I lost a good night of sleep thanks to a certain blond, I would think that said person would at least let me sleep in class after doing that. I think I deserve it, don't you?"

"Ugh. Fine. Don't tell me what happened last night. See if I care. Hmph."

"You do care though. You'll ask me again later. Or you'll just ask Gohan." The words must have slipped from her mouth because it was already too late by the time she covered her mouth. The idea was already in the devious blond's head.

Without a second thought her fingers rushed to open her own mobile device and began typing a recently added number. Only moments later a vibration loud enough to hear from two seats down could be heard coming from the pockets of one Son Gohan, whom didn't seem to even notice it.

The vibration stopped and still he sat at his desk with his pencil in hand jotting down whatever notes he thought he might need later on. So she tried again, with the same results.

Annoyed, she pestered Sharpner to help do her dirty work. Hearing her plan he could only stare at her blankly and mentally face palm. She really was ignorant to other peoples' privacy. But she wouldn't stop bothering him until he complied with her request, so he had to help out.

The taller of the blonds, and male, leaned over and gave a tap on Gohan's shoulder. Finally Erasa would get her answers. Or at least she thought. But Gohan kept on with his notes. So Sharpner tried again, but still nothing.

They would have to wait until he either finally noticed the constant vibrating going on in his pocket or if Erasa'a patience ran out. Which ever came first. And truth be told, when it came to a situation like the one presented, her patience ran very thin as she was eager as a shark hunting for it's dinner on an empty stomach. Romantic gossip was the best kind of gossip. Especially if it included Videl. Even more so now that she was going to be connected to a member of the Royal Ox Family.

A couple minutes would pass before Gohan finally laid his pencil to rest next to a now fully used up sheet of lined paper. Sharpner peaked over to see if he was finally done writing. When he saw that was indeed the situation he grabbed Gohan's attention and told him to take a look at his recently acquired cellular device.

Gohan grabbed the small phone from his pocket and flipped it open. His eyes opened up a little more than they should have so early in the morning at how many messages it said he had.

"Ni-nine, ninety nine messages? What's going on? Is this right? How did this happen?" Apparently Gohan's phone had a setting where the number of messages allowed to be shown was 99. But as he clicked the delete button again and again, he could clearly tell there were a couple hundred messages all from the same number, all asking the same thing.

It took him until the end of the class to finally delete every message in his phone. He couldn't believe how persistent Erasa was, he obviously underestimated her. He'd have to remember that for later. Don't ever tempt Erasa.

It was in the hallways on the way to his next class where Erasa approached him as he walking to his next class.

"Hey Gohan! Wait up a sec." She came rushing from the other the side of the hall before stopping on a dime in front of Gohan before he could pull the door to History open.

"Oh, hey Erasa. What's up?"

"Oh ya know, same 'ol same 'ol." She had him fooled for a second as he tried to get past her, before she poked her finger in his face.

"Ha! Yeah right Buster Brown. Since Videl refuses to speak up about anything that might have happened, you're going to give me the answers I want."

Sweat had begun to drip from the young Saiyan's features in unknown fear of the spunky girl in front of him.

"E-Erasa. I don't know what you're talking about." He defended.

"Yeah right! Speak now or forever hold your peace. Now tell me what I want to know. Did anything happen between you and Videl after me and Sharpner left you guys yesterday at the mall! You tell me right now Son Gohan or I swear to-"

"Woa woa woa hold on a second there. What? You think something happened between me and Videl? Like what? I brought her to her house. What do you think happened?"

"Wai, so, no-nothing? You guys did nothing after we left you two alone? Ahh! Are you kidding me!"

The scene before the dark haired teen was astounding. He couldn't comprehend how it was possible someone's attitude could change so drastically in just a matter of seconds. He truly would never fully understand women.

"Umm, it's ok Erasa. Uh, I think. What? Was something supposed to happen?"

"DUH! You idiot! Are you two so dull that you're the only one's blind to it!" She screamed, at this point a small group of students were gathering around the area trying to listen in.

"Blind to what? What are you talking about? Can you just get to the point already? I need to get inside or I'm gonna be late."

"Oh hush already. You're not gonna be late. You're two steps from the door and even if you are late, who cares? I bet you got a one hundredth in the class anyways." There was no point in him denying the facts presented. "So listen up and listen good now buddy. I'm gonna get this through your thick skull one way or another. Videl likes you and you like Videl whether you like it or not."

She had to be kidding, right? Like? As in like like? Like what two spouses share? That was what she was talking about right? If so then he definitely had to think otherwise. There was definitely no truth to that statement whatsoever. There was no way in hell that Videl liked him like that. He couldn't be sure about that but he did know that he didn't harbor those kind of feelings for her either. They were friends at best. There was no way he could be looking at anyone like that just yet. He basically just met the girl anyways. No way.

"You're kidding right?"

"What? Heck no! I'm serious! How can't you see it! The connection between you two is so obvious! Her, the daughter of the Martial Arts World Champ. You, the son the former champion, and now a Prince! It's like a perfectly written fairytale!"

"Erasa. I'm 15 years old. Stuff like that isn't even thought in my head. So please, can I go to class already?" He put on an annoyed expression to help convince Erasa of his so called feelings. It must have gotten through to her because she backed away from the door and let Gohan pass by. Much to his great senses, it was more like a fall into class instead of an entrance as he felt a push from behind.

"JERK!" Erasa screamed as she ran from the History class leaving a baffled Gohan behind. He knew that from just that he would have to explain himself to at least one other person, the very creepy Mr. Marx.

Erasa would spend the whole of her next class on the phone messaging everyone she could possibly get a hold of who could get her some answers. And seeing as she had both Jesse and Skye's numbers, Gohan wouldn't have a minute of peace in class. She would get her answers no matter what she had to go through.

And while Gohan was being tortured by the two boys in History, Videl would be pestered by Erasa herself.

"Tell me."


"Tell. ME!"

"I already said no."

"What's with that face? Erasa? What are you doing? Wait. Erasa, back off. You don't know what your doing. Come on Erasa stop! Ow! That hurts! quit it! Argh!"

Videl couldn't help but squirm about as Erasa went into complete ero mode and used some rope to tie Videl to a chair. It wasn't like anyone in their English would mind anyways. The teacher was hardly ever paying attention when she was even present. And today there just happened to be a substitute teacher. God only knows substitute teachers are just older baby sitters. Everyone takes advantage of them.

Like Erasa. She would take full advantage of a roped Videl.

"Hehe. Whatcha gonna do now Videl? You know the only way you're getting free of this right? It's so easy. All you have to do is tell me that there's something going on between you and Gohan. That's all." As innocent as Erasa tried to play it off, it was anything but.

"So you're saying that all I have to do is lie to you and tell you there's something going on and you'll untie me?"

"What? No! Don't lie to me! Tell me that you like Gohan and that he likes you back." Videl pursed her lips and pouted in response.

"Is this a joke? You're tying me up for this? You're such a romantic. Give it up already Erasa. I'm not interested. And from the way he acts, I don't think he even notices the gender difference."

A good point. Gohan didn't seem very into the social world. He was too serious all the time and didn't know how to have a good time. Or maybe that was just the Gohan they saw. Either way, whether he was too oblivious to notice the attraction he had towards Videl or not, Erasa was gonna make it happen.

"Joke? Oh you've got it all wrong my dear crime fighting friend. This is going to happen whether you like it or not." An eerie aura covered the room while Erasa let out a sinister laugh. It was going to be a fun class period indeed.

Gym couldn't have come any sooner for Videl after the torture she received from Erasa in the class period before. Her wrists and ankles must have had rope burn because it hurt just a little with each step. She would definitely get her back for that later.

For now she had to approach Gohan about the situation with Erasa and explain everything so he wouldn't confuse one thing for another. By the time she had changed into her gym the clothes the majority of the boys were already walking around and getting ready for warm ups. The coach wouldn't start without everyone so she had a short time to talk to the Prince.

She was in luck, he was standing alone. No one else would be able to spread any false rumors. She had this in the bag, she could do this.

Approaching him from the back she tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention, but was shocked in the process. Damn his clothes. What the hell was he rolling around in.

"Dammit Gohan." Failing to notice her presence before hearing the sound of her voice, he turned around to see Videl rubbing her fingers together.

"Oh hey Videl. What's up?"

"You shocked me. That's what!"

"Huh?" He honestly had no idea what she meant by that. He wasn't using any energy, not to his knowledge at least.

"Never mind. Anyways. I need to talk to you about something." A light shade of pink highlighted her perfect complexion from embarrassment alone. Why did she even have to do this? She turned her head back towards where Erasa was, glaring at her no less. There was that, and the ropes. It made her cringe just at the thought of being tied up again. Erasa was too forceful with things she was passionate about.

"So what it is? What do ya wanna talk about?" A reassuring smile crossed his face which made this easier on Videl. She let out a breath of air and reset herself.

"Ok Gohan. Now listen good. What I'm about to tell you might shock you, but don't act like it when you hear it, ok?"

"Umm, ok? I think."

"Ok so, about yesterday when we went to the mall..."

"Oh yeah that was fun we should do it again sometime." Gohan interrupted flashing his bright whites.

"Yeah, right. Well when we were leaving, ya know how Erasa left us alone? Just you and I?"

"Yeah. What about it? I brought you home and then left."

"See! That's what I'm trying to tell Erasa! Dumb blond won't let up. She thinks there's something going on between us."

"What? Going on? Like what?" Gohan asked. Oh the innocence.

"Ugh. You really are just a really simple person aren't you?" Videl rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Whatever, just forget about it. I'll talk to Erasa about it. She thinks we like each other or something. I dunno, she's just being annoying?"

That last bit caught Gohan by surprise just a bit. He had to think about this for a moment. Like him? Like her? What was she talking about? As friends? it had to be that, right?

"Wait Videl." He reached for her shoulder and for a brief second he too felt the pull she's been feeling since their first encounter. Woa. That was weird. That's never happened before.

"Gohan?" Videl let out in almost a whisper. The words barely left her lips before he said something that would embarrass her for all time.

"I do like you."

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