This is a challenge respond. If it went according to my plan (in which things rarely do) this should have 12 stories (drabbles/ficlet length). All stories will have connections with each other, BUT they won't be in any chronological order. Sowwy 'bout that.

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Summary: Ko Yeongha was mean. And when Hikaru thought "mean", he meant MEAN.

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1st story

If anyone were to ask Hikaru when was it that everything had blown over, he would say that it started with that one sentence, and that everything resulted from it was all Ko Yeongha's fault. Every one of them.

Last year, exactly on this same date, the Korean's baduk institute held a sort of convention plus open house event for anyone who was interested in the baduk pro world. At the end of the long convention, the press was herd into a room and was allowed to ask any questions they so desired. Many pros were there, sitting on a large of sort while the press gathered below, bearing all sorts of recording device.

It had been innoceous questions and Go related questions at first, but then Ko Yeongkha was lured in by another pro, and the press's eyes turned almost predator.

It was then that Hikaru's world was turned upside down, and for the worse.

"Ko Yeongha," a reporter injected. "Please tell us, what do you see yourself ten years in the future?"

Yeongha looked bored while he answered the question like a drone. Had the reporter bothered to research him up, he would find that Yeongha had answered that particular question for more than a dozen times already.

"What kind of qualities are you looking for in a woman?" someone from the back shouted up, and almost everyone resisted rolling thier eyes. Surprisingly though, Yeongha seemed alert more than usual at this question. True, he had answered this kind of question more than a hundred times already, but he had glimpsed the small Japanese flag on the reporter's card and couldn't resist teasing a bit.

He knew that, some how, his reply will reach the ears of one particular person he wished he could see their face right now.

Yeongha smirked, eyes glinted mischeviously as he murmured, "Shindo Hikaru's go. It excited me. I think I look for that quality in a woman."

And even though the Japanese reporter was confused by his answer and decided to skip that part when his article went into printing, this juicy tidbit, of course, still travelled farther than he would like. So it was that exactly one year and three days after the incident, Hikaru found Akari standing in front of his house, eyes eager and cheeks flushed alarmingly bright.

Ten minutes later, after being flooded with the strangest of questions starting with how hard and which position he prefered when he was being reamed by Yeongha and was it hurt like in yaoi mangas?, Hikaru realized he could never, ever look at his childhood friend in the eyes again. Hell, make it any girls.

"What the-? Why are you asking me all these embarrassing questions!" Hikaru demanded.

Akari looked excited enough to burst as she shove some sheets of paper right below his nose. It was a printed article that looked half worn out with various size of heartshape stickers scattered on it. Unfortnately, the only thing comprehensible on that page (except the heart stickers) were the pictures on it, since everything else looked... Korean. Hikaru was annoyed to conclude that, judging from the pictures, it must be about Ko Yeongha.

"I printed out this online magazine a few days ago because there's a scoop about Ko Yeongha in it. My friend knows some Korean, so she translated some parts of it for me. SO, ARE YOU GOING OUT WITH KO YEONGHA?"




- end

This drabble ends here, continue in the next drabble! Mind, the drabbles won't be in chronological order.