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Summary: Ko Yeongha was a spoiled brat. And a total perv.

2nd story : Ko Yeongha is a spoiled brat

If Shindo Hikaru kept leaning even a milimeter closer to that weird hair Touya, Yeongha seriously was going to throw the hugest fit.

He had planned to taunt the boy with his second victory over him, regardless of how close call it had been, and was eagerly looking forward to seeing the furious face of one Shindou Hikaru. Only if the boy would co-operate to his whims... All those asides, Shindo was supposed to take care of him, dammit. Didn't anyone tell him that?

This reception was after all for Hokuto participants to unwind, and the organizer had already planned out (or paired out) how a young pro from the Japanese team would entertain one person from each participant team. Shindo, ironically, got that littlest Chinese boy and Yeongha to play host with. Not that Shindo was being a good host for the small boy either, but Yongha was infuriated that he, THE Ko Yeongha, was being completely ignored, and by the only person he needed attention from the most no less. Attention as in, glaring eyes only focusing on him, that kind of attention. (Don't get ahead of yourselves!)

So when the boy pouted (kind of cutely, if Yeongha was forced to admit) at something that girly hair Touya said, Yeongha stomped into their conversation and growled into Shindo's ear.

Failing to get any kind of respond except blatant disregard, Yeongha had had enough. He grabbed for the boy's turned head, and firmly planted his lips upon the boy's.

Well, no one could fault him that THAT didn't get him a reaction out of Shindo, no?

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